1. MyCuisine WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes


    Details/Download Preview

    MyCuisine is an elegant and refined solution that would work well for almost any type of restaurant’s website. With a textural, Tuscan feeling to it – the design offers up elegance and charm that would appeal to your site’s visitors.

    While the theme is very easy to customize to suit your needs, the front-end offers up a simple and classy design that is both easy to navigate and browse while still providing all of the information you would want or need. The variety of features like: testimonials, location and hours, featured content slider, menu, and dozens of other functions make this a very popular choice amongst restaurateurs.

  2. Delicio WordPress Theme by WPZoom


    WordPress theme for restaurants


    Delicio is a clean and modern WordPress theme that was built to suit the needs of restaurants and cafes.
  3. Eatery WordPress Theme by ThemeLab


    Details/Download Preview

    Eatery is a simple, stylish, and trendy WordPress theme that was built for those in the dining industry.

    It includes all of the features and functionality you might want or need to provide your customers including: hours of operation, a special “upcoming events” section, photo galleries, location, special content area (for things like daily specials, menu, drink specials, etc.), a featured image slider – and a design that is both modern and appealing.

  4. DiningEngine WordPress Theme by EngineThemes


    Details/Download Preview

    Designed to cater to the needs of those wanting to put together a restaurant directory website, DiningEngine is the most feature-packed and powerful theme of its kind.

    With eCommerce integration throughout, it allows you to easily monetize your site – comes equipped with payment gateway integration, optimized for SEO, responsive layout and design, and much more.

  5. Food WordPress Theme by Visual Modo


    Details/Download Preview

    Built with Bootstrap, this responsive restaurant WordPress theme includes tons of features that you’re sure to love if you’re setting up a restaurant site.

    Packed into this powerful and robust theme you will find: Google Maps integration, support and styling for the popular Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin, WooCommerce support and integration, the Visual Composer WordPress plugin and the Slider Revolution plugin are both included, and a powerful theme options panel that allows you to customize various features of your site.

  6. Restaurante WordPress Theme by Templatic


    Details/Download Preview

    Restaurante is an elegant and modern theme that would work for a variety of different types of restaurants or dining establishments.

    This theme was designed to encourage guests to visit your property by promoting various menu items, highlight your specials, and offer up all of the information they might want to find your business.

    A sidebar reservations form is displayed prominently, allowing you to accept reservations or table bookings – while the other features like a large image slider, mega menu, and other enhancements will give you a great-looking and functioning website.

  7. Cuisine WordPress Theme by Templatic


    Details/Download Preview

    Cuisine is a directory theme for WordPress that was designed to showcase restaurants, bars, or any other food-related businesses.

    Whether you’re looking to set up a local restaurant site, or you’re aiming for a broader geographic region (city, state, country, or even globally) – you will find that this particular solution gives you everything you could want to create a powerful and robust directory of restaurants.

    Categorize listings by cuisine type, style, price, or area and allow your visitors to rate the listings or submit listings of their own as well (which helps you generate even more passive, user-generated content). Individual pages can show information about each business (like maps, phone number, address, specials, and much more).

  8. Bottega WordPress Theme by Organized Themes


    Details/Download Preview

    Bottega offers a perfect setup for a restaurant’s website. The homepage has been carefully arranged to provide everything your site visitors might be looking for.

    The theme includes: a large featured image, image navigation blocks (for menu, blog posts, etc.), your operating hours, map and address, as well as social media integration so your fans and customers can connect with or follow you.

    The simple and beautiful layout makes this one of the most compelling themes in this roundup.

  9. Foxy WordPress Theme by Organized Themes


    Details/Download Preview

    Foxy is a multi-purpose and versatile theme that makes use of large background images to give your site a unique style and design.

    The images are perhaps the most intriguing aspect as they are able to transition (with 7 different animations) or can even be set on a per-post basis – allowing you unlimited looks.

    While it is adaptable enough to work for nearly any type of business, those with restaurants will find that it excels at promoting your business via the minimalist content area, newsletter subscription box, and hours of operation which are all conveniently placed throughout the layout.

  10. Moonrise WordPress Theme by Organized Themes


    Details/Download Preview

    Moonrise is a restaurant theme for WordPress that relies on a simple color scheme and layout that is combined with a parallax-style design to create an elegant and modern-looking website.

    This theme would appeal to many different types of food businesses, but would work especially well for smaller establishments like a cafe or coffee shop. In addition to the clever use of images in the layout, it includes all of the standard blog-style features you would want to use.

  11. Umami WordPress Theme by Organized Themes


    Details/Download Preview

    Moonrise is a restaurant theme for WordPress that relies on a simple color scheme and layout that is combined with a parallax-style design to create an elegant and modern-looking website.

    This theme would appeal to many different types of food businesses, but would work especially well for smaller establishments like a cafe or coffee shop. In addition to the clever use of images in the layout, it includes all of the standard blog-style features you would want to use.

  12. Rezo WordPress Theme by Themify


    Details/Download Preview

    Rezo is a very simple and luxurious WordPress theme for restaurants that gives you a touch of class and elegance for your site.

    All of the most important elements a bar, cafe, diner, or restaurant might want have been built into the design including: a featured content slider on the homepage, integration with your social media accounts, content section for displaying upcoming events, as well as all of the business information you would want to provide guests (hours, phone number, location, etc.).

  13. Seasons WordPress Theme by WPZoom


    Restaurant & food WordPress theme


    Seasons was built for sites in the food industry, whether you have a diner, coffee shop, bar, bistro, or restaurant – you will discover that this theme can cater to nearly any type of business or service.

    A large full-width slider greets visitors to your site which is overlaid by a navigation/menu bar that includes a call-to-action button for making reservations, while the rest of the layout includes special content sections for promoting your various activities and items.

    Hours of operation and prominent reservation-making buttons are scattered throughout the layout, which help entice customers to book and secure their spot for the night. Additionally, the extra content areas for a menu, upcoming events, and news give you plenty of room to drive your site’s visitors deeper into your content.

  14. Cafe Elements WordPress Theme by Press75

    Cafe Elements

    Details/Download Preview

    Cafe Elements is one of the most beautifully-designed restaurant themes for WordPress that you will find anywhere.

    With an ultra-modern design, excellent use of white space, clean typography, and amazing use of images and multimedia – it is truly in a class all its own.

    Whether you’re looking for a design for a bar or cafe, restaurant or diner – this theme delivers a state-of-the-art solution that adheres to best practices in coding, style, and SEO. Additionally, it features a minimal-style design that your visitors will love and a back-end administration panel that can literally have your site up and running in minutes.

  15. The Flavour WordPress Theme by ThemeFuse

    The Flavour

    Details/Download Preview

    The Flavour was specifically designed for restaurants and dining establishments.

    Built utilizing the very latest web development techniques, this WordPress theme offers a host of features that will really make your site stand out from the crowd and look great.

    Features and options include: retina-ready display, responsive layout and design, custom posts for special events, highly customizable (fonts, colors, backgrounds, layout, templates, etc.), HTML5 and CSS3 markup, parallax design elements, maps and location details, and a number of other enhancements as well as being optimized for SEO.

    If you’re looking for one of the best-looking and trendiest designs out there, then this will be one you will certainly want to take a look at.

  16. Taverna WordPress Theme by BizzThemes


    Details/Download Preview

    Taverna is a trendy and stylish WordPress theme for taverns, pubs, restaurants, or any other type of eatery.

    Combining modern styles and layout, built-in ordering/reservation functionality, parallax design elements, custom menu section, tiled photo galleries, testimonials, and a responsive modern flair – it gives you a site that will be the envy of your competition.

  17. Bar WordPress Theme by ThemeFuse

    Coffee Lounge/Bar

    Details/Download Preview

    Coffee Lounge/Bar was built to serve a variety of different food businesses, whether you’re operating a bar, coffee shop, or cafe – you will find that this theme includes all of the features and extras you might want to create a truly compelling site.

    Built upon ThemeFuse’s extensively-tested framework, it allows you to easily customize and modify nearly every aspect of your site. Additionally, features like: a menu (for displaying your items), retina-ready and responsive layout/design, and homepage slider give you extra things you wouldn’t find in a WordPress theme that hasn’t been specially-built for these types of sites.

  18. Cuisinier WordPress Theme by TeslaThemes


    Parallax-style restaurant WordPress theme


    Cuisinier takes the typical restaurant website design and turns up the features to deliver a truly captivating and intriguing theme that you and your visitors will love.

    Heavily incorporating a parallax design elements throughout, it offers a unique take on the traditional restaurant site by delivering a look that is unique as the food content you share.

    Whether you’re a restaurant looking for a professional theme or a recipe site looking for a look that will make your content stand out, it delivers all of the things you might want for your site.

    For recipe sites or those who want to showcase their menu items, the built-in custom post types make adding content simpler than ever – while the features like the built-in shortcodes, responsive layout, (and other extras that come along with the theme package) allow you to create a site that looks as good as your food tastes.

  19. The Spot WordPress Theme by Theme of the Crop

    The Spot

    Details/Download Preview

    The Spot is a WordPress theme for restaurants and those in the food industry that features a bold and striking design that prominently displays images and beautiful typography.

    Featuring a large, full-screen image with an accompanying call to action, built-in menu functionality, the ability to take reservations online, and integration with Google Maps, this is a powerful and elegant restaurant solution for WordPress.

  20. Resto WordPress Theme by cssigniter


    Robust restaurant WordPress theme


    Resto is a next-generation WordPress theme for restaurants that not only gives you a beautiful design, but incorporates some of the most advanced features that you will find in any theme.

    While it features your standard blog section, it also includes a number of things that have been specially-tailored for the food and service industry including: events section with custom events management, menu management, built-in reservations system (works out-of-the-box or with your existing system), testimonials slider, prominent display of address and phone number, and much more!

    It perfectly balances its robust feature-set with an amazing and visually-intriguing design to deliver the perfect restaurant theme.

  21. Downtown WordPress Theme by TeslaThemes


    Stylish WordPress theme for restaurants


    Downtown was designed with restaurants in mind – whether you’re a trendy downtown bistro, an upscale steakhouse, or a vintage coffee house, it provides all of the features and design elements you could want to really make a statement with your dining establishment.
  22. Igloo WordPress Theme by cssigniter


    Details/Download Preview

    Igloo delivers an unparallelled design that would fit perfect with the finest of dining establishments.

    Upscale, luxury restaurants and fine dining spots will find that the style and contemporary looks of this theme conveys sophistication.

    A responsive layout and design ensures that your website looks great on nearly any size screen or type of device (something that is becoming more and more important in the food industry) while the extra functionality and features give you all you need to create a world-class online destination.

  23. Foodilicious WordPress Theme by Templatic


    Details/Download Preview

    Foodilicious delivers a very simple and basic WordPress theme that displays all of the most important information about your restaurant, diner, cafe, or food business all on the homepage for your visitors to easily find.

    All of the most important and integral pieces of information like menu items, location and address, phone number, customer reviews, restaurant hours, and featured posts.

    If you’re wanting to get a site up and running in just a few minutes, then this theme should greatly appeal to you.

  24. Trattoria WordPress Theme via MOJO Marketplace


    Details/Download Preview

    Taking a creative angle that will give you a unique and inviting look for your website, Trattoria was designed to create warmth and familiarity with your visitors.

    Included with the theme are a powerful set of features and enhancements: responsive layout and design, social media integration, hundreds of fonts to choose from, 100+ shortcodes, custom widgets, and a custom theme dashboard that allows you to modify the various sections and elements of your site.

  25. Restaurant WordPress Theme by Templatic


    Details/Download Preview

    Restaurant was built to serve the needs of those looking for a clean, simple, and effective way of presenting their restaurant’s information online.

    Content areas in this theme have been set up to display the hours of operation, daily specials, food menu, events, and all of the standard WordPress features and functionality.

    Designed for ease of use, you can be up and running with a great-looking site in a matter of minutes.

  26. coRestaurant WordPress Theme by Clover Themes


    Details/Download Preview

    coRestaurant was created for those looking for a simple and elegant solution for their restaurant or food business.

    Many of those in the industry can appreciate that while you need a web presence, you don’t have a lot of time to manage it – this theme steps in and allows you to run your business, without the need for constantly tweaking your site.

    Set up with a featured image slider that sits below your main navigation and a prominently-displayed phone number, it allows you to display the information your guests are looking for without bombarding them with information or clutter.

  27. Restaurant WordPress Theme by Clover Themes


    Details/Download Preview

    Restaurant is a simple but effective theme that exudes personality and simplicity. It provides all of the most important information in front of your site’s visitors where they can easily see it, ensuring your contact information and most important things are displayed most prominently.

    Ideal for food establishments (diners, bars, cafes, and restaurants), this theme comes packaged with a special “menu” section for featuring the dishes or items you serve. While many restaurant themes typically rely on custom post types to display this information, this particular one does so without using them – providing you with a site that will be compatible with future changes or updates.

  28. Plate Up WordPress Theme by Theme of the Crop

    Plate Up

    Details/Download Preview

    Plate Up provides a striking and bold design that should instantly capture any visitor’s attention.

    With a large image that is displayed prominently on the homepage (and accompanying text box where you can display customer reviews), it has been designed for restaurants wanting to make a statement.

    In addition to being able to provide basic information about your restaurant, this theme also allows you to display hours of operation, accept online bookings or reservations, display your menu items, and keep your customers updated via the blog or news section.

  29. Kitchen Cuisine WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

    Kitchen Cuisine

    Details/Download Preview

    Featuring a multitude of options and features to choose from, Kitchen Cuisine is a theme that ensures you put your best foot forward when making an impression with your visitors online.

  30. Sushi WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    Sushi is unique in that it takes an integrated approach to restaurant sites by combining the typical features you might find in a restaurant theme and integrating eCommerce functionality – making it great for those also wishing to sell items online.

    Packaged with this solution are a handful of features that make administering and sharing information easier than ever including: custom post types for menus, mega menu built-in, responsive layout (for mobile devices), WooCommerce support, and the ability to support a third-party calendar plugin, Google Fonts, maps, and much more!

  31. Foody WordPress Theme via MOJO Marketplace


    Details/Download Preview

    With a professional design that is sure to capture the attention of your visitors, Foody is the ultimate theme for any restaurant or dining establishment.

    The responsive Bootstrap-built design ensures that your site looks great on everything from desktop and laptop computers to tablets and smartphones – while the theme itself is packed full of features like: the ability to easily display menus, WooCommerce support/integration which allows you to sell directly from your site, online booking and RSVP functionality, custom widgets, optimized for SEO, integration with social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter, mega menu, theme options panel, and hundreds of customization combinations at your fingertips.

  32. Glaze WordPress Theme via MOJO Marketplace


    Details/Download Preview

    Immediately catch the attention of your visitors with this creative and uniquely compelling restaurant theme.

    Build out as many menus as you’d wish, share your restaurant’s contact information, and include beautiful photos and images on the responsive design.

  33. FoodUp WordPress Theme via MOJO Marketplace


    Details/Download Preview

    Providing you with a beautiful design and unmatched functionality and features, FoodUp is a theme that was built specifically for the food and dining industry.

    The theme includes a number of must-have features for your business like: online reservation functionality, responsive layout and design, modal windows, support for WooCommerce and WordPress’ native post formats, theme options that allow customization of fonts and colors, HTML5 and CSS3 coding, and artistic effects like parallax background images and videos.

  34. Cafe House WordPress Theme via MOJO Marketplace

    Cafe House

    Details/Download Preview

    Responsive and highly customizable theme for restaurants, cafes, eateries, and dining establishments.

  35. Restaurant WordPress Theme via MOJO Marketplace

    Restaurant WordPress Theme

    Details/Download Preview

    Equipped with design elements like parallax scrolling effects, a beautiful homepage slider, responsive and Retina-ready layout, and the ability to customize the colors and fonts to your liking – this is a simple and easy-to-use theme that delivers amazing results.

    Additionally, it includes extra functionality like the ability to create unlimited menus – perfect for sharing with your guests and customers what you offer.

  36. Sweet Life WordPress Theme via MOJO Marketplace

    Sweet Life

    Details/Download Preview

    Easily adaptable to nearly any type of site, this theme was built specifically to serve the needs of cafes and restaurants.

    It includes: a responsive and mobile-friendly design, support and styling for the popular WooCommerce plugin, and a theme customizer that allows you control over the fonts, colors, and more.

  37. Cafe Pro Genesis Child Theme for WordPress by StudioPress

    Cafe Pro

    Details/Download Preview

    Cafe Pro is a WordPress theme for the Genesis Framework that was built exclusively for the restaurant and food industry.

    Visually striking with elegance, imagery, and sophistication – this child theme delivers an unbeatable solution for anyone wanting a cutting edge solution that looks and functions beautifully.

    Combining various elements and components from two of StudioPress’ other popular themes, it provides the perfect foundation to build your site upon – delivering aesthetics, functionality, and a completely optimized design.

    In addition to the amazing features found in the Genesis Framework, this theme also includes: parallax scrolling elements, HTML5 markup, a responsive and mobile-friendly layout, a special section built for restaurants, prominent display of your contact/store information, theme options panel/customizer, and the ability to easily change the header, background, and other elements of the site.

  38. Luigi WordPress Theme by Theme of the Crop


    Details/Download Preview

    Luigi is an Italian restaurant/bistro/eatery-inspired WordPress theme that features a large and compelling, full-screen image on the homepage that allows you to immediately capture your visitors attention.

    With built-in reservation functionality, special upcoming events display, and much more – it might be everything you need in a WordPress theme.

  39. WP-Restaurant WordPress Theme by Solostream


    Details/Download Preview

    Greeting visitors with a large, full-width image slider on the homepage, a special menu section where you can list your items or specials, online reservation capabilities, and a responsive design – this theme can accommodate everything from cafes and coffee houses to steak or seafood houses and fine dining establishments with ease.

  40. Salmon WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    Packed with more features, functionality, and style than what you will find in the vast majority of restaurant and food-related themes currently available, Salmon delivers an unmatched experience in almost every aspect.

    From the integrated online table booking/reservations to WooCommerce support and reservation management and capabilities – this is truly a world-class theme for restaurants.

  41. Rica Plus WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

    Rica Plus

    Details/Download Preview

    Catering to the needs of the restaurant and food industry, Rica Plus is a WordPress theme that gives you all of the features and functionality you might want in a website.

    Very versatile in its design, the theme includes: 9 unique layout options/templates (including seafood, coffee shop, parallax, bar/pub, and more), built-in reservations capabilities, unlimited color schemes via the theme options panel, custom menus, WooCommerce support/integration, and more.

  42. Lily WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    With multiple page templates/layouts to choose from (grid-style, parallax background, etc.), the ability to customize many different sections and design elements of your site, a responsive and Retina-Ready layout, a drag-and-drop page builder, and online online reservation features – this theme gives you all of the tools necessary to create a stunning restaurant website.

About this collection…

Setting up a restaurant website is just a little different from your typical business. While a standard business theme for WordPress would work for most of your needs, many developers and designers have built themes specifically for the food industry that add extra features and give your site enhanced functionality and usability.

Things like menus, hours of operation, location, and table booking or accepting reservations online are becoming more common – and themes are popping up with all of these things already built into your site. Instead of custom coding your own features, it can be helpful to find a design (with the things you will need) to help make developing and building your site that much easier.

Typically, roundups like these toss all food-related WordPress themes into one collection (recipes and restaurants). However, I believe that these two different topics serve two entirely different audiences, which is why I have separated out the posts with my roundup of recipe themes and the listings that you will see below on this page.

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