1. SportsMag WordPress Theme by Magazine3


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    SportsMag lives up to its name by providing you with the perfect platform to display sports news and updates.

    Built into the design are multiple featured content sliders, special areas for different content types, and many other enhancements which will give you a site that looks like it cost thousands to design.

    Share the latest golf information or highlight videos that you want visitors to see with the multifaceted layout on the homepage. While perfect for a general sports website, this theme will give you countless features, enhancements, and functionality that was specifically-designed for sports-related sites.

  2. SportsBlog WordPress Theme by Magazine3


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    SportsBlog is somewhat similar to Magazine3’s SportsGazette theme, however, with a layout and design that is more focused toward the sports blogger.

    Whether you’re covering basketball or tennis, badminton or rugby – you will find that this design offers a clean and professional look for your blogging.

    While it retains many of the characteristics of the other theme, this one allows you to create a more blog-like website with posts featured in a reverse chronological order.

  3. SportsGazette WordPress Theme by Magazine3


    Details/Download Preview

    SportsGazette was designed to work well for news or magazine-style sites, with a look and feel that isn’t too different from HuffingtonPost.

    Multiple content areas and featured sections will allow you to easily display a large amount of content at once, allowing you to showcase various sections of your site (baseball, football, soccer, etc.) and even incorporates multimedia features like slideshows and areas for video.

  4. Club Sports WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

    Club Sports

    Details/Download Preview

    Club Sports is one of the most advanced sports WordPress themes on the market today.

    It features a multitude of options that have been designed to give you one of the most robust and powerful sites possible with features like player stats and bios, the ability to purchase tickets to upcoming games or matches, a points table, social media integration, multimedia capabilities, and much more.

    All of these features are built upon an HTML5/CSS3 foundation and with an optional responsive layout and design.

  5. Sporty WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    Sporty features a bold and eye-catching design that draws your attention via the large image background and elegant photo slider on the homepage.

    Designed for sports teams or clubs, it can work just as well for a hockey team as it does a volleyball or cricket team’s website.

    Additionally, it provides an area for showing upcoming matches or games, standings and results, and a clean-styled photo gallery for displaying pictures of whatever you might want to share with your visitors.

  6. Soccer Club WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

    Soccer Club

    Details/Download Preview

    Soccer Club makes the perfect choice for team websites or sports-related sites that wish to give their visitors a great first impression.

    Included are dozens of features which make modifying and customizing your site easier than ever. From the animated background image to the featured content slider it has an impressive list of options that are included in the design.

    Perhaps most impressive are the unique features designed to provide the latest information about matches and upcoming games that include: a countdown timer to the next match, recent standings, and a modern-styled section for player information and stats.

  7. Sportsline WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    SportsLine delivers a responsive, magazine-style layout which enables you to easily categorize your content (by topic or sport) – while still looking good on mobile devices.

    Designed for sports news sites, it includes custom features like the latest game’s results in addition to sections for video, photos, blog posts, and more.

  8. Sportimo WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    Sportimo packs more features into its theme than perhaps any other in this roundup.

    It includes a myriad of options that allow you to create a true sports content portal an include: ratings and reviews, multimedia galleries (photos and videos), next match/game countdown clock, recent scores, and much more.

    Great for news portals, you have a dual navigation menu and multiple content block sections – which help you display content from within different areas of your site with ease.

  9. Gameday WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    Gameday is a very versatile and robust theme for sports websites that features some of the most compelling design and extras that you will find in any solution.

    Customized scorecards allow you to display the most recent information about your team (or other’s), while the responsive layout ensures your site looks good on any size computer or smartphone screen.

    With a somewhat magazine-style layout that has banner ad areas already built-in (to help you sell ads or generate revenue), your site can match the looks of some of the most popular sports and news sites out there and makes a great choice for sports news sites.

  10. Resportsive WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    Resportsive was created with the online sports publisher in mind. It has been designed to accommodate all of the major sports, or used equally as well for an individual one.

    Modern typography and design give it a look that will help set you apart from the competition. The magazine-style layout ensures that you can display a lot of content at once, while helping drive visitors further into your site.

  11. Sportica WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    Sportica gives you all the things you need to create a great-looking site.

    Whether you’re showcasing your favorite sports league or sharing the latest updates, the simple and easy-to-browse (and read) design gives you all of necessary elements to set up a great-looking and functioning site.

  12. Splash WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    With a bold and attention-grabbing design and packed with features, Splash makes the perfect choice for any website or blog in the basketball or sports industry.

    One of the most visually appealing and feature-packed sports themes for WordPress available, Splash is unrivaled in what it offers.

    Included with the theme you will find: theme options for nearly limitless customization, special pages for teams and players, a league stats page, audio and video embedding, special store/shop powered by WooCommerce, optimized for SEO, and custom widgets have all been built into the theme.

  13. Tennis WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    Able to adapt to many different styles and types of sites (from sports centers and tennis sites to personal trainers and sports stores), tennis provides you with a modern solution for your sports website or blog.

    With a responsive layout that looks great on screens of all sizes, WooCommerce compatibility and integration, custom widgets and shortcodes, and a number of other features – it gives you all of the flexibility and control to create the site you’ve always wanted.

  14. Sports Store WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

    Sports Store

    Details/Download Preview

    Designed for sports and sportswear shops, this theme gives you the perfect package when you’re wanting to set up your online store or even content-driven site.

    With support and integration with the popular WooCommerce plugin, you can be selling things online in no time at all.

    In addition to the eCommerce functionality, it offers many powerful features like: a responsive design built upon Bootstrap, a team management system, event management, custom shortcodes and page templates/layouts, unlimited sidebars, and the ability to customize many different aspects and design details of your site to give you a look and layout that you want.

About this collection…

Whether you’re setting up a site for your favorite sports team, keeping track of the game scores, or sharing the latest updates – you will find that these WordPress themes can adapt to nearly any type of sport or site.

From aggregating information about the most popular sports (football, baseball, basketball, etc.) to providing you with the perfect design for your sports blog or commentary site – you can get up and running in no time with these beautiful and powerful WordPress sports themes.

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