Websites & Blogs Making $10,000+ Per Month

Websites & Blogs Earning $10,000+ Per Month
Websites & Blogs Earning $10,000+ Per Month
Written by Jeremia

Looking back, it was probably John Chow who first started the trend of transparency by sharing his monthly blog income reports. He was certainly the one I remember that sparked my intrigue and showed people that making money with a blog was a real possibility.

It’s possible to make money online, really good money.

One of the allures of using the web to create income is that it’s not just possible to make some extra spending cash, but there are many people who are making really, really good money.

Combine the ease of starting and a nearly limitless ceiling for revenue (with very minimal overhead costs) – and there are few things that are as easily accessible that allow you to significantly increase your income.

Breaking it down, the sites on this list generate anywhere from a few hundred dollars per day to thousands and collectively generate about millions of dollars in revenue and profit each month – quite impressive when you consider the amount of time invested in each and relatively minimal overhead in general.

Many different approaches for generating income

Whether it’s a blog, website, or app – people are generating income in many different ways. Some use content and their blog for revenue while others utilize a product-based approach where they sell items on their site, each method with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Some Successful Money-Making Blogs and Websites

If you’re like me at all (and interested in how sites make money and how much they make), then I hope that you find this post inspiring, intriguing, or motivating on some level – as I have.

Rather than guessing at revenues, I only wanted to share blogs and websites where the income has been publicly stated (so there’s no ambiguity or guesswork involved) and round up several different types of sites to give a broad overview of what is possible.

While I tried to share some sites with different topics, most of my reading is in the marketing and business fields – so you will notice the sites I’ve listed tend to skew in that direction.

  1. QuickSprout

    $39,852 per month (September 2013)

    Neil Patel shares marketing, SEO, and business advice on this widely-read and popular blog.

    Neil Patel’s QuickSprout is an amazing resource for SEO and entrepreneurs. Widely-known in SEO circles – he has recently garnered a lot of attention with his amazingly detailed and concise guides that walk you through everything from content creation to advanced SEO tactics.

    He has been involved with web development for quite some time now and runs two other highly visible websites/blogs – KissMetrics and CrazyEgg.

    How it makes money:
    Recently Neil shared that his blog made $39,852 in September – with $10,000 coming from lead generation and the remainder coming from sales of his ebook.

    Check it out

  2. SmartPassiveIncome

    $119,184.54 per month (As of September 2015)

    Pat Flynn shares passive income generation strategies on his blog and popular podcast.

    Well known for his income reports and popular Smart Passive Income podcast, Pat Flynn has been experimenting and sharing his attempts to make money online on his popular blog – Smart Passive Income. He comes across as a down-to-earth, likable, and ordinary guy which no doubt lends to his popularity.

    How it makes money:
    The most transparent of the sites and blogs listed here, Pat makes money through a variety of sources. The main income generator is the site itself, where he makes money through affiliate offers (most notably Bluehost) and his side projects which include iPhone apps, books, and niche sites.

    Check it out

  3. Groove’s Startup Journey Blog

    $197,445 per month (As of September 2015)

    A startup’s journey to $100,000 (now $500,000) in monthly revenue.

    Chronicling their journey to a $100,000 a month company – Groove is sharing their progress along the way. They provide a different point of view for making money online, focusing on the lifecycle and growth of a company – something that makes for an intriguing and compelling story.

    How it makes money:
    Using their blog as a way to gain new subscribers to their service, the company sells a web-based product. They are charting their income as they go, allowing readers to see how far along they have come toward their $100k a month goal.

    Check it out

  4. Pinch of Yum

    $32,971.75 per month (As of June 2015)

    A husband and wife run this popular food blog.

    For me, this is probably the most inspirational site on this round-up. A husband and wife run this popular food blog and have been sharing their monthly blog income for a little over two years now. Looking back in their archives, you can watch as their site grows from $21.97 in September of 2011 to $15,048.82 in October of 2013 – an astonishing growth story in just a little over two years’ time.

    How it makes money:
    Their blog income comes from a variety of sources from affiliate offers and banner ads to their own products like their food and photography ebook – it’s an interesting departure from some of the other topics on this list.

    Check it out


    WP Curve

    Offers WordPress support and small fixes for a flat monthly rate.

    Showing what’s possible in just a short amount of time with a lot of hard work and effort, this site offers a service that caters to WordPress users and allows them to fix, tweak, and troubleshoot their own website for a flat monthly fee.

    How it makes money:
    Customers subscribe to a monthly service for a flat rate.

    Check it out


    Matthew Woodward

    SEO & Affiliate marketer sharing tips and insight.

    Matthew Woodward shares tips, articles, strategies and insight into SEO and affiliate marketing with his blog. With a wide range of sources for his affiliate earnings, he also makes roughly half of his income from outside sources (other than his blog).

    How it makes money:
    Affiliate links scattered throughout the reviews and tutorials on his blog.

    Check it out


    Startup Camp

    Entrepreneur & Blogger offering a startup course.

    Dale Patridge shares podcasts, articles, blog posts, and offers enrollment in his startup class to generate income online.

    How it makes money:
    Dale makes his money primarily through speaking engagements, webinars, and from members of his StartupCamp classes.

    Check it out


    by Regina

    Infopreneur Blogger.

    Self-describe infopreneur Regina has created a blog that shares insight, tips, and strategies for branding and making money online (primarily through online content and courses).

    How it makes money:
    Regina’s earnings primarily come from her published courses, ebooks, and classes – with a trickle of earnings coming in from various affiliate links throughout her site.

    Check it out



    Technology & Blogging Tips Blog.

    Harsh Argawal relentlessly posts content to his wildly popular ShoutMeLoud blog, proving that sheer volume can earn you a great living.

    How it makes money:
    Harsh’s income comes almost exclusively from affiliate marketing, with a handful of it coming from his own products and direct ad sales.

    Check it out


    Just a Girl And Her Blog

    How to Blog & Creative Ideas.

    Abby shares everything from home decor to creative ideas.

    How it makes money:
    Nearly all of Abby’s income comes from her eBooks and affiliate links teaching others how to blog.

    Check it out


    Entrepreneur On Fire

    Podcasting webinars & courses.

    John Lee Dumas hosts a daily podcast while promoting his courses and webinars on how to podcast.

    How it makes money:
    The majority of John Lee Dumas’ revenue is derived from his blog, podcast, and Podcaster’s Paradise course.

    Check it out

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