Every once in a while an artist emerges that really takes the world by storm with their works – such is the case with Sasha Unisex.

Based in St. Petersburg, Russia – Sasha is a tattoo artist who has developed a one-of-a-kind style that makes her work look more like a watercolor painting than a traditional tattoo.

Making clever use of color, shapes, and shading – she has created one of the most distinctive tattoo styles in the world, one that is now instantly recognized around the globe.

Whether she’s creating one of the animals for which she has become so famous, or crafting an intricately-designed scene – her work will certainly impress you.

The stunning watercolor tattoos of Sasha Unisex.

Sasha makes use of geometric shapes and angles to create her designs.

But her work can easily adapt to curves and fluid lines.

Her tattoos can be simple and straightforward…

…or remarkably detailed and intricate.

She begins by creating the soon-to-be tattoo with watercolors on paper…

…then recreates the art with spectacular results.

The end result are tattoos that are both beautiful and bold, with striking and vivid colors.

Careful shading adds depth and life to her work.

And you can see that she is particularly skilled at animal designs… simply amazing.

Her fantasy designs are equally as stunning.

More About Sasha Unisex and her Watercolor Tattoos

Providing inspiration to those in the tattoo industry as well as millions of others around the world, Sasha Unisex is redefining an age-old art form with a refreshing and captivating perspective.

If you’re interested in seeing more of her work, please check out her Facebook page or follow her on Instagram – where you can see more of her incredible artwork.

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