1. Superstar WordPress Theme by TeslaThemes


    Full-featured WordPress theme for bands and musicians


    Superstar is a full-featured WordPress theme for musicians, bands, DJs, music artists, or anyone in the music business.

    With features like a built-in audio player, photo and video galleries, WooCommerce support (which allows you to sell merchandise on your site), it offers just about anything you might want for your music site.

  2. Oscillator WordPress Theme by cssigniter


    WordPress theme for nightclubs, musicians, bands, DJs, and entertainment


    Oscillator is a very striking and captivating music WordPress theme for musicians, bands, singers, DJs, nightclubs, and any other site or business in the entertainment industry.

    Visitors to your site will immediately become captivated with the large, full-width image and content that is displayed to them that sits atop a built-in media player for sharing audio.

    Great for nearly any type of site in the entertainment industry, this theme supports various multimedia types – allowing you to create a truly immersive experience for your visitors and engaging them as effectively as possible.

    The theme comes equipped with: a retina-ready and responsive layout and design, optimized for speed and SEO, custom-built widgets included, a power theme options panel for customizing various aspects of your site, built-in streaming audio player, custom post types built-in (6 included), multiple color schemes to choose from, a drag-and-drop homepage that gives you the ability to lay out your content to your liking.

  3. Harmony WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes


    Details/Download Preview

    Harmony was designed to fulfill the needs of musicians, bands, and artists who want a complete WordPress solution.

    This responsive theme features a bold header image, and advanced features that allow you to create photo galleries, play songs and audio files on your site, sell merchandise and music, and manage events (perfect for showing upcoming performances and appearances).

  4. Night Club WordPress Theme by Gorilla Themes

    Night Club

    Details/Download Preview

    With a colorful and creative design that is sure to capture your visitors’ attention, multimedia support, a responsive layout, built-in carousel image slider, an events calendar, 7 unique color schemes to choose from, and many other features packed in – this theme makes the perfect choice for any type of music site.

    Whether you’re a DJ, musician, band, singer, night club, or any other type of music site – few themes offer the flexibility and features as what you will find in Night Club.

  5. Sessions WordPress Theme by cssigniter


    Multimedia music theme for WordPress


    Sessions is a modern and feature-rich WordPress theme for those in the music industry, that supports rich multimedia and a variety of extra functionality and features.

    With a responsive layout, this theme easily adapts to any size screen – with additional enhancements that include: a streaming audio player, six custom post types included (slider, artists, discography, events, galleries and videos), WooCommerce compatible, custom widgets, Retina-ready, and the entire theme has been optimized for speed.

  6. Lovers WordPress Theme by TeslaThemes


    Premium music WordPress theme


    Lovers is a theme for WordPress that was designed specifically for businesses, groups, or websites in the music industry.

    Primarily geared toward musicians, bands, singers, and performers – it includes a full feature-set that allows you to display nearly any type of information you might want.

    For performing artists, several sections will come in handy when developing your site and include: a special section to list your albums or music releases, an events area where you can promote your upcoming gigs or concerts, bios for individual artists, a unique full-width and responsive design, as well as a one-of-a-kind audio player that can play songs or music from any artist you desire.

    Additionally, it includes all of the typical/standard WordPress features you have become accustomed to including a blog section, gallery area, and more.

    Whether you’re a DJ, musician, singer, band, or operate a content portal for music-related topics – this theme delivers a compelling and intriguing solution for your site.

  7. Beatheaven WordPress Theme by ThemeFuse


    Details/Download Preview

    BeatHeaven was designed for music. It’s a theme that incorporates all of the features, functionality, design, and extras one might expect from a premium music theme for WordPress.

    It’s an extremely versatile, multi-purpose theme that would work as well for a musician or band as it would a nightclub or event venue. Built into the theme you will find a custom HTML5 audio player, customization options galore, and a responsive, retina-ready design that ensures you stay current with the latest design trends and best practices.

    Highly customizable, you can modify everything from the large image backgrounds to individual page templates – everything is included in this robust solution for the music industry.

  8. Music WordPress Theme by Themify


    Details/Download Preview

    Music is one of the most forward-thinking and modern music themes available on the market today.

    Using best practices in design and development, it offers up a Retina-ready and responsive layout that puts you at the leading edge of web design.

    Artists, musicians, DJs, bands, and anyone else in the music business will find its wide array of features to offer everything you might need for your site including: album/song playlist, full-screen background images (or even video!), drag-and-drop layout builder, social network integration (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), custom post types (for album, events, press/news, and video), custom audio player in the footer, parallax design abilities, and dozens of other customization options are included.

  9. Berliner WordPress Theme by cssigniter


    Details/Download Preview

    Berliner was created for those in the music and entertainment industry, providing them with a clean and uncluttered design to display their content.

    It carries a somewhat vintage/retro yet modern look that would appeal to a variety of different types of sites. Music artists and performers will find that it gives you all of the necessary features you would want to share with visitors including: your music tracks (via a custom-built audio player that supports SoundCloud), listing of your upcoming concerts and appearances, custom post types (for photos, discography, gigs, and more), and many more features that will help you create the site you have always wanted.

    Business sites (like record labels, radio stations, and music companies) can display a list of recently released albums or songs, list artists, display the top tracks/songs/albums, and present a professional design that still has some personality and charm to it.

  10. Fan Club WordPress Theme by Gorilla Themes

    Fan Club

    Details/Download Preview

    A very flexible and versatile WordPress theme, Fan Club gives you a creative look where you can share news, updates, and information with your visitors.

    Whether you’re operating a fan club for your favorite music artist, a band or singer wanting to promote and share your work, a traveling musician that wants to share your upcoming performances, or any other type of site in the music industry – this theme offers up a complete solution to help save you time and money.

  11. Kontrol WordPress Theme by cssigniter


    Details/Download Preview

    Kontrol is a versatile, multi-purpose theme that would work well for nearly any type of site in the music industry.

    Whether you’re a band, DJ, record label, producer, music artist, or even a radio station – it offers a world of features and functionality at your fingertips.

    Built specifically for the music field, it has a number of built-in extras that will give you a great-looking and functioning site including: a custom audio player (with SoundCloud support), custom post types (for gigs/events, featured content slider, discography, artists, photo galleries, and more), and a highly customizable theme options panel that will help you create the perfect site for your needs.

  12. Tribal WordPress Theme by Gorilla Themes


    Details/Download Preview

    With the ability to support audio and video file with ease, multiple configuration options, 5 unique color schemes to choose from, easy customization capabilities, and an Urban-inspired design – Tribal is the perfect WordPress music theme for a variety of types of sites.

    Perfect for music news sites, DJs, bands, and musicians – this creative and unique theme is sure to grab your visitors’ attention.

  13. Hernan WordPress Theme by cssigniter


    Details/Download Preview

    Hernan provides a great solution for anyone in the music industry looking to create a website that both looks and works great. Highly adaptable to nearly any type of site or business in the field, it would work as well for a band or a DJ as it would a radio station or music news site.

    The layout and styling give this theme a modern feel, while the typography and design elements have a classic appeal to them – allowing it to work for any genre, style, or music topic.

    Built with its very own custom audio player, it gives you all the tools and features to create a robust music site. Performers can list their upcoming gigs and concerts, show off their media galleries, and display their work via the custom post types that are built into the design – making this one of the most powerful and feature-rich music themes on the market.

  14. Amplify WordPress Theme by UpThemes


    Details/Download Preview

    Amplify is a music theme for WordPress that was designed for musicians, bands, and others in the music field.

    Clean and simple, it provides all of the features and advanced functionality you might expect for a website in the performance and entertainment industry.

    Integrating with the popular AudioTheme WordPress plugin, this theme allows you to manage your albums and tracks, your multimedia (video, photos, audio, etc.), and your upcoming gigs or events.

    Ultra-customizable and with a modern design, this theme delivers both functionality and aesthetics – all packaged together into one amazing solution.

  15. Setlist WordPress Theme by Gorilla Themes


    Details/Download Preview

    A simple and stylish WordPress theme for bands, musicians, and music artists – Setlist offers a complete solution that should meet all of your needs.

    With background audio support, the ability to upload/embed responsive YouTube and Vimeo videos, a built-in carousel slider on the homepage, events management (for displaying gigs, shows, concerts, etc.), optimized for SEO, photo gallery, and a traditional blog/news/updates section – this theme gives you nearly anything you might need for promotion and keeping your fans up-to-date.

  16. Oxium WordPress Theme by cssigniter


    Vintage-style WordPress theme for DJs, music, and entertainment


    Oxium is powered by the custom AudioIgniter plugin for WordPress, and is a theme that was built for those in the music and entertainment industry – from solo acts to record producers and labels.

    With a drag-and-drop homepage, support for multimedia (audio, video, images, etc.), custom-built widgets, and optimized for SEO – it’s a powerful and robust solution for anyone in the performing arts field.

About this collection…

Whether you’re a DJ, musician, band, or singer – you want your website to reflect your unique personality and style. The same goes for record companies, publishing houses, and entertainment venues – you want to stand out from the crowd and provide some artistic flair for your visitors.

Luckily, for those in the industry – there are a number of truly great music themes for WordPress that will help transform your standard WordPress installation into a stylish and contemporary site that your fans will love.

Equipped with special features and functionality, these music WordPress themes offer up a stunning variety of aesthetics and usability – making them highly adaptable and versatile enough to accommodate nearly any type of site.

Whether you’re wanting to promote your upcoming concerts or create an online portal for a news or entertainment site – this collection of themes should get you started down the right path and hopefully present a theme that you can customize to call your own.

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