1. Motive WordPress Theme by TeslaThemes


    Clean and fresh portfolio WordPress theme


    Motive redefines the look and features of a portfolio theme, with a simple and intuitive design that features state-of-the-art web development techniques and a beautiful design.
  2. Cre8or WordPress Theme by TeslaThemes


    A modern portfolio-style template/theme for WordPress


    Cre8or is a very unique and creative portfolio-style WordPress theme that allows you to showcase any type of items you want.

    Whether it’s client work, current projects, or works that you have completed – the possibilities and nearly limitless with this artistic theme.

  3. Angle WordPress Theme by WPZoom


    Minimalist portfolio theme for WordPress


    Angle provides an ultra-modern and clean design that is perfect for showcasing your portfolio, work, or projects.

    The theme features countless options and customization features, all wrapped in a simple and elegant design.

    The homepage features a beautiful, large featured content slider, a dynamic homepage builder, visual builder, Retina-ready images and design, and a special portfolio module for adding and managing your portfolio section.

  4. Silvia WordPress Theme by Theme Junkie


    Clean and minimalist portfolio WordPress theme


    Silvia gives you a very clean design that incorporates plenty of whitespace and is free of distractions, so you can put your content or work front and center.
  5. Origin WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes


    Details/Download Preview

    With a light color scheme, responsive layout and design, and elegant presentation – Origin provides an amazing experience for both visitors and publishers.

    The grid-based layout allows visitors to easily browse your content, photos, or work – while the built-in features give you everything you need to set up a grid-style blog or portfolio.

    Built-in shortcodes, a powerful theme administration panel, and multiple page templates all give you the ability to set up the theme to look and function just how you want.

  6. Portfolio WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop


    Clean & minimalist portfolio theme


    Portfolio is a very unassuming theme that delivers a very clean and minimalist-style design that is packed with features you will love.

    Loaded with functionality and extras, it allows you to create a site that is both highly functional and packed with features.

    Included with the theme you will find many useful features like: custom widgets, unlimited sidebars and background options/colors, compatible with the optional mega menu plugin, simple portfolio navigation, social media integration, Retina-ready icons, customizable columns, AJAX loading, and filter options that allow visitors to view only the content they want – and dozens of other options are included as well.

  7. WP-Portfolio WordPress Theme by Solostream

    WP Portfolio

    Details/Download Preview

    No matter what type of item(s) you’re wanting to showcase, WP Portfolio is a WordPress theme that delivers unmatched aesthetic appeal and feature set.

    Featuring an SEO-optimized and cleanly-coded design, multiple page templates, the ability to customize various parts of your site, and a built-in contact form – WP Portfolio is a theme that delivers all of the things you might need when setting up a portfolio website.

  8. OnePager WordPress Theme by Templatic


    Details/Download Preview

    OnePager is a theme for WordPress that caters to those looking for a simple yet stylish solution for their website.

    Share all of the information with your visitors at a glance when you choose this theme for your site. Highly customizable to include (or exclude) any types of content you want, it comes equipped with a variety of features which will help you achieve your website’s goals and includes: custom page templates, special custom post type for portfolio items, multiple color schemes, supports WooCommerce, and dozens of other features which are included in the theme’s package.

  9. Responsive WordPress Theme by Templatic


    Details/Download Preview

    OnePager is a theme for WordPress that caters to those looking for a simple yet stylish solution for their website.

    Share all of the information with your visitors at a glance when you choose this theme for your site. Highly customizable to include (or exclude) any types of content you want, it comes equipped with a variety of features which will help you achieve your website’s goals and includes: custom page templates, special custom post type for portfolio items, multiple color schemes, supports WooCommerce, and dozens of other features which are included in the theme’s package.

  10. Blogfolio WordPress Theme by Themify


    Details/Download Preview

    Blogfolio is a WordPress portfolio theme that was designed for creative artists (illustrators, designers, artists, etc.) – that offers multiple layout options and styles to show off your work.

    Highly customizable and designed to suit your needs, the theme includes: multiple widget areas, multiple portfolio layouts (including list and grid-style views), custom feature box on the homepage, and many other options that allow you to give your site the look you want.

  11. Design Portfolio WordPress Theme by Tesla Themes


    Details/Download Preview

    Design Portfolio makes the perfect choice for those who not only want to showcase their works, but also integrate pages, blog, video, and more.

    The theme greets visitors with a full-width image slider, while the rest of your content is elegantly displayed beneath.

    Highly customizable, the theme comes with: a responsive design, advanced theme options panel, sortable/filterable portfolio, shortcodes built-in, social media integration (as well as Flickr and Google Maps), and a number of other features to help you create a great-looking site that supports all of your content and multimedia.

  12. Blocco WordPress Theme by Press75


    Details/Download Preview

    Blocco is a very stylish and attractive WordPress theme that uses a “block”-style layout to present your content.

    Ideal for portfolio websites, it would serve a blog, or photo gallery equally as well.

    If you’re looking for a design for your blog or website that truly sets itself apart from many of the similar-looking WordPress themes that you might have stumbled across, this may very well be the one you have been looking for.

    In addition to the unique look of the theme, Blocco also includes: a responsive layout and design, advanced theme options panel for customizing your site, infinite scrolling, support for video embedding, clean and valid code, custom menu support, demo/sample content included, and a handful of other extras that will help you make the most of your site.

  13. Mozzy WordPress Theme by cssigniter


    WordPress portfolio theme


    Mozzy is a portfolio theme that was designed with charm and personality, providing the perfect backdrop for showcasing your content and projects.

    With laid-back typography incorporated into the design, careful use of textural elements, and a clean layout – this theme would make the perfect choice for many different types of sites or topics.

    Whether you’re an artist that wants to showcase your artwork, company that wants to show your client list, business that wants to display your projects, or an individual that wants to share your creative work – you will find that this theme will provide the perfect way to share your content.

    The theme was built with an advanced portfolio section that can be administered and modified via the admin area, a responsive layout that will adapt to everything from smartphones to desktop computers, and a customization panel that allows you to create a layout that is exactly to your liking.

  14. Nico WordPress Theme by cssigniter


    Elegant portfolio WordPress theme


    Nico is a filterable portfolio theme for WordPress that was designed with class, style, and sophistication.

    With a stylish yet minimal design (with a touch of grunge-style elements) it conveys elegance and quality without sacrificing the space you need to show off your work.

    Categorize your projects, works, clients, or any other type of portfolio items via the custom-built sort functionality. The theme comes equipped with many different options that allow you to give it a distinct look all your own and includes: a filterable portfolio, custom post type, content slider, and dozens of other features have been built into the design.

  15. Capiton WordPress Theme by Theme Furnace


    Details/Download Preview

    One of the simplest and easiest-to-use portfolio themes for WordPress, Capiton delivers a clean and uncluttered design that allows you to effortlessly showcase your work.

    Whether you’re looking for a theme for you personal portfolio or a business site, this offers a complete solution that is sure to meet your needs.

    Using WordPress’ native customizer, you can easily change many of the various design elements and features of your site without the extra bloat and administration areas typically found in premium themes.

  16. Vimes WordPress Theme by WPZoom


    Clean and simple portfolio WordPress theme


    Vimes, while designed and built for artists, photographers, and agencies – is flexible enough to suit the needs of nearly any website or blog.

    With a simple and clean design, you can show off your latest works via the built-in portfolio section (via custom post types), promote your most important content in the featured slider, and share your news, updates, and articles in the traditional blog section.

    This is a theme that is both as beautiful as it is functional.

  17. Intro WordPress Theme by Mint Themes


    Details/Download Preview

    Intro is a modern solution for portfolio sites, built with a responsive layout and many different features and options for you to customize.

    The homepage features a large, full-width slider that sits across the top of your most recently published posts – while your projects, updates, or blog posts sit beneath it and are laid out in a grid-like fashion.

    Carefully-selected typography and a clean design with plenty of white space will make your content look great and keep your visitors coming back.

  18. Gridster WordPress Theme by Theme Furnace


    Details/Download Preview

    Gridster is a modern solution for a portfolio site, providing a feature-rich WordPress theme that can be used across a wide variety of industries.

    Placing an emphasis on your projects, clients, work, photos, or any other type of item that would be useful in a portfolio-style display – it offers an updated and elegant solution for many different types of sites.

    With a grid-based layout that sits alongside a left-hand menu, you can prominently display your items and content without distracting your visitors or diverting their attention.

    It contains everything you might expect from a modern theme including a responsive layout, customizable options and features, custom widgets, and more!

  19. Portfolio WordPress Theme by Clover Themes


    Details/Download Preview

    Portfolio relies on a clean and simple presentation to deliver a minimalist theme that would make the perfect way to show of your work.

    Freelancers and businesses will find the professional-looking design offers a captivating way to keep your visitor’s attention focused on the things that are most important to you.

    Adaptable to many different types and styles of sites, this theme can be used in many different ways – either as a business site, portfolio site, or even a personal place to showcase projects you’re working on.

    The features include a jQuery slider, multiple portfolio layouts, as well as multiple page templates and layout options amongst a handful of other customizable options.

  20. MyPortfolio WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop


    Simple, clean WordPress portfolio theme


    MyPortfolio is a full-featured portfolio theme for WordPress, not only does it offer extensive customization options – but it is remarkably simple to set up and use.

    From the individual gallery sliders to the portfolio custom post type built into the design, this responsive theme will showcase your work with ease.

  21. Artifact WordPress Theme by Theme Furnace


    Details/Download Preview

    Featuring a clean and minimal design, Artifact is the perfect choice for those wanting to showcase their photography, work, clients, projects, or any other type of items that are suited to a portfolio theme.

    With custom-built widgets, a responsive and mobile-friendly design, and powerful theme options panel – it gives you complete control and flexibility over your site.

About this collection…

Portfolio WordPress themes are quite popular in the design world because of their extremely versatile functionality and ability to adapt to many different types of content, sites, and topics.

Most work as well for an artist or creative worker as they would a professional service or large international business.

Whether you’re showing off your latest work or projects or sharing with your visitors your list of clients and completed projects – many of the themes we have rounded up here would suit you perfectly.

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