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    Explorable WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes


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    Explorable is a very versatile and flexible theme that can adapt to many different types of sites or applications.

    Using maps and geographic elements it is a powerful and robust solution for a variety of content types. Display locations, points of interest, and content on the beautiful built-in maps for an interactive site that relies on maps and markers to deliver content – making it ideal for a travel guide, travel blogger, or as a tourism directory.

    Built into the theme is advanced filter functionality which allows you to find listings of a specific type (attraction, hotel, etc.), by location, or by ratings with the built-in ratings system.

  2. DiningEngine WordPress Theme by EngineThemes


    Details/Download Preview

    DiningEngine is the ultimate restaurant directory WordPress theme, perfect for creating your very own dining guide or portal.

    Nearly anything you might want or need has been built into this powerful directory theme. Built specifically for restaurants, it features a myriad of extras and functionality that will give you a state-of-the-art site.

    Included with the theme you will find: restaurant listings, advanced search box with extended functionality, no re-loading of results, display nearby events, individual location template and details (for displaying events, photos, etc.), allow front-end submission of restaurants, display menus, allow visitors/users to rate/review restaurants, allow visitors/users to contact the business owner via the built-in messaging functionality, set up various payment plans so you can make money with your site.

  3. Vantage WordPress Theme by AppThemes


    Details/Download Preview

    Vantage is said by the developers and designers to be the #1 business listing and directory theme in the world, this theme will exceed your needs for both design and function.

    Countless options are included in the theme package, allowing you to easily set up your own site in minutes.

    No feature has been overlooked, and it comes set up with: a responsive layout and design, custom widgets, visitors can “favorite” and save listings, Google Maps integration, dashboard for users, custom fields and forms, social media integration, advanced search filter, recurring payment functionality, ratings and reviews system, ability to accept payments, and much more!

  4. Emblem WordPress Theme by Templatic


    Details/Download Preview

    Emblem is a directory theme for WordPress that will give you site a unique look and style that is all your own.

    Allow visitors to easily find the listing or information their looking for with the advanced search box, custom category listings, magazine-style layout of the home page, and many other enhanced functions that were built specifically for this theme.

  5. DirectoryEngine WordPress Theme by EngineThemes


    Details/Download Preview

    DirectoryEngine is a new release that offers a beautiful and modern interface for both the visitors to your site as well as the administrators.

    With a flat-style design and contemporary styling in both the aesthetics and coding of the theme, EngineThemes deliver once again at providing one of the most appealing solutions in the field.

    Acting as a business directory, this theme was built to showcase the true potential of a directory-based website while still maintaining a simple an straightforward website.

    The theme includes a modular layout that can be completely customized, user-generated content (via front-end submission of listings), star ratings, reviews, advanced search functionality, built-in events system, and dozens of other options which will give you a great-looking and functioning site.

  6. City Guide WordPress Theme by Templatic

    City Guide

    Details/Download Preview

    City Guide is a theme that could be used as a listing portal using geography as its primary focus.

    Whether you’re wanting to display listings for a city, state, country, or even internationally – or use it for displaying information and listings form a particular region. It was built as a child theme for Templatic’s standard Directory theme.

  7. Explore WordPress Theme by Templatic


    Details/Download Preview

    Explore is a dark-style design child theme for Templatic’s Directory parent theme.

  8. Business Directory WordPress Theme by PremiumPress

    Business Directory

    Details/Download Preview

    Business Directory is a responsive WordPress theme for creating a business listings/directory site with ease.

    Allow visitors to register on your site, submit business listings, upgrade listings (and make money from them if you’d like), and take advantage of the built-in features like: ad management, support for multiple payment gateways, allow users to send private messages to each other, custom member dashboards to view/manage information and listings, extensive Google Maps integration, and much more!

  9. Locations WordPress Theme by Templatic


    Details/Download Preview

    Locations makes use of an integrated map to convey the information and content of your site.

    Relying heavily on the map-based content to provide a visually-intriguing and useful layout for your visitors.

  10. Spot Finder WordPress Theme by Templatic

    Spot Finder

    Details/Download Preview

    Spot Finder is one of the most recent directory solutions for WordPress. Inspired by the redesign of AirBnb, it offers up a highly responsive and adaptable layout that provides a beautiful design for your site.

    The theme provides custom styling and templates for a variety of different sections on your site – from the category page to individual listing pages, they have all been carefully crafted to look great across all devices.

  11. YellowPages WordPress Theme by Templatic


    Details/Download Preview

    YellowPages functions as an online phone book or web-based listing of businesses. It is a child theme for the standard Directory theme from Templatic.

  12. GeoPlaces WordPress Theme by Templatic


    Details/Download Preview

    GeoPlaces is one of the pioneers in directory sites, giving you the ability to easily and effortlessly create a city directory or business listings website.

    This theme allows you to build a remarkably powerful site that uses maps, geographic proximity searches, and business listings to create a state-of-the-art site.

    Allow businesses to manage and claim their own listings, display businesses on a map, work with multiple cities, create specific places and events, manage coupons and promotions, customize the home page via a drag-and-drop interface, and much more!

  13. Directory WordPress Theme by PremiumPress


    Details/Download Preview

    Directory allows you to list a nearly limitless number of items, and is versatile enough to function as a standard directory-style website as it would a custom application.

    Sharing many qualities of the other membership/registration-based themes created by PremiumPress, this theme gives you an unmatched amount of control and flexibility with your site.

    Registered users can manage their listings, upgrade their packages, submit listings, private message other registered members, and more – while the built-in features like extensive integration with Google Maps, a responsive layout and design, advanced search functionality, custom colors, and more.

    The design heavily incorporates a map-based/geographic interface, giving visitors the ability to narrow their searches and posted listings to a particular region.

  14. Directory WordPress Theme by Templatic


    Details/Download Preview

    Directory is proclaimed by the theme’s designer and developer to be the world’s “#1 Directory Solution for WordPress” – a bold statement.

    Templatic (the WordPress theme company behind the solution) has paved the way for directory-style themes, using this particular solution as a parent theme upon which they have developed nearly two dozen child themes.

    This product allows you to create nearly any site imaginable that relies on listings as its primary focus – with a handful of specially-designed child themes for specific industries.

  15. Wisem WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    Offering full-featured integration with WooCommerce (as well as plugins for subscriptions, preorders, and bookings) – this directory theme allows you to create a website that is not only able to list businesses (or anything else you might want), but make money with those listings as well.

  16. Food Guide WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

    Food Guide

    Details/Download Preview

    Supporting WooCommerce that allows eCommerce functionality on your site – this responsive WordPress theme was built to power a food, restaurant, or dining directory.

    With a beautiful and modern design, map-based integrations, drag-and-drop page builder, integrated rich snippets (which appear on Google and other search engines), mega menu, and dozens of other options and features – this theme will give you a directory site that will be the envy of your competition.

  17. Service Finder WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

    Service Finder

    Details/Download Preview

    Setting itself apart from many of the other traditional-style directory themes, Service Finder was built to facilitate visitors finding and booking services.

    Service business will love all of the built-in functionality, that includes online booking, service hours, maps, parallax design elements, video and photo galleries, description area, and much more!

    With literally hundreds of theme options and features to choose from, you can customize nearly every aspect of the theme to suit the needs of the businesses listed on your site as well as making administration and monetization of your site easier than ever.

  18. ProList WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    Simple and straightforward, this elegant-looking directory theme provides you with the basic functionality for listing businesses.

    With several premium plugins also included, you can allow businesses to claim listings, allow visitors to rate/review businesses, and supports WooCommerce for eCommerce integration/functionality if you’d like.

  19. City Guide WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

    City Guide

    Details/Download Preview

    Featuring multiple header and template options to choose from, robust Google Maps integration, a drag-and-drop page builder, flat-style design, and integration with eCommerce features via WooCommerce – this theme will allow you to have your own city directory site up and running in no time.

  20. Search & Go WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

    Search & Go

    Details/Download Preview

    Perhaps the most compelling aspect of this theme (aside from its robust feature-set and functionality) is the beautiful and trendy, modern design.

    With large hero images, carefully-placed information about each business on individual detail pages, the ability to show “popular” and “recent” additions to the directory, masonry blog layout, user dashboards, the ability to claim and bookmark listings, and a handful of other enhancements – this is truly a directory theme built for the modern website.

  21. Medical Directory WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

    Medical Directory

    Details/Download Preview

    Whether you’re wanting to list doctors, hospitals, health clinics, or any other type of business or item in the medical industry – this theme was built for you.

    With payment gateway integration, custom listing types for hospitals and doctors, full membership functionality (with dashboards, login, and the ability to charge for listings), MailChimp and eCommerce integration/support, it is a versatile and highly adaptable theme for the medical field.

  22. Listify WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    One of the most robust, powerful, flexible, and feature-rich directory themes for WordPress to be found anywhere – Listify presents your content and listings via a beautiful and modern, responsive design.

    With geolocation features, drag-and-drop page builder, optimized for speed, rich snippet integration, user features (claim listings, submit listings, and subscriptions), advertisement zones built-in, the ability to make appointments/reservations, and dozens of customization options are available for you to modify.

  23. Directory Portal WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

    Directory Portal

    Details/Download Preview

    Featuring options too numerous to list, this theme allows you to create an online directory of listings of whatever type of item(s) you’re wanting to display.

    With headers that feature 3D Maps, Google Street View, video backgrounds, advanced search functionality, and more – you will create a great first impression with your visitors.

    The responsive layout supports/integrates WooCommerce beautifully – while the customization options allow you to lay out your site to suit your needs.

  24. Superlist WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    With advanced features and functionality for both the site site as a whole as well as individual listings, Superlist is a directory WordPress theme that can adapt to suit the needs of any website wanting to display listings.

    Included in the theme you will find: a custom listings manager, statistics for listings, eCommerce and payment gateway functions, the ability to package features for listings to purchase, masonry/grid listing views, the ability to flag/report listings, and much more.

  25. Listable WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    With a design that feels inspired by Airbnb, this theme provides one of the trendiest and modern designs that you will find among directory themes.

    Beautiful fonts and typography, a responsive layout and design, ample whitespace, and perfectly-placed pixels will give you a site that stands out from the competition.

    Powerful listing features and functionality have been built into the theme to give you a robust, state-of-the-art website.

  26. Spotter WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    Whether you’re wanting to list businesses, restaurants, real estate, travel items, or any other type of directory-style listing – Spotter makes it easier than ever to manage and maintain your site.

    Included with this responsive and Retina-ready theme you will find: unlimited directory types, front and back-end listings management, user registration and profiles, social login, eCommerce integration, bookmarking functionality, 6 unique color schemes, custom email templates for notifications, and numerous custom-built widgets.

  27. Directory WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    For listings of all types, this Directory theme for WordPress is one of the most popular and versatile available for displaying business (or any other type) of listings.

  28. MyCity WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    Using advanced functionality that allows the theme to determine your location and display the appropriate listings, this powerful WordPress directory theme gives you all of the features you could want for a super-powerful listings website.

    With one of the most extensive and exhaustive feature sets of any theme, the possibilities are nearly endless.

  29. SpotGuide WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    From displaying business listings to courses and even classifieds, this responsive Bootstrap theme gives you the ability to create a full-featured and powerful directory-style website with ease.

    The theme comes equipped with: packages and pricing, custom notifications, mail templates, multiple page layouts/templates to choose from, and a highly customizable interface.

About this collection…

Directory-style WordPress themes are somewhat unique in their application as a website.

Typically, they are designed to display listings or items in various ways – yet there are entire categories of this type of theme which can be grouped together in their own collections (e.g. real estate themes, classified themes, etc.).

Because of the huge abundance of these types of themes, I’ve tried to round up a selection of some of the very best for this collection – and ones that tend to be a little more generic and broad in their potential use and application (like a general business/listing site).

Below you will find some of the very best free and premium solutions for creating a listings/directory site:

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