1. http://theme500.com/fundify/


    Fundify is the most popular crowdfunding theme for WordPress on ThemeForest. To date, more than 2,500 people have chosen it to run their money-raising projects.

    When you take a look at the aesthetic quality, features, and functionality of the theme – and you will see why this is such a popular choice.

    If you’re looking for a solution that recreates Kickstarter, then this is about as close as you can get. With eCommerce and payment gateway integration, the ability to set up levels or rewards for contributions, and a design that is one of the most beautiful you will come across in your search – you can have a state-of-the-art site up and running with very minimal setup time.

  2. http://theme500.com/crowdpress/


    CrowdPress is another theme for raising money that is similar in its appearance to Fundify, giving you a great-looking site which help creators kick-start their project.

    Relying heavily on design to deliver superior usability, your website’s visitors will be able to easily find what they’re looking for – and on any size screen as the design and layout use a responsive design.

  3. http://ignitiondeck.com/id/


    IgnitionDeck is the most popular solution for creating a crowdfunding website.

    The plugin can be used with any of the thousands of WordPress themes to create a site that helps raise money or “kickstart” a project or idea.

    If you’re looking for a theme instead of a plugin (or if you’re just in the process of setting up your site from scratch), they also offer a complete crowdfunding solution based upon their proprietary 500 framework (that has been specifically designed for raising money.

    It’s a simple, clean, and elegant solution that will help create a site that your visitors will love.

  4. http://theme500.com/stellar/


    Stellar comes with support/integration for WooCommerce, a responsive layout and design that ensures your site looks great on all screen sizes, customization of colors and other features – Stellar is a crowdfunding WordPress theme that is not only one of the most robust, but also one of the most beautiful as well.

  5. http://theme500.com/gig/


    Gig is a minimalist crowdfunding theme for WordPress that offers unmatched features and flexibility to deliver a complete solution that will help you raise the most money for your project(s) – it was designed for musicians, artists, and other creatives wishing to crowdfund or raise money.

  6. http://theme500.com/venus/


    Venus allows you to generate money via crowdfunding before you launch with this simple and straightforward WordPress theme powered by IgnitionDeck’s powerful crowdfunding WordPress plugin (which was designed to integrate seamlessly).

  7. http://theme500.com/classic/

    500 Classic

    500 Classic was built to work exclusively with IgnitionDeck’s powerful crowdfunding plugin for WordPress, this popular theme offers nearly unlimited customization options, a responsive design, and the perfect foundation upon which to build your very own crowdfunding website like Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

  8. http://theme500.com/maximus/


    Maximus is built upon IgnitionDeck’s powerful crowdfunding WordPress plugin and platform, this responsive theme allows you to create a crowdfunding site for a single project.

    Raise money for a charity, business idea, service, product, or anything else you might want with this simple and easily customizable theme.

  9. http://backer-demo.krownthemes.com/


    Backer is a modern and beautiful theme that allows you to launch your own social projects or support the work of others – all based on a collaborative fundraising model.

    By harnessing the power of social networks, you can crowdfund your next project or gain support for a cause that you believe in. Alternatively, you can allow visitors to support the work of others by donating or contributing.

    This Retina-ready theme provides one of the most compelling and clean designs, while the theme features include built-in shortcodes, responsive layout and design, HTML5 coding, fast load time, and the Revolution Slider built into the theme itself.

  10. http://revive.stylemixthemes.com/


    Revive is a versatile, multi-purpose solution that was designed for churches and other similar organizations.

    While not primarily a crowdfunding theme, it delivers a complete solution for your website that also has the built-in ability to raise funds or donations to meet a certain goal.

    Run multiple projects at once (if you’d like), and see how many people are “backing” or contributing, the amount of money that has been raised, and the goal to reach.

  11. http://skywarriorthemes.com/socialreach/

    Social Reach

    Social Reach delivers on the same premise that the other themes in this collection do, by allowing visitors to show support for their favorite projects.

    However, instead of relying on crowd-funding where users contribute money to a cause – this solution relies on social signals and the power of viral content to show support.

    Using a clever registration process that ties into your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) – your visitors and members offer their support by sharing the content on your site.

    This WordPress theme replicates the functionality and features found in Thunderclap, and gives you a website that perfectly emulates the model on which the popular website works.

  12. http://shiftorange.com/demo/fundit/fundit-music/


    Fundit provides you with one of the most intriguing and compelling-looking crowdfunding themes for WordPress that you’re bound to come across.

    Beautiful aesthetics will give your visitors a great first impression as the design elements include a full-screen background image, carefully chosen fonts and typography, clever use of animation effects, and a tabbed interface for your content area to minimize the space and show what’s most important to your visitors.

    While many of the themes available are used to create sites like Kickstarter, this particular option allows you to raise funds toward one specific project or goal – allowing you to focus your energies on promoting just one thing at a time.

  13. http://crunchpress.com/demo/be-human/

    Be Human

    Be Human was designed for charity and nonprofit sites, and offers much more than just crowdfunding.

    This is a full-featured, multipurpose solution that could power nearly any type of site – it just happens to have the ability for people donate built into the theme itself.

    In addition to its main money-raising features, it also includes a wide variety of sections that include: multimedia support, a full-screen photo content slider, retina-ready support (so your images look beautiful on all types of devices), event listings, and even integrates with the WooCommerce plugin so you can sell things on your site.

  14. http://goodwork-demo.krownthemes.com/


    GoodWork is more than just a WordPress solution to back projects, it’s a full-featured theme package that can power your entire site.

    The theme includes an amazing assortment of items that will give you everything you need to create a modern, state-of-the-art site. With sliders, multiple content areas, responsive design,an online shop, and a section for running money-raising campaigns – the design can adapt to meet any website’s needs.

  15. http://drive.cro.ma/mission/


    Mission has become a popular choice for churches and religious organizations not only because of its ability to accept donations to reach a goal, but because it is also one of the most advanced church themes for WordPress available.

    In addition to the ability to raise money online to reach a goal, the package comes with a huge variety of features that churches will love including: multimedia sharing (for sermon podcasts, video of events, photo galleries, and more), event listing capabilities, crowdfunding widget, responsive layout and design, an online store, and much more!

    The theme integrates with a variety of third-party plugins that help extend some functionality, including the popular WooCommerce plugin.

  16. http://skywarriorthemes.com/fundingpress/


    Fundingpress is the modern solution for creating your very own crowdfunding website.

    The clean and elegant layout conveys trust and professionalism, while the features coded into the theme will give you amazing control and features for your site.

    Built on Twitter’s Bootstrap (as well as HTML5 and CSS3), this solution will keep you current with the latest design trends. Allow visitors to submit their own listings and collect money from supporters/backers in addition to numerous other features – it’s a complete end-to-end solution for raising money for a project or cause.

  17. http://venusdemo.com/unity/demo-1/


    Unity is a WordPress theme that is powered by the popular Easy Digital Downloads WordPress plugin, this theme provides a top-notch experience for your visitors and enhances your fundraising efforts.

    The responsive layout and design ensures that it looks great on all screen sizes.

  18. http://klbtheme.com/kulebe/


    Kulebe is a responsive, full-width design that will look great on everything from desktop computers to tablets and smartphones – this eye-catching theme offers the perfect platform for your nonprofit or charity’s fundraising efforts.

    With drag-and-drop functionality, crowdfunding/fundraising abilities, theme options panel, and premium WordPress plugins included that extend the functionality of your site – it’s a perfect choice for many different types of sites and projects.

  19. http://demo.themeum.com/wordpress/startupidea-demo/

    Startup Idea

    Perhaps the most full-featured and powerful crowdfunding theme for WordPress available anywhere, the Startup Idea theme offers everything from payment gateway integration (via PayPal and Stripe) to advanced dashboard statistics and management.

    See sales, supporters, offer reward badges, and more – everything you need to set up a crowdfunding website has been included in this modern and responsive theme.

  20. http://klbtheme.com/helping/live_demo/

    Helping Hands

    Helping Hands is a theme that was designed to serve the needs of organizations, charities, and nonprofits that are wanting to raise money.

    All of the features and functionality have been included that allow you to raise money and spread awareness as easily and effortlessly as possible.

    A few feature highlights include: a premium crowdfunding system included, responsive and mobile-friendly design, WordPress plugin/support for WooCommerce and the Events Calendar, the ability to customize various aspects of the site (fonts, colors, etc.), parallax design elements, and a custom filterable portfolio with its own custom post type.

About this collection…

More and more people are taking part in supporting the creative, artistic, heartwarming, and noteworthy people and projects that are looking for support from the online community to pursue their passions.

By collectively collaborating, people around the world are showing their support for causes through social networks or by contributing money directly on sites like Kickstarter, Thunderclap, and Indiegogo (and fueling those site’s amazing growth along the way).

However, crowdfunding isn’t just left to the big players anymore, as designers and developers recognized the demand by creating some of the most beautiful and functional fundraising themes for WordPress. These themes allow anyone to create their very own Kickstarter-like site that can accept money or social contributions to meet their goals.

What you will see rounded up here aren’t simply scripts, clones, or plugins, they’re full-featured solutions that give you a complete end-to-end solution.

Whether you’re looking to get your latest invention off the ground, gather enough funds to record your next album, raise money for a charitable organization, help reach a goal in your church, or you’re simply looking to create a website that uses the crowdfunded model – this theme collection should help get you started on the right track.

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