Microjob (Fiverr-Style) WordPress Themes

A collection of the best WordPress themes & templates for creating a task, gig, freelance, or microjob marketplace

  1. http://microjobengine.enginethemes.com/microjobengine-diplomat/


  2. http://sitemile.us/auction/


  3. http://sitemile.us/project/

    Project Theme

  4. http://sitemile.us/pricerr/


  5. http://demos.appthemes.com/hirebee/


  6. http://mj1.wlthemes.com/?emptycart=1

    Micro Jobs Theme

  7. http://demos.appthemes.com/taskerr/


  8. http://freelanceengine.enginethemes.com/


  1. MicrojobEngine


    MicrojobEngine allows you to set up a microjobs website (similar to Fiverr) – with all of the powerful tools, features, and functionality you could need.

    Features: built-in payment system, track orders (for buyers and sellers), minimalist design, optimized for conversions, private messaging between users, user dashboard, ratings/review system, and more!

  2. TaskerDev


    TaskerDev gives you everything you need to set up a task marketplace – whether you’re creating a digital services marketplace or a local services site.

    Features: user ratings/reviews, sell digital goods, payment gateway support, private messaging, notifications, and dozens of options you can customize.

  3. Project Theme


    Project Theme takes a little different approach as micro jobs theme by allowing users to bid on individual tasks and jobs.

    While it shares many similarities to the other themes in this list, it differs by not only offering project bidding, but also allowing a local element where users can search via zip code and radius.

  4. Pricerr


    Pricerr is touted as the #1 theme for creating a micro jobs site, and is about as close to a Fiverr clone that you will find.

    Features: custom post types for tasks/projects, multiple payment gateways (including BitCoin), email notifications, private messaging, user profiles, multiple currencies, and a number of other robust features and settings.

  5. HireBee


    HireBee allows you to create an online freelance marketplace for services.

    While this theme shares more in common with sites like Guru, Freelancer.com, or oDesk than it does Fiverr – the basic functionality that you’re looking for remains the same.

    Features: highly modifiable sidebars, built-in loyalty program, posting of projects, “terms negotiation”, advanced filtering and search, special “workspace” for freelancers and those hiring, custom roles, customize pricing terms, user dashboards, notifications, and many other extras.

  6. Micro Jobs Theme


    Micro Jobs Theme is a premium solution for those looking for one of the very best micro-job WordPress themes available on the market.

    With a grid-style layout, this theme gives your visitors the ability to easily filter and find exactly what they’re looking for: submit jobs, look for postings, and manage their listings and information via their own custom dashboard.

  7. Taskerr


    Taskerr takes its inspiration directly from the popular site, providing a powerful solution for a microjobs site – allowing you to create a marketplace for small tasks that features robust functionality and a modern design.

    Features: highly customizable sidebars, escrow payments and PayPal, dashboard notifications for users and administrators, multiple pricing models/options, “favoriting”, list services/gigs, and professional HTML email templates are some of the theme’s highlights.

  8. FreelanceEngine


    FreelanceEngine allows you to create a Freelancer’s marketplace.

    Similar to eLance, UpWork, ODesk, and Envato Studio – this type of site can be set up as a standalone solution or integrated into an existing site to extend the functionality of your current undertakings and projects.

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