1. TechMag WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    TechCrunch & Mashable-inspired WordPress theme


    TechMag makes the perfect choice for any type of blog (especially tech blogs) – with a modern, flat-style design, clean and uncluttered layout, and options that allow you to customize the look and features.
  2. Mogoze WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    A Magazine-Style theme for WordPress


    Mogoze is a clean and modern magazine-style theme for WordPress that shares many of the same features and functionality that you will find on Mashable.com.
  3. MashMag WordPress Theme by 99Theme


    Mashable-style WordPress theme


    MashMag includes many features found on Mashable.com: a responsive layout and design, similar grid-style layout, infinite scrolling, built-in banner ad zones, fixed/sticky navigation bar, built-in sharing functionality, and more.
  4. Bayside WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Modern grid-style theme for WordPress


    Bayside is a Mashable and TechCrunch-style theme that recreates the site very similarly in terms aesthetics, functionality, and design.

About this collection…

As one of the most popular blogs/websites on the web, it should come as no surprise that many people have fallen in love with the design and layout of Mashable.com.

While the popular site has undergone many transformations over the years (from a simple and straightforward blog to a large media site that features content across dozens of topics), their newest design gives them a unique, refreshing look that many find appealing.

Currently, the site’s design is laid out in three columns that allows showcasing of many different types of content, an infinite scroll element, sticky navigation bar, and specific areas for multimedia (large photos, videos, etc.). This particular layout lends itself very well to driving visitors deeper into the site and spending more time on-site (two things that publishers are always trying to improve upon).

News and content-rich sites are just a few of the web properties that could benefit from the look and feel of this popular site, as it is an ideal way to show a lot of information, news, or updates all at once.

Here you will find a mini round-up for those looking for a Mashable-like theme for WordPress – and hopefully you will find one that suits your own needs and tastes.

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