1. Daily Post WordPress Theme by TeslaThemes

    Daily Post

    A clean, robust, and modern WordPress News Theme


    Daily Post is a news theme for WordPress that expertly allows you to display a myriad of information in a clean and uncluttered format.

    Featuring a somewhat minimalist design (for a news site), it packs in features like lazy loading, auto scrolling, and multiple post layout options that give your visitors an excellent experience while browsing your site.

  2. Newspaper WordPress Theme by Theme Junkie


    Responsive magazine WordPress theme


    Newspaper is a WordPress theme for online news publications that somewhat emulates the look and style of the popular Huffington Post website.

    With a number of advanced features and functionality, you will find that sharing your content, monetizing your site, and managing the various sections – has never been easier.

    Just a few of the extras in the theme that you will find include: an advanced theme options panel, responsive layout and design, widgetized homepage, built-in mega menus, multiple post/page layout templates, multiple listing styles (list, grid, and blog), as well as a handful of custom widgets that make promoting stories or sections extremely easy.

  3. NewsOnline WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop


    Details/Download Preview

    NewsOnline is a modern news and magazine-style WordPress theme that conveys both professionalism and style to deliver your content.

    Pairing aesthetics, usability, and function – this theme provides a very robust and feature-rich experience for anyone wanting a stylish way to deliver their content.

    Whether you’re running an online-only publication, setting up a news website, or have a robust blog that you want to look good – this theme offers it all!

    Included with the theme you will not only find unlimited customization options for colors and typography, but also: a responsive and optimized (for speed and SEO) layout, a featured content section, optimized for ads and AdSense, parallax scrolling design/effects, clean and valid code, social media accounts integrated, advanced theme options panel, shortcodes built into the theme, optimized for readability, support for child themes, news-style ticker, and a clean and modern design that keeps you on the cutting edge.

  4. Tabloid WordPress Theme by cssigniter


    Modern news magazine WordPress theme


    Tabloid delivers a striking, beautiful, and professional design that adapts easily to nearly any topic – and allows you to beautifully showcase your content.

    Numerous features and customization options allow you to create a great-looking site that is both easy to administer and easy for your visitors to browse.

    Included with the theme you will find: multiple category/template layouts, two unique color schemes to choose from (light & dark), custom widgets (for recent posts, popular posts, etc), built-in/integrated advertising space, powerful theme options panel, built-in shortcodes, responsive layout and design, and a beautiful large format featured image/content slider.

    Perfect for many different industries and topics, this theme offers nearly anything you might want or need when creating a modern online publication.

  5. NewsTimes WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop


    Details/Download Preview

    NewsTimes delivers a modern solution for news websites or online publications looking to create a state-of-the-art site that is both beautiful and highly functional.

    Built with the latest web technologies (including a responsive design, HTML5, CSS3, and more) – it ensures that you stay on the cutting edge with your site.

    It features one of the most robust sets of features that you will find in any theme including: Schema.org implementation, blazing-fast load times, SEO-optimized, built-in reviews functionality, and dozens of other configurations and options at your disposal for customizing.

  6. Alpha WordPress Theme by WPZoom


    Magazine & news WordPress theme


    Alpha serves a dual purpose, with two layouts (one for a magazine-style site and one for a newspaper-style site) – it is one of the most feature-rich and customizable themes in this roundup.

    With a responsive design, ultra-modern look, flat-style styling, and multiple custom features (that include a slider, video widget, and “breaking news” ticker) – you will have all of the necessary tools at your disposal to create an amazing site.

    Additionally, the theme has banner ad zones integrated throughout the layout – enabling you to create a site that maximizes your money-making capabilities.

  7. Newspaper WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop


    Details/Download Preview

    If you operate (or want to operate) a content-right site that is easy to use for both you and your visitors, features tons of options, and has a modern design – then look no further than the Newspaper WordPress theme.

    With a responsive and fluid design, the ability to sorts posts by “latest” or “trending,” built-in social features, optimized for speed and SEO, ad placements and AdSense-optimized, parallax scrolling elements, robust theme options panel, and dozens of configurations and modifications are available for you to change and/or customize.

  8. Gazeti WordPress Theme by WPZoom


    Clean news WordPress theme


    Gazeti is a modern news theme for WordPress that features one of the most aesthetically-pleasing and feature-rich themes in this roundup.

    With bold colors, a beautiful homepage content slider, custom tabbed widget, “featured news” section, and multiple content sections on the home page for displaying your content – it is one of the most robust and powerful options you will come across.

  9. Neuton WordPress Theme by cssigniter


    Details/Download Preview

    Neuton is a clean, refreshing, and modern WordPress theme for news or magazine-style websites.

    With a captivating content layout, it allows you to easily display photos, stories, posts, and updates in a variety of different sections within your site – giving you all of the necessary space to effectively deliver your content.

    The homepage features a block-style layout that has been beautifully designed to showcase both images and headlines at the same time.

    Features include: the ability to display trending topics, 7 unique layouts/templates for categories, custom-built widgets included, optimized for SEO, multiple color schemes to choose from, an advanced theme options panel that allows you to customize or modify the theme to suit your needs and liking, responsive and retina-ready layout, and many other extras that been included to allow you to create a truly unique and powerful website.

  10. Chronicle WordPress Theme by WPZoom


    Minimalist news WordPress theme


    Chronicle is a clean and simple news theme for WordPress that allows you to deliver your content in a clean and uncluttered way, yet still retaining a magazine-style quality to the design.

    It features dual navigation menus, a special “breaking news” ticker, social network integration (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), a magazine-style layout (which allows you to display a lot of content at once), and a clean, crisp design that you and your visitors will love.

  11. Massive Press WordPress Theme by Press75

    Massive Press

    Details/Download Preview

    Massive Press is a versatile magazine-style WordPress theme that would be great for online publications, bloggers, and sites of nearly any topic.

    Clean and stylish, this theme presents a very modern-looking design that is sure to appeal to the tastes of your visitors.

    Laid out in a magazine-style format with multiple columns, it allows you to easily display many different types of content without overloading or distracting your readers.

    Just a few of the features that you will find in this theme include: infinite scrolling, an advanced theme options panel, optimized for SEO, widget-ready, clean and valid code, social media integration (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), custom menu support, built-in ad spaces, and a number of other extras and enhancements that you (and your visitors) are sure to love.

  12. NewsSetter WordPress Theme by ThemeFuse


    Details/Download Preview

    NewsSetter is a trendy and stylish news WordPress theme that helps you share your content more efficiently and make more money.

    Whether you’re setting up an online news website, creating a cutting-edge content portal, or simply looking for a professional magazine-style design – this theme is the perfect candidate.

    Optimized for easily sharing your content and with built-in banner ad spots for helping you monetize your site easier, it balances content and ads beautifully to provide an unmatched user experience.

    Some of the features you will find in the theme include: built-in banner ad spots, multiple header styles to choose from, featured content slider/carousel, built-in mega menu, multiple page templates and layouts to choose from, responsive and retina-ready, custom post types included (reviews, testimonials, etc.), built-in contact form, optimized for SEO, and a handful of customization features that allow you to create a unique site all your own.

  13. Noozbeat WordPress Theme by cssigniter


    Clean news and magazine WordPress theme


    Noozbeat is a clean and uncluttered magazine-style theme for WordPress – featuring a somewhat minimalist design.

    Perfect for online publications, tech blogs, news sites, or nearly any other type of content or industry – this theme provides the perfect platform to share your content.

    With multiple category layouts and templates, built-in advertising spaces, optimized for SEO, and a theme options panel that allows for customizing the fonts, colors, etc. – it has been designed for both aesthetics and functionality.

  14. Newspaper Times WordPress Theme by Magazine3

    Newspaper Times

    Details/Download Preview

    Newspaper Times is the perfect theme for traditional newspapers, professional publications, or any other type of news industry site that is looking to create a content-rich site.

    Equipped with multiple navigation menus in the header (including a “breaking news” and a “trending topics” features), it will give your site a world-class look and feel.

    It incorporates your content in a number of different areas including: categorized sections, featured story/image sliders, built-in ad management, and a responsive design that adapts to whatever screen size your visitors are viewing your site on.

  15. Newsy WordPress Theme by Themify


    Details/Download Preview

    Newsy takes a more minimalist approach to the news WordPress theme, with a simple and clean layout that provides for easy reading and browsing.

    With nearly a dozen different layout options and templates to choose from, it seamlessly integrates your content, multimedia, and advertisements in a way that provides a cohesive look you won’t find in many other themes.

    If you’re looking for a clean and simple news theme, this would make a great choice.

  16. DelicateNews WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes


    Details/Download Preview

    DelicateNews provides a departure from your typical “news” themes you might come across when trying to locate the perfect design. With a touch of personality, flair, and style – this theme exudes a charm and appeal that will breathe life into your content.

    Multiple featured content sliders, a tabbed widget in the sidebar, magazine-style layout, and a stacked grid of posts all allow you to display a lot of content in just a little space. The textural elements and bold typography make this a very eye-catching and intriguing choice for many different types of websites.

  17. Tribune WordPress Theme by WPZoom


    Newspaper WordPress theme


    Tribune is a theme for WordPress that was designed specifically with news sites in mind. Whether you’re running a local newspaper site or an international publication, it can be adapted to meet the needs of any online publication big or small.

    Utilizing a handful of custom widgets, special carousels and sliders, multiple content sections, special “Breaking News” ticker, and a responsive magazine-style layout – you can connect with and engage your visitors while featuring the content that is most important to your objectives.

    With a clean, uncluttered design and a highly readable layout – it offers up one of the easiest-to-use and simple to update news-style themes on the market.

  18. Massive News WordPress Theme by Press75

    Massive News

    Details/Download Preview

    Massive News is a bold and striking news theme for WordPress that allows you to display all of your most important content prominently where visitors will see it.

    Revamped and re-launched, this theme provides a beautiful way to share your content, posts, and news. Multiple customization options give you the ability to create a site and layout that is truly unique and includes features like valid coding, SEO-optimized, and much more.

  19. Magazine WordPress Theme by Templatic


    Details/Download Preview

    Magazine is a clean and simple news theme that would work for any topic or industry. With a magazine-like layout, you can create an online publication that will be the envy of your competition.

    Aside from the layout (which allows you to feature a lot of content at once), the theme comes equipped with many different content areas and sections. The sidebar can display featured videos, photo galleries, newsletter or subscription signup box, and more – while the rest of the layout allows you to feature and promote your most important content, display ads alongside your posts, and many other features which will give you enhanced functionality.

  20. NewsWire WordPress Theme by Theme Junkie


    Traditional design news theme for WordPress


    NewsWire is a theme that delivers everything you might need for hose wanting a more traditional news/magazine-style layout for their site.

    Arrange your posts and content in an easy-to-read (and browse) format, allow your visitors to navigate your site with ease on any type of device with the responsive theme, and customize the look to your needs with the custom templates and features that have been built in.

  21. Newstime WordPress Theme by Templatic


    Details/Download Preview

    NewsTime delivers a professional-grade theme for serious online news publications. Simple to navigate, it offers visitors an easy-to-use interface for reading content.

    Set up with a magazine-like layout, the homepage (and sidebars) is able to accommodate a huge variety of content types and multimedia files – displaying it all to your visitor in a layout that is easy to browse. Your visitors will easily be able to find the content they are looking for, or can browse around the homepage as several different content sections are fit within the layout and can feature any number of different types of information (e.g. media files, posts from different categories, banner ads, etc.)

  22. eNews WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes


    Details/Download Preview

    eNews is (for a WordPress news theme) a beautifully and elegantly designed theme that offers style and functionality unlike what you might find in a typical design for a news website.

    With a magazine-style layout that allows for the placement of multiple types of content, subtle textures woven into the design, dual navigation menus, and an easy-to-use format – you will find that this solution will give your site a unique look and feel that sets your site apart from the competition.

  23. LocalEdition WordPress Theme by Magazine3


    Details/Download Preview

    LocalEdition is one of the cleanest and easy-to-navigate news themes on the market, providing visitors with content that is easy to browse and read.

  24. TrueNews WordPress Theme by Theme Junkie


    Clean magazine-style WordPress news theme


    TrueNews comes equipped with a more traditional news-style design, this theme gives you plenty of space and room to share your content, news, updates, and information.

    Easily categorize your posts with the unique magazine-style layout, while the custom templates, drag-and-drop page builder, theme options dashboard, and features allow you to lay out the design to your liking.

    Catch the attention of your visitors with the “Breaking News” ticker, and turn your pageviews into revenue with the built-in ad placements.

  25. NewsWorld WordPress Theme by Magazine3


    Details/Download Preview

    NewsWorld is WordPress theme for news sites that want a sophisticated and classic look that is reminiscent of Huffingon Post, NYTimes, or the Washington Post.

    Feature-rich with multiple content sections, featured image/story placements, multiple navigation menus, a “breaking news” scrolling ticker, responsive HTML5 layout, and integrated banner ad zones – it provides the perfect way to display your content while encouraging visitors to browse deeper into your site.

  26. TechNews WordPress Theme by Magazine3


    Details/Download Preview

    While it was built for technology news sites, this theme is flexible enough to adapt to nearly any type of site or content.

    Built upon a responsive layout, it includes: support for Google’s structured data (rich snippets), includes multiple navigation menus (as well as a mega menu), built-in ad spots, built-in reviews/ratings for content/posts, as well as a theme customizer that allows you to modify the theme to suit your needs.

  27. Today WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    Today was designed for the modern online news publication, with a magazine-style layout and fashionable design elements.

    Stories are featured boldly with vivid images, the “breaking news” is shown in a news ticker that runs atop the theme, a unique featured content/image slider sits above the content on the homepage, while it supports stories by categories, your social networks, and multimedia with ease.

    For those looking to display a lot of content in a beautiful and eye-catching format – this solution delivers amazingly.

  28. StandardNews WordPress Theme by Magazine3


    Details/Download Preview

    Designed to balance ads, usability, and the display of your news and content – StandardNews gives you all of the features you might want in a WordPress theme.

    With 10 strategically-placed ad spots built into the layout, a responsive and mobile-friendly design, built-in sliders and mega menu, and a custom dashboard that gives you the ability to customize various aspects of your site – it’s a great match for any content-rich website or blog.

  29. NewsPost WordPress Theme by Magazine3


    Details/Download Preview

    With features like Twitter cards and Open Graph integration, a scrolling news ticker, mobile-friendly layout and design, and a theme options panel that allows for customization – NewsPost is a free WordPress news theme that offers many features you would typically find only in premium themes.

  30. Daily WordPress Theme by Theme Junkie


    Magazine-style WordPress theme


    Daily is a magazine-style theme for WordPress that is perfectly suited for news sites and online magazines.

    With a clean and uncluttered design that is laid out for easy navigating and browsing, it provides plenty of room and whitespace to display your content.

    The responsive layout and custom features enable you to create a website that looks great on all types of devices and screen sizes while providing you with the flexibility to customize it to meet your needs.

About this collection…

There’s not too much difference in design and functionality when you look at magazine-style and news themes for WordPress – they’re basically one in the same.

However, many news themes differentiate themselves via their functionality and looks – delivering a design that you might see a local newspaper or tech news publication might use. That’s what I tried to accomplish when putting together this list, sorting through many of the magazine-like themes to only those that deliver a more news-centric approach in their design and features.

Sites like BusinessInsider, Huffington Post, Mashable, TechCrunch – are all ones that I would consider “news”-style (although they could easily be categorized under magazine-style as well.

Either way, here’s a collection and roundup of some of the very best free and premium WordPress themes for news sites that should help point you in the right direction to finding that perfect solution for your website.

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