1. Shape WordPress Theme by TeslaThemes


    A clean, responsive photo theme for WordPress


    Shape combines content, imagery, and style to deliver a modern solution for displaying photos on a WordPress site.

    With a responsive design, creative web elements and styling, it will give you a polished, yet artistic work for showcasing your photos.

  2. Eclipse WordPress Theme by WPZoom


    Simple WordPress theme for photographers


    Eclipse is a simple and elegant WordPress theme for photographers and those wanting to showcase their photography.
  3. Silvia WordPress Theme by Theme Junkie


    Super clean and minimalist photography/portfolio theme for WordPress


    Silvia is a portfolio and photography WordPress theme that features an ulra-minimalist and clean design perfect for sharing your photos or work.
  4. Flick WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop


    Details/Download Preview

    Flick is a modern solution for a photo blog, displaying your images prominently throughout the design while still maintaining a traditional blog-style layout.

    The theme is versatile enough to adapt to any type of content, industry, or topic – yet customizable enough to be tailored to your specific needs.

    With a responsive design, HTML5 & CSS3 coding, SEO-friendly front-end, and featuring an amazing set of options for you to tweak to your liking – it provides the perfect platform to share your photos, images, and updates.

  5. eGallery WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes


    Details/Download Preview

    eGallery is a WordPress theme developed by Elegant Themes that is excellent for showing off various items – whether it’s photographs, images, design work, projects, clients, or any other items that would be well-suited for display in an online gallery.

    While photography may first come to mind when you see a theme like this, it would work great as an online portfolio or design gallery for showing off various work. Laid out in a grid-style fashion, it gives your visitors a simple and easy way to navigate through your content.

    Integrating with ratings, your online guests can assign star ratings which can then in turn be displayed to other viewers.

    As a pioneer in the WordPress theme development world, this was one of the first themes of its kind and combined both style and functionality to deliver a stunning design.

  6. Photobox WordPress Theme by Themify


    Details/Download Preview

    Photobox is a sleek and elegant photography theme that conveys professionalism through its stylish design and minimalist layout.

    It includes multiple layout options for displaying your content and photos, Lightbox integration for beautiful viewing of your images, drag-and-drop functionality, a home page content slider, and a handful of other customization options that give you a remarkable amount of control over the looks and design of your site.

  7. Tempo WordPress Theme by WPZoom


    Minimalist masonry layout portfolio/photography WordPress theme


    Tempo is a minimalist portfolio or photography WordPress theme that allows you to visually display your content with style.

    Designed to be extremely easy to use from an administrative perspective as well as by your site’s visitors, it gives you all of the features and functionality you might need to create a great-looking site.

    The theme has been designed with flexibility in mind, providing you with multiple header options to choose from, a grid or masonry-style layout, and even support/integration with WooCommerce (so you can start selling products on your site).

    Other features packed into the theme include: a responsive design, Retina-ready images and icons, 2 unique skins/color combinations to choose from (dark or light), multiple thumbnail aspect ratios, fullscreen post images, eCommerce support (WooCommerce), HTML5 & CSS3 coding, optimized for SEO, and much more!

  8. Inspiro WordPress Theme by WPZoom


    Full-screen photography WordPress theme


    Inspiro is more than just a photography theme for WordPress, it is a full-featured solution that can adapt to many different types of sites.

    While the emphasis has been placed on displaying images via bold and strategic placements, it offers many other features that a business or topical site might want. In addition to the full-screen aspect of the theme, it also includes: special gallery section, integration with WooCommerce, custom-built widgets, responsive layout and design, and a full-screen slider as just a few of the features you will find.

  9. RokoPhoto WordPress Theme by ThemeIsle


    Details/Download Preview

    RokoPhoto is a premium, full-screen, photography and portfolio theme for WordPress.

    Created with modern design elements that have been carefully selected to present a beautiful and professional design – this theme excels at showcasing your work and photos.

    Including everything you might want in a theme, it features: a full-screen/full-width design, responsive layout, portfolio section for showcasing your projects and work, uniquely-styled header, modern slider for content, parallax scrolling effects, subtle animation enhancements, and a host of other extras that allow you to customize the look to your needs.

    For a contemporary and slick-looking design, this theme will give your WordPress site extra appeal and a truly unique look.

  10. Folio WordPress Theme by Press75


    Details/Download Preview

    Folio is a modern and beautiful WordPress theme perfect for sharing your work, projects, portfolio, photos, and content.

    Based upon a grid-style layout, this theme relies on strong visuals to communicate your message – making it ideally suited for many different types of websites and blogs.

    Users will discover that find the content or multimedia that they want to see is easier than ever with the built-in filter and sorting functionality. Additionally, the theme includes: a filterable grid portfolio, responsive layout and design, infinite scrolling, customizable colors and features, built-in lightbox functionality, supports video embedding, sample/demo content included, advanced theme options dashboard for customizing various features, social media integration (for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.), optimized for SEO, and much, much more!

  11. Exposure WordPress Theme by ThemeFuse


    Details/Download Preview

    PhotoArtist (while built for photographers and photography) could be easily made to fit a variety of different sites or topics.

    Creative agencies, freelancers, and seasoned pros will find that this theme provides everything you might need to create a truly stunning site.

    The design features a full-width photo slider that gently transitions between pictures, while the rest of the styling will allow you to create a site that is both stylish and functional.

  12. Coastline WordPress Theme by cssigniter


    Modern, professional photography theme


    Coastline will transform your standard WordPress website or blog into a beautiful and compelling photography showcase that you and your visitors will love.

    Laid out in a grid-like design with a responsive layout, this theme features: Retina-ready design, responsive layout, optimized for speed and load time (as well as SEO), custom-built widgets, support for WordPress’ Jetpack plugin, multiple layout options/templates, custom post type for portfolio, and much more!

  13. PhotoMaker WordPress Theme by InkThemes


    Details/Download Preview

    PhotoMaker combines stylish animation effects, large images, responsive layout and design, as well as all of the typical WordPress features that you have become accustomed to.

    The theme itself is able to be set up under three different styles or formats and includes many different content sections which allow you to create a site that looks great and has been customized exactly to your needs.

    Those looking for a photography theme will find that this option is one of the cleanest-looking out there.

  14. Vignette WordPress Theme by cssigniter


    Details/Download Preview

    Vignette is a highly adaptable theme that was built for anyone wishing to showcase images or photos on their site.

    Model sites, photography studios, and creative workers will find it holds particular appeal over many of the generic creative-style themes available.

    Laid out in a grid-like fashion that is both beautiful and highly functional at the same time (along with an amazing featured area on the homepage that can display a large video), there are few choices that deliver the aesthetic qualities and usability as what you will find in this professionally-designed offering.

  15. Selfie WordPress Theme by Organized Themes


    Details/Download Preview

    Selfie is one of the most unique and visually-appealing photography WordPress themes you are bound to come across, one that was specifically made for photographers.

    Utilizing a full-screen, full-width layout (that is also responsive) – it offers a compelling and intriguing design that will leave a lasting impression with your visitors.

    Whether you’re wanting to showcase your photos, display your portfolio, or looking for a visually-intriguing blog theme – this design provides all of that, and more.

  16. Memories WordPress Theme by cssigniter


    Details/Download Preview

    Memories is a WordPress theme from designers cssigniter that was built to showcase your images in a large, beautiful way.

    While photographers could certainly make use of the layout and design, it would work great for any type of site that wants to display large-scale images.

    The homepage features a large and prominent featured photo slider that can transition through the items you want your visitors to see first. The gallery has been given special attention and styling, allowing you to easily share your photographs or images in a mosaic-style, stacked grid layout.

    With almost minimal aesthetic quality to it, this theme will give you the perfect platform with which to share your work – while still making administering and managing your site easier than ever before.

  17. Viewed WordPress Theme by Press75


    Details/Download Preview

    Viewed is a full-screen photography theme for WordPress that provides the perfect layout and design to show off your images and photos.

    Fully-responsive and able to adapt to any screen size with ease (and look great too) – it gives both aspiring photographers and professional photography studios a stunning visual for their visitors.

    As well as being responsive, it includes a number of other customization options and features that will engage your visitors.

  18. Glare WordPress Theme by cssigniter


    Details/Download Preview

    Glare was designed specifically for those in the photography industry, yet is flexible and versatile enough to adapt to nearly any type of website or topic – especially those in the creative fields.

    With multiple home page layouts (that include the ability to specify the number of columns displayed), responsive layout and design, and the option to display a standard or full-screen background image – the theme’s look is as customizable and modifiable as you could want.

  19. ePhoto WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes


    Details/Download Preview

    ePhoto was designed to function primarily as an online photo gallery, but can be used for a standard blog with the integrated blog section.

    This WordPress theme delivers a beautiful design to your visitors, allowing them to easily browse your images or photos.

    Many different types of sites could make use of the layout – whether you’re a photographer, artist, web developer, or simply want to showcase items, it provides you with all of the necessary features to provide a great experience for those visiting your site or blog.

  20. Real Photography WordPress Theme by InkThemes

    Real Photography

    Details/Download Preview

    Real Photography WordPress Theme is a theme for WordPress created specifically for photographers.

    With a single-column layout that showcases your photos beautifully with the custom image gallery and clean, minimalist design – it offers up a professional-look for your website.

    Several custom features make this a particularly attractive option including the ability for you to set your images as view-only so your visitors cannot right-click to download or save images to their computer – a feature that many photographers and studios will find incredibly useful.

  21. Photonote WordPress Theme by WPZoom


    Photographer theme for WordPress


    PhotoNote is (as claimed by the theme’s developer) one of the most complex and extensive premium photography themes available from the popular company.

    The layout includes multiple content sections which can display a variety of different types of posts and content. While geared and built for photography, it can just as easily adapt to video – making it a very powerful, robust, and adaptable choice.

    With multiple layout options and color schemes to choose from, you can create a unique site that matches your personality and style.

  22. PhotoTouch WordPress Theme by Themify


    Details/Download Preview

    PhotoTouch is a photography theme for WordPress that was optimized and designed specifically for mobile devices.

    Not just a responsive theme, it was built to work wonderfully with smartphones and tablets – enabling you to provide an unmatched browsing experience for your visitors.

    Beautiful styling of your images and a clean, dark, textural design will help you stand apart from the competition.

    Additionally, the theme includes: a photo slider with “mini” gallery, multiple custom page templates and layouts, lightbox integration, 8 unique color schemes, HTML5 & CSS3 coding, and support for child themes are amongst the many features you will find included with this package.

  23. PhotoCraft WordPress Theme by Templatic


    Details/Download Preview

    Photocraft WordPress Theme is a very clean and simple photography theme for WordPress that was designed to showcase your photos or images.

    Simple and straightforward in its design, it provides the perfect solution for many different fields or industries – whether you’re an aspiring photographer or a professional image-maker – it gives you everything you need to beautifully display your work.

    Additionally, it includes all of the standard WordPress features that you have become accustomed to including widgets, blog section, and more.

  24. Fullscreen WordPress Theme by Themify


    Details/Download Preview

    Fullscreen displays your content, photos, or images by utilizing all of the space on your screen.

    Perfect for those looking to make a statement with a bold design, it is highly adaptable and can be customized to fit nearly any type of website, blog, or topic.

    The theme actually comes with special coding that allows visitors to toggle between views, modes, and layouts – offering up an amazing viewing experience no matter what type of device they are using.

  25. Zoomy WordPress Theme by Tesla Themes


    Minimal design photography WordPress theme


    Zoomy delivers an ultra-clean, modern, and minimalist photography theme for WordPress that conveys the ultimate in style and professionalism.

    Using large images and subtle styling (along with a huge set of features), it can transform your plain WordPress site into a state-of-the-art website.

    While the amateur photographer will find that it provides everything they need to create a great-looking site, the professional photographer has all of the tools they need right at their disposal to build a full-featured photography business online.

    Retina-ready, responsive, and using advanced features like custom post types – it is a powerful and versatile theme that you will definitely want to check out.

  26. DeepFocus WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes


    Details/Download Preview

    This responsive theme was built and designed by one of the world’s leading premium WordPress companies – Elegant Themes.

    With 5 unique color schemes to choose from, a built-in photo gallery, theme options panel for customizing colors and fonts (and more), built-in shortcodes, and multiple page templates to choose from – it provides an ideal solution for anyone who wants to easily and effortlessly manage their site.

  27. Photography Agency WordPress Theme via MOJO Marketplace

    Photography Agency

    Details/Download Preview

    Packed with powerful theme options that allow virtually unlimited variations and customizations, this full-screen theme for photographers is an excellent choice for freelancers or professional studios.

    With more than $75 in premium plugins included, there are few photo themes that offer everything you will find in this theme.

  28. Ina WordPress Theme via MOJO Marketplace


    Details/Download Preview

    Whether you run a photography blog or any other type of photo website, Ina comes set up with an extensive set of features that ensure you and your visitors enjoy browsing and checking out your site.

  29. Inview WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    With a mobile-first design, this theme adapts beautifully to screens of all sizes – with a responsive layout that looks great on everything from smartphones to desktop computers.

    Included in the theme you will find a unique slider-style scrolling effect, a built-in contact form, Font Awesome integration, modal popup windows for photos, modern design elements and animation effects, all built upon the powerful Bootstrap framework.

    Whether you’re a photographer wanting to show off your work or a freelancer that wants to highlight your projects, this theme delivers a truly amazing experience.

  30. Borano WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    If you’re a photographer wanting to showcase your photos, a freelancer wanting to display your clients, or a business wanting to highlight your projects – the Borano WordPress theme will suit your needs perfectly.

    Featuring a full-screen, no-scroll homepage image slider – you can immediately capture your visitor’s attention.

    Built into the theme are a number of useful features including: built upon a responsive and Retina-ready Bootstrap framework, built-in navigation via keyboard and/or mouse, a light and dark color scheme to choose from, custom landing pages, HTML5 lightbox integration, Google Fonts and Maps integration, built-in contact form, and custom pages for portfolio, galleries, and more.

  31. Ashi WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    Beautifully simple and elegant, this portfolio/photography theme for WordPress was built for sharing and showcasing your work.

    While it was built for photography, it would work well for any type of website that wants to share images or photos.

    The theme comes with a custom-built portfolio and galleries, full-screen background images, optimized for speed and SEO, and designed for simplicity.

About this collection…

Whether you’re an aspiring photographer or a seasoned professional, everyone wants their photography or images to look the very best when they’re presented online – which is why it’s so important to find a WordPress theme that matches your style and highlights your work and strengths.

With dozens of styles, layouts, and features available to you when choosing the right look and design – it can become overwhelming with the vast number of themes to choose from.

Here, I’ve rounded up those themes that have been specifically built for (and cater to) those in the photography field.

So whether you’re wanting to showcase your work and portfolio, share some of your shots with your friends, or trying to land new work – this collection should hopefully get you started.

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