1. BusinessCard WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes


    Details/Download Preview

    BusinessCard is beautiful, simple, and elegant in its design – delivering a professional and aesthetic quality that is second-to-none.

    Powered by jQuery, this theme makes the perfect choice to share information about yourself – making it great as an online resume or a place to showcase your projects, work, and skills.

    Don’t let appearances deceive you, despite minimalist style and design – the underlying options and functionality allow this theme to be as simple or robust as you would like for it to be.

  2. Resume WordPress Theme by Tesla Themes


    Responsive Bootstrap resume/CV/VCard WordPress theme


    Resume is a modern somewhat metro-style WordPress theme for resumes, vCards, and CVs.

    The theme allows you to showcase your resume online in style and elegance, with a modern flair and contemporary look that will help you land gigs, jobs, and clients.

    The full-width layout is split into multiple sections, allowing you to display information about yourself, a portfolio for showcasing your work and projects, a blog section for keeping updates, and a contact form and section where visitors can reach you.

    In addition the special content sections, the theme also includes: modern web development techniques (like HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, and fullpage.js), responsive layout and design, integration with FontAwesome, and it has been optimized for speed and load time.

  3. MyResume WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes


    Details/Download Preview

    MyResume gives you the perfect way to display information about yourself to create an intriguing and compelling online resume.

    With a simple and clean layout, visitors can see a snapshot (or more in-depth) overview of your work that can include: your portfolio, experience, education, background, or any number of other items that you feel are important for people to know about you.

    Elegant animations seamlessly transition between pages and the default theme includes social media integration and the ability for visitors to contact you through an online form.

  4. Premium Layers WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

    Premium Layers

    Details/Download Preview

    Premium Layers allows you to easily showcase your accomplishments and skills, while still allowing you to create a full, feature-rich blog or website.

    Perfect for freelancers, job-seekers, or professionals looking to provide all of their information at a glance – this WordPress theme gives you all of the options and customization capabilities to tailor the site to your needs.

    Whether you’re showing off your latest projects, displaying your portfolio online, showcasing your resume, or simply want to establish a personal page for yourself – this solution provides a match for all of your needs.

  5. Personal One WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    Personal One is a visually-striking and image-rich theme that can work as a vCard, personal resume, portfolio showcase, and many other types of sites that relate to showing off your work and skill set.

    The one-page layout allows you to share all of your information at a glance, without the need for visitors to scroll or click through multiple pages to find your information – while the flat-style design, parallax elements, and animations/transitions give you a contemporary and memorable site.

  6. NEW WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    NEW will help you convey a trusting and professional image to those who visit your site.

    Adhering to the latest design and development trends, the theme comes retina-ready and responsive – ensuring that your site looks great no matter what type of device it is being viewed on.

    Packed full of features like a beautiful work/history timeline, portfolio section, skill bars, and much more – it gives you an easy-to-navigate design that is both stylish and professional.

  7. cvCard WP WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

    cvCard WP

    Details/Download Preview

    cvCard WP is a one-of-a-kind theme that boasts a beautiful, flat-style design and one of the most unique navigation setups you will come across.

    Share bits of information from a variety of different aspects of your professional career including: testimonials, past or current clients, your portfolio, services that you offer, social media updates, and blog posts amongst others.

    The modern design of the site will give you an up-to-date and contemporary feeling, while the various components allow you to truly harness the full potential of your online resume/vCard.

  8. vCard WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    vCard (as its name implies) is a theme for those looking to establish themselves online.

    Simple, elegant, and modern – this minimalistic theme gives you a great way to share some of the things you have done, projects you have worked on, and other information that others might want to know.

    It has special sections set up for displaying different types of content including: a resume, portfolio, contact information, and your basic details like name, email, social networks, etc.

    The design comes equipped with several features to help you make the most of your personal site as well as being packaged with multiple admin options and color schemes.

About this collection…

So, you’re interested in setting up a personal site to show the world what you have to offer?

Whether you’re a freelancer, executive, consultant, business owner, or simply looking for employment – there are many circumstances when setting up an online business card (vCard) or resume site would be beneficial.

WordPress theme designers and developers have recognized this need and created a wide variety of themes for you to choose from. Ranging from the plain and simple one-page layouts to complex solutions that act no different than a full-featured website – your imagination is your only limit.

Here, are a handful of some of the very best vCard (CV i.e. Curricula Vitae) and resume themes for WordPress for you to check out. All of these themes have been hand-picked for their attention to detail, uniqueness, and professional designs – ensuring that your online presence looks as good as possible.

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