1. It's a Wrap WordPress Theme by TeslaThemes

    It’s a Wrap

    State-of-the-Art WordPress theme for showcasing videos


    It’s A Wrap is a clean, modern, and highly-functional WordPress theme that allows you to share your videos in style.

    With clean galleries, areas for newest videos, and the ability to accept video submissions from users as just a few of its main features – it offers a versatile and robust theme that can be used in a variety of different types of sites.

  2. Reel WordPress Theme by WPZoom


    Video portfolio WordPress Theme


    Reel is a clean and modern video portfolio theme for WordPress.
  3. VideoCraft WordPress Theme by InkThemes


    Details/Download Preview

    VideoCraft offers a minimalist and very clean design that makes the theme very versatile in its use.

    With clean and subtle textures, ample white space, and clean look – you can convey professionalism when displaying your videos.

    The responsive design also ensures that no matter type of device your visitors are using, that they’re browsing experience is consistent and enjoyable.

  4. Videozoom WordPress Theme by WPZoom


    WordPress theme for self-hosted and/or embedded videos


    Videozoom is a multimedia WordPress theme that is highly adaptable to many different types of sites, content, and topics.

    Whether you run a blog that relies heavily on movies or videos for your content or you have a video portal where you feature a variety of media of your own (or from others) – this design will give you a professional look that your visitors will love.

    Arranged into multiple sections the homepage has a featured video tabber, a section for your featured posts, an area to display your recently-added content, and much more.

    The theme was built to allow uploading from the most popular sites (like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) or even has the ability to play your own self-hosted ones. For viewing or browsing, guests can use custom toggle button which can switch to either list or grid views.

  5. Video WordPress Theme by Templatic


    Details/Download Preview

    Video is a WordPress theme that has been designed with speed and function in mind.

    Built on the rock-solid Foundation framework, it enables you to share videos while maintaining a sleek, professional look and boasts lightning-fast load times that provides your visitors with a great experience.

  6. eVid WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes


    Details/Download Preview

    eVid is a video WordPress theme that was built with the video blogger in mind, yet it is flexible enough to be used as a business’ multimedia site, as a content portal, or for anyone who wishes to display and showcase their videos or movies.

    Because it was designed for bloggers, it includes all of the features that a typical blog would have. Post regular content just like you would with any standard WordPress installation or make use of the beautifully-styled video page templates for an amazing browsing experience for your visitors.

    While it doesn’t provide self-hosted video support, you can easily embed from nearly any source (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) and features a really intriguing and unique player that surrounds the box and allows your visitors to share, “dim” the lights of their screen, comment, rate, or grab the embed code for their own site (if you’d like).

  7. Video WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop


    Details/Download Preview

    Video is one of the most powerful and robust multimedia WordPress themes on the market – loaded with features and functionality.

    If you’re looking to showcase video, there are few themes that offer everything you will find in the Video theme.

    An amazing array of features and options are available to you that come built-in, including: an optimized viewing layout, the ability for users to “watch it later,” “like” and “dislike” videos, show number of views, add playlists to articles, integrated with Facebook comments, the ability to set a featured image for videos, custom post format, built-in video runtime, multiple homepage layouts, child theme support, responsive design, and much more.

  8. TV Elements WordPress Theme by Press75

    TV Elements

    Details/Download Preview

    TV Elements is a beautiful, full-screen video portfolio WordPress theme that will showcase your content in style.

    With a full-width, full-screen, responsive layout – this theme delivers an unmatched experience that both you and your visitors will love.

    Whether you’re a video blogger that wants to share your work, a creative worker looking for a stylish way to display your projects, or you just need a clean and simple way to share your content – this theme offers a striking look in an easy-to-manage format.

    Included with the theme you will find: clean and valid code, a theme options panel for customizing various aspects of your site, support for custom menus, SEO optimized, custom menu support, social media account integration (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.), as well as the ability to easily upload video and media.

  9. On Demand WordPress Theme by Press75

    On Demand

    Details/Download Preview

    On Demand is a sleek and stylish video theme for WordPress that gives you the features and flexibility you would want for nearly any type of site.

    The responsive layout has been expertly coded to deliver a superior user experience compared to many of the other themes you might come across.

    The theme can support embedded videos, displays a large content slider/carousel on the homepage, has been cleanly and validly coded, custom menu support, advanced theme options panel, and much more!

    Whether you’re a video blogger, wanting to set up your own video portal, or have a website that needs a video-centric design – you won’t find much better than this!

  10. Video Elements WordPress Theme by Press75

    Video Elements

    Details/Download Preview

    Video Elements is the perfect WordPress theme to create a video portal website.

    Whether you’re showcasing your own work and looking for a portfolio-style solution, or you’re creating a collection of videos – this theme delivers on both aesthetics and functionality.

    The homepage features a built-in video slider which enables you to showcase the videos that are the most important (or popular), integrated ad spaces, and a clean grid-style layout for displaying your video’s thumbnails or featured images.

    In addition to the homepage extras, included with the theme you will also find: an advanced theme options panel that allows for limitless customizations, custom menu support, clean and valid code, as well as being optimized for performance and SEO.

  11. Series WordPress Theme by Press75


    Details/Download Preview

    Series is one of the most unique video WordPress themes available, allowing you to create a video “series” on your site.

    Unlike many of the other video-centric themes, this particular design allows you to set up and showcase a series of videos – making it perfect for online episodes, tutorials, or any other type of content that you would like to link or show together.

    In addition to the unique format and layout of the theme, you will also find it includes: a theme options panel (for customizing various aspects), optimized for SEO, sample/demo content included, clean and valid code, custom menu support, social media integration (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), as well as a number of other options that will help you create a great-looking and functioning video website.

  12. VideoPro WordPress Theme by Theme Junkie


    WordPress theme like YouTube


    VideoPro is about the closest WordPress theme to a YouTube clone that you will find.

    Featuring a variety of features that replicate functionality of the popular video-sharing site, you can have your very own multimedia portal that rivals the biggest sites out there. Packed full of features, it offers a clean and simple design that is paired with a very usable and navigation-friendly layout.

  13. Videoplus WordPress Theme by Theme Junkie


    Feature-rich video theme for WordPress


    VideoPlus is a WordPress theme from ThemeJunkie that provides a style that’s reminiscent of YouTube in its appearance – and one where you can create your very own site for previewing or watching videos.

    With clean and sharp-looking elements carefully placed throughout, multiple content sections for displaying different types of posts, and features like shortcodes included in the package – this is a superbly-designed choice that should work for any multimedia site.

    A toggle allows for viewing in either grid or list mode, while sidebar widgets can contain videos of your choosing. It’s a robust and feature-rich option that’s easy to use, navigate, and customize.

  14. Vidley WordPress Theme by Press75


    Details/Download Preview

    Vidley combines a sleek and clean design with simple customization features to deliver a video-centric WordPress theme that is second-to-none.

    Perfect for video bloggers, video portfolios, or creative sites – it offers up a beautiful design that your visitors will love.

    The flat-style design, featured content slider, built-in ad spaces, and other carefully thought-out features makes this a truly compelling choice for many different types of sites.

    In addition to the features mentioned above, the theme also includes: custom menus, cross-browser compatibility, an advanced theme options panel, custom widgets, and the theme has been optimized for SEO.

    Whether you’re showcasing your portfolio or vlogging, you will find that this particular package gives you just about anything you might need to create a great-looking and functioning video website or blog.

  15. Video Blog WordPress Theme by RichWP

    Video Blog

    Details/Download Preview

    Video Blog places an emphasis on simplicity for displaying your movies or videos and uses a variety of design features which will give you a great-looking site that you and your visitors will love.

    The bold layout gives your site a striking visual appeal while the underlying design touches further enhance its appeal and include: flat-style design, responsive layout (for mobile devices), and much more.

    The sticky navigation allows your visitors to easily get to any page or section on your site. Whether you have a video blog or simply a site where you share your latest uploads, it gives you the look and flexibility you want to create a beautiful site. Great font selections and banner ad zones pre-built into the layout help make this theme stand out from its competition.

  16. VideoZ WordPress Theme by Theme Junkie


    Video directory/portal WordPress theme


    VideoZ allows you to create your own video portfolio, directory, or showcase portal with this uniquely-design video theme for WordPress.

    Featuring a responsive layout and design, custom-built shortcodes, a drag-and-drop page builder, multiple layout options, and unlimited color schemes to choose from – VideoZ makes a great choice for many different types and styles of websites.

  17. WP-ClearVideo WordPress Theme by Solostream


    Details/Download Preview

    Vloggers will love this WordPress theme for the clean and uncluttered layout that allows you to add a lot of content that is arranged so it’s easily browseable.

    The responsive design ensures that it looks great on all sizes of screens, while the built-in features and options give you control over the look and feel of your site.

  18. Reel Story WordPress Theme by ThemeFuse

    Reel Story

    Details/Download Preview

    Whether you’re wanting to create a video portfolio site, showcase your video work, or you’re in the film industry as a producer, director, actor, or other worker – Reel Story delivers a beautiful and eye-catching design that is sure to capture the attention of your visitors.

    With video background functionality, a responsive layout and design, dozens of customization features, and a feature-set that is sure to impress you – it’s a video theme that is as unique and beautiful as the content you will want to share on it.

  19. Tides WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    Tides will instantly catch your visitors attention with the large and bold video background that greets them on the homepage.

    This one-page design adheres to the most modern features and HTML5/CSS3 coding standards and comes equipped retina-ready, responsive, and SEO-friendly features that will give you everything you need – right out of the box.

  20. VideoTube WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    VideoTube will give you an ultra-clean and ultra-modern design that has kept up with the latest web development technologies.

    The flat-style design and very appealing aesthetic of the theme makes it one of the most most alluring choices in this roundup.

  21. TrueMag WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    TrueMag is the complete solution for those seeking a magazine-style WordPress theme that supports and showcases videos or movies.

    It features a modern layout and look that comes with multiple content sections and areas for helping drive visitors deeper into your site. The beautiful look of the theme will give you a site that can work either personally or professionally for a business site.

  22. The Producer WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

    The Producer

    Details/Download Preview

    The Producer was created specifically for those in the film industry in mind.

    Companies or those wishing to showcase their works or production abilities will find that this theme can give them all of the features that they might want.

    The responsive design and unique layout ensures a great visitor experience for your site’s guest as well.

  23. Right Now WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

    Right Now

    Details/Download Preview

    Right Now is a very popular choice amongst those looking to create a video website as it is very versatile and full of features that allow you do to nearly anything you want and customize to your liking.

  24. This Way WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

    This Way

    Details/Download Preview

    This Way delivers stunning design and appeal with its remarkable full-screen video background layout.

    It’s the perfect creative solution for ad agencies, businesses wanting a modern look, brands wanting to showcase their work, videographers, or anyone looking for a one-of-a-kind solution.

  25. Footage WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    Footage is the perfect choice for creative agencies, commercial producers, videographers, or production studios looking to make a statement with their site.

    The theme features an almost-full screen experience that maintains intuitive navigation and usability elements for your visitors.

  26. Black Label WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

    Black Label

    Details/Download Preview

    Black Label has perfectly balanced functionality with design to offer up one of the best-selling solutions for displaying videos that you will come across.

    Placing an emphasis on imagery and videography – you can create a truly stunning-looking site or video portfolio to highlight your work.

    One of the first designs of its kind released, it has been continually updated to stay current with web trends and now includes a responsive layout, great typography and font choices, and many more features that keep it cutting-edge.

  27. Vidiho WordPress Theme by cssigniter


    Video blog WordPress theme


    Vidiho relies on the native video-posting capabilities and functionality of WordPress to deliver the perfect platform for the vlogger or video blogger.

    Sitting prominently on the homepage atop a two-column grid of your posts a video slider (which even supports HD) allows you to easily share and showcase a variety of multimedia files with your visitors. It integrates with the popular lightbox functionality to deliver an amazing experience that make viewing or previewing your work easier than ever before.

About this collection…

As web development trends continue and more and more people are able to easily watch clips of their favorite movies, TV shows, and other videos – the demand for multimedia sites has never been higher. With the advent of HTML5/CSS3 code over the past few years, this trend should only continue heading upward in the years to come.

Recognizing and meeting this demand, some of the world’s leading developers and designers have released some of the most visually-stunning and feature-rich video WordPress themes to cater to this particular industry.

Whether you’re operating a multimedia portal that makes use of video, setting up a site for your company’s creative or instructional productions, or you’re a video blogger looking for a simple WordPress solution to give you a professional look – there are plenty of options to choose from.

Here, we’ve rounded up some of the very best themes that have been designed and created for those whose content primarily relies on videos or movies – giving you many options to choose from to power your site or blog.

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