1. WeddingEngine WordPress Theme by EngineThemes


    Details/Download Preview

    WeddingEngine is a very versatile and flexible wedding WordPress theme that allows you to share and arrange the big day easily and effortlessly.

    Included in the theme you will find a number of features that make managing details and sharing information as easy as possible, and includes: a countdown to the wedding date, supports and integrates multimedia (video and photos), an events section for sharing various dates, allow guests to leave notes, built-in RSVP, front-end management and administration of your site, responsive layout and design, and optimized for speed and load time.

  2. Wedding WordPress Theme by Gabfire Themes


    Details/Download Preview

    Wedding is a minimal-style design theme for WordPress that highlights the most important parts and information about your big day.

    It includes a variety of features that make creating a stunning wedding site easier than ever before. Amongst dozens of other things, the theme includes: multiple page/category layouts, guestbook feature, enhanced galleries and sliders, Google Maps integration, the ability to accept RSVPs, and much more!

  3. Hitched WordPress Theme by ThemeFuse


    Details/Download Preview

    A responsive, full-width wedding template for WordPress – Hitched provides everything you might want or need in order to share details, memories, and information about a wedding.

    With a built-in RSVP form and gift registry (among many other options), this theme provides style and functionality.

  4. Wedding Day WordPress Theme by TeslaThemes

    Wedding Day

    WordPress theme for weddings


    Wedding Day is a trendy and stylish theme that gives you a great way to show off all of the details of your upcoming marriage.

    The design is responsive and looks great no matter if your visitors are checking out your site on their desktop computer or their smartphone, it has built-in RSVP functionality, a custom-built countdown timer, filterable image gallery, and many other features you will want to take advantage of.

  5. Just Married WordPress Theme by ThemeFuse

    Just Married

    Details/Download Preview

    Just Married is a theme for WordPress that combines elegance in design and beauty in styling to create a simple, yet eye-catching wedding website.

    The responsive layout and design (along with Retina-ready images) ensures that your site looks good no matter what type of device your visitors are browsing on, while the built-in extra features and functionality will provide you with all the tools you need to create a great-looking site.

    In addition to the responsive design this unique theme also includes: RSVP capabilities, integration with your social media networks, beautiful incorporation of images, support for a registry (with links to the stores you have selected), multimedia hosting (photos, videos, etc.), and a number of other features which have been customized for a wedding website.

  6. Enlance WordPress Theme via CreativeMarket


    Details/Download Preview

    Enlance is a flexible, versatile, and modern WordPress theme specifically built for weddings.

    The theme includes: Bootstrap foundation that is responsive and built with HTML5 & CSS3, high-resolution full-width slider, countdown timer to the wedding day, RSVP form built-in (powered AJAX), integration with Amazon for registration, lightbox photo gallery built-in, shortcodes included, advanced theme option panel, and numerous other custom enhancements.

  7. Elation WordPress Theme via CreativeMarket


    Details/Download Preview

    Elation balances aesthetics and functionality that make it a great choice for announcing an engagement or providing details about your wedding.

    Included are a myriad of features designed to help you share the things that are most important to your family and friends, including a huge number of extras like: a countdown timer, responsive layout and design, parallax design elements with custom color-matching capability, grid-style masonry layout, ability to RSVP, full-screen, custom shortcode built-in, and numerous customization options.

  8. Wedding Style WordPress Theme via WordPress.org

    Wedding Style

    Details/Download Preview

    Wedding style is a free WordPress theme for weddings that incorporates creative animation effects and content sections that will help you share your big day with the world.

    The theme features a special photo gallery, a featured content slider on the homepage, and a responsive layout and design.

  9. XOXO WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    XOXO captures your visitor’s attention through its beautiful use of multimedia – whether you’re showcasing photos, videos, or enhancing your visitor’s experience with the optional background music – it is a truly captivating and attention-catching theme.

    Built into the design you will find a number of options and features including: a count-down timer, single-page layout, bride and groom bios, timeline, photo gallery, wedding information with draggable timeline, bridesmaid and groomsmen information, maps integration, beautiful animation effects, and the ability to RSVP online.

  10. I Do WordPress Theme via Creative Market

    I Do

    Details/Download Preview

    I Do provides a design that is great for a variety of different uses related to your wedding day, whether you want to set it up to show off photos or as a way to organize the event – it can handle it all.

    Included with the theme you will find: an advanced theme options panel, a visitor guestbook, ability to RSVP, shortcodes built-in, custom fonts and colors, countdown timer, support for post formats, a featured homepage slider, and much more.

  11. Monument WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    Monument is a clean, elegant, and beautiful WordPress theme designed for weddings.

    The theme includes a countdown timer to the big day, Retina support (for crystal clear images on screens), built-in galleries, blog section, and the ability for guests, friends, and family to RSVP online.

    Additionally, the design includes a beautiful and eye-catching full-width featured image slider that smoothly transitions to show your photos.

  12. Perfect Couple WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

    Perfect Couple

    Details/Download Preview

    Perfect Couple is a theme that brings all of the information and details about your wedding together in one place.

    It displays all of your content on a single page, enabling your visitors and loved ones to easily find anything they might need to know.

    The design includes a full-screen image or video background, an “about us” section, a “love story” section where you can share details about the couple, a “most important people” section (to share information about the parents, bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc.), “events and parties” section for details about the bachelorette/bachelor party, “accommodations” area for lodging/hotel/resort details, “fun facts” area with numbers set against a parallax background, countdown timer to the big day, wedding registry, maps integration, and a gallery section – all of which make this theme an extremely robust and powerful choice.

  13. My Wedding WordPress Theme via Creative Market

    My Wedding

    Details/Download Preview

    My Wedding is packed full of features and options that enable you to create the perfect site to organize your wedding and share details about the day.

    With an SEO-optimized theme that has been perfectly designed for mobile devices (including a Retina-ready, responsive layout), it provides the perfect way to share your updates, and any other pertinent information related to your wedding.

    Built into the theme you will find RSVP functionality, a custom-built photo gallery, customizable pages and home page, shortcodes included, Bootstrap integration with HTML5 and CSS3, as well as a powerful theme options panel and a handful of other features.

  14. My Wedding WordPress Theme via WordPress.org

    My Wedding

    Details/Download Preview

    My Wedding gives you a simple design for a wedding site, and incorporates a number of extras and enhancements that add style and function to your site.

    The responsive layout and design ensure that your site looks good on any device, while the custom photo gallery and large featured content slider on the homepage allows you to share your most important information or photos.

  15. CuckooLove WordPress Theme via Creative Market


    Details/Download Preview

    CuckooLove has all of the features and functionality you could want for setting up your wedding site and planning online.

    It includes a huge number of features that allow you to easily customize your site to look and work exactly how you want: custom post types for managing various types of content, a responsive design and layout, home page customizer, shortcodes included, support and integration for various features (Google Fonts, FontAwesome, etc), image/content sliders, and a theme options panel that allows you to create a site that looks exactly how you want it to.

  16. Match WordPress Theme via WordPress.org


    Details/Download Preview

    Match delivers a modern-styled theme that allows you to share all of the details and information about your big day.

    While it’s a free theme and doesn’t contain a lot of extra features or functionality, it does provide: a responsive layout and design, support for post formats, as well as custom menus and backgrounds.

  17. Honeymoon WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    Honeymoon delivers an ultra-modern, ultra-stylish, and ultra-functional WordPress theme for sharing everything about your upcoming (or past) wedding.

    With parallax design elements, a countdown timer, events calendar (for showers, the wedding day, reception, etc.), photo album, guest book, RSVP functionality, and seamless social network integration – you can keep everyone up-to-date and informed about what’s happening on your special day.

  18. Wedding WordPress Theme by DesignOrbital


    Details/Download Preview

    Wedding is a clean and modern WordPress theme that uses a flat-style design, modern layout and accommodates all of the different types of information and content you would want to display about your big day.

    Whether you’re wanting to announce an upcoming date or create a site that will showcase the day’s festivities and events, this modern theme will give you all of the things you need to create a beautiful-looking website.

    The theme features countless items and customization options that allow you to tailor your site to be everything you want it to be, and includes: a responsive layout and design, custom templates, RSVP functionality and guestbook, infinite scrolling, support of WordPress’ post formats, a countdown timer, and numerous other extras that have been specifically designed for a wedding site.

  19. Wedding WordPress Theme via Creative Market


    Details/Download Preview

    Wedding is an ultra-modern and feature-rich WordPress theme built specifically for weddings and organizing/sharing your big day online.

    As one of the themes packed with the most features, it includes: a count-down timer to the wedding date, a timeline, registry section, parallax design elements, featured content slider, events section, RSVP integration, built-in shortcodes, as well as multiple layouts and customization options available.

  20. Weddiness WordPress Theme via Mojo Themes


    Details/Download Preview

    Weddiness is an elegantly-designed theme that delivers class, style, and sophistication that will help you share the details of your big day.

    The fully responsive theme comes packed with features like: built-in shortcodes, seven unique color schemes, built-in plugin for SEO, touch-friendly slider, and was coded using HTML5 & CSS3.

  21. Forever WordPress Theme via WordPress.org



    Details/Download Preview

    Forever relies on a clean color scheme and uncluttered layout to deliver a minimalist wedding theme.

    Designed to support several other child themes, it offers a very simple and easy set-up for sharing the details of your big day.

  22. Marriage WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    Marriage is one of the most popular wedding themes for WordPress, and the top-selling in its category on ThemeForest.

    The very clean and simple design provides your visitors with all of the information they might want to know at a glance, and manages to keep a structure and architecture that is both versatile and engaging. With dozens of features included, it offers one of the most powerful, robust, and customizable options in this collection.

    It comes equipped with multiple color schemes, a responsive and fluid layout, photo album, and custom widgets which were built just for this theme.

  23. Wedding Day WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

    Wedding Day

    Details/Download Preview

    With built-in countdown timer, RSVP functionality, guestlist, and comments, this theme provides all of the features you might want when wedding planning or sharing information about the event.

  24. Wedding & Marriage WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

    Wedding & Marriage

    Details/Download Preview

    Built with HTML5 and CSS3, this theme features parallax design effects, built-in RSVP form, and pre-made templates for you to choose from.

  25. Wedding Suite WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

    Wedding Suite

    Details/Download Preview

    With 5 custom layout options and colors to choose from, a responsive and Retina-ready design, custom font support, built with Bootstrap as well as HTML5 and CSS3, WooCommerce support/integration, and over a dozen custom widgets – this theme can function beautifully as a wedding site or as a wedding planning business’ site.

  26. Idylle WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    Ultra-modern design, effects, and features make this one of the most compelling wedding WordPress themes available.

    The theme includes an amazing feature set: an easy-to-use theme options panel, responsive layout and design that is Retina-ready, built-in music player, coded with HTML5 and CSS3, custom-built contact form powered by Ajax, multiple demos/templates to choose from, and a drag-and-drop page builder.

  27. Wedding Fuchsia WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

    Wedding Fuchsia

    Details/Download Preview

    With multiple templates and styles to choose from, video and parallax background design options, optimized for speed, and packed with premium plugins (included with your theme purchase), this is an elegant and beautiful theme that would suit nearly any style of wedding.

  28. Meridian Wedding WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

    Meridian Wedding

    Details/Download Preview

    Provide all of the information your friends and family might want about your big day with this simple and beautiful, single page theme for WordPress.

    Built into the theme you will find content areas for schedule, groomsmen and bridesmaids, RSVPing, blog updates, photo gallery, and customization options that allow you the ability to control the way your site looks.

  29. Moments WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    Whether you’re celebrating an engagement, wedding, anniversary, or other special occasion – the Moments WordPress theme gives you all of the tools and features you might want packed into one stunning package.

    There are dozens of homepage variations and template options to choose from, custom-built shortcodes, built-in RSVP and guestbook functionality, beautiful preloading effect, responsive and Retina-ready layout, Google Fonts integration, eCommerce functionality, parallax design elements, and other features too numerous to mention.

  30. Confetti WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    This responsive, one-page theme for WordPress will display the information about your wedding in a stylish and elegant way.

    With unique features like parallax design, a timeline section, photos, RSVP form, photos, support for child themes, and more – you can give your guests the information they need to know before the big day arrives.

  31. The Wedding WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

    The Wedding

    Details/Download Preview

    If you’re looking for a simple and easy-to-use WordPress theme for your wedding, then this is the solution for you.

    There are 5 unique color schemes to choose from, multiple custom post types, countdown timer, shortcodes, and theme options that give you the ability to customize the look and feel of your site.

  32. Qaween WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    One of the most full-featured wedding themes for WordPress anywhere, this provides you with a complete solution for any type of wedding.

    Dozens of features are included with this theme: parallax design elements, countdown timer, a fully responsive layout and design, multiple custom page templates and post types, unlimited color schemes to choose from, and much more.

  33. Wedding Day WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

    Wedding Day

    Details/Download Preview

    With a clean, minimalist design – this theme allows you to easily highlight the important information about the wedding that you want guests to know about.

    The single-page layout incorporates various elements into a beautiful design, like: parallax scrolling design elements, a timeline feature, photo galleries, blog section, responsive layout and design, quotes area, RSVP, bridesmaids and groomsmen section, event details, and theme options you can customize to style your site and design to your liking.

  34. Celerbation WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    Sophistication and style are prominent in this minimalist WordPress theme that exudes class, style, and sophistication.

    With plenty of whitespace and large content sections for displaying the various information about your event, it offers a sleek and refreshing look that is sure to impress.

    A multi-functional theme, it comes set up with 3 different styles to choose from: Wedding, Class Reunion, and Wedding Planner.

  35. Lily WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    One of the cleanest and simplest wedding themes for WordPress available, this theme takes full advantage of ample whitespace to provide guests with a refreshing and easy-to-browse site for you.

  36. Lilac WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    Lilac is a modern and elegant single-page wedding theme for WordPress that will give you all of the features and functionality you could want.

    Included in this simple yet powerful theme you will find: a Retina-ready and responsive layout built on Bootstrap (that ensures it looks great on everything from desktop computers to smartphones and tablets), custom widgets and shortcodes built-in, parallax design elements and effects, theme options panel for customizing colors and fonts, Google Maps integration, RSVP form built-in, photo gallery, Instagram and Twitter integration, special timeline section/feature, and dozens of other options and extras have been included.

  37. Eternity WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    With a clean, refreshing, and modern design – this responsive and Retina-ready theme will give you the perfect way to show off details about your wedding.

    Built with custom features like Google Maps integration, a countdown timer, custom post types for slides and gallery, and the ability to customize fonts, colors, headers, and more – this theme provides you with a complete wedding solution.

  38. Taylor WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    With full-width images, parallax background effects, and a super clean, minimalist design – Taylor provides the perfect choice for announcing and organizing your wedding.

  39. WP Forever WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

    WP Forever

    Details/Download Preview

    A beautiful, responsive design that features CSS3 animation effects, parallax design elements, and modern styling make WP Forever an excellent choice for any wedding.

    Multiple content sections help you organize and display your information for guests, friends, and family to easily see – while the features like the date countdown timer, bridesmaid and groomsmen sections, gift registry, online RSVP functionality, preloader effects, and multiple layouts and templates to choose from make this an easy-to-use and aesthetically-appealing choice.

  40. Forever Wedding WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

    Forever Wedding

    Details/Download Preview

    A responsive Bootstrap WordPress theme that takes a mobile-first approach, this theme was designed for weddings and wedding planners.

    Optimized for speed, this theme includes: parallax background elements, boxed and full-width layout options, and dozens of other features that are sure to impress you and your visitors.

About this collection…

Between planning, organizing, arranging, and meetings (caterers, florists, and family) – a wedding can be a difficult and daunting task. Fortunately, you can keep up with most of it by setting up a website for your big day, and if you use WordPress- then you have plenty of themes to choose from that can assist you in distributing information to those attending.

Many of the WordPress wedding themes offer special, custom features and extras that make setting up your site a breeze. From taking reservations and accepting RSVPs to sharing photo albums and notifying guests of what’s happening – you’re sure to find a design that suits the occasion in the roundup below.

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