1. Versus Joomla Template via MOJO Marketplace


    Responsive multipurpose Joomla template

    A very versatile template for Joomla, Versus provides a beautiful design that offers a feature-packed template package that can be used across many different types of sites.

    With a built-in portfolio, responsive and Retina-ready layout, custom functionality and features built-in, many different customization options, featured content slider, and a design that conveys a modern and professional image – this template would make a great choice for anyone wanting a profession look.
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  2. Car Repair Joomla Temlpate by TemplateMonster

    Car Repair

    Responsive car repair/mechanic Joomla template

    A template for auto mechanics, car repair shops, and other businesses in the automotive industry.
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  3. JM Omnia Joomla Template via MOJO Marketplace

    JM Omnia

    Responsive, feature-packed Joomla template

    Packed with tons of features, JM Omnia is a responsive template for Joomla that was designed to accommodate nearly any type of website.

    The template includes 7 unique homepage styles, a responsive layout, pre-loading animation effects, an animated portfolio filter, unlimited color schemes to choose from, a drag-and-drop page builder, parallax scrolling effects, responsive photo gallery and slider, and dozens of other features which have been built into the design.
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  4. Internet Provider Joomla Template by TemplateMonster

    Internet Provider

    Responsive technology services Joomla template

    Great for internet service providers, computer repair shops, or nearly any type of technology services business.
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  5. AT Corporation Joomla Template via MOJO Marketplace

    AT Corporation

    Responsive business, corporate, and company Joomla template

    Designed for businesses, corporate sites, and companies – AT Corporate is a responsive and eye-catching Joomla template that is sure to get results.

    With a unique, left-hand sidebar, responsive layout and design, multiple color schemes to choose from, offcanvas support (for mobile devices), mega menu built-in, full-width slider carousel, and numerous other customization options – it provides a perfect choice for many different types of businesses and websites.
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  6. Fashion Joomla Template by TemplateMonster


    Responsive Joomla template for fashion and style website

    Whether you’re showcasing your gallery, your shop, or have a website in the style and fashion industry – this Joomla template provides a sleek and sophisticated look.
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  7. Wedding AG Joomla Template by TemplateMonster

    Wedding AG

    Responsive wedding business template for Joomla

    Businesses involved with the wedding industry will find that this template will perfectly suit their needs.

    Whether you’re a florist, baker, caterer, DJ, or wedding planner – it provides the perfect design for your business site.
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  8. Travel Spot Joomla Template by TemplateMonster

    Travel Spot

    Responsive travel Joomla template

    Designed for the travel and tourism industry, the Travel Spot Joomla template gives you an amazing and eye-catching design that you and you’re visitors are sure to love.
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  9. SDW Joomla Template by TemplateMonster


    Responsive Joomla education template

    Education institutions of all kinds will find that this template will represent them with a modern and refreshing look.

    Colleges, universities, schools, and other organizations can present their information in a clean and easy-to-browse manner.
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  10. Hotels & Motels Joomla Template by TemplateMonster

    Hotels & Motels

    Responsive Joomla template for lodging and accommodations

    From small resorts and bed and breakfasts to large hotels, motels, and properties – this template was designed for the hospitality industry.
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  11. Material Joomla Template by TemplateMonster


    Responsive material design Bootstrap Joomla template

    Built with Bootstrap and the popular material design style, this template is flexible enough to be used across a wide variety of sites and industries.

    It includes creative animation effects, multiple pages and sections, clean and uncluttered design, and a number of other features you are sure to find useful.
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  12. The Best Organic Products Joomla Template by TemplateMonster

    The Best Organic Products

    Joomla template for organic stores, grocers, and food sites

    Get your food business website up and running with a beautiful design when you choose this refreshing and attention-grabbing template for Joomla.
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  13. Education Centre Joomla Template by TemplateMonster

    Education Centre

    Joomla template for education sites and organizations

    Built to address the needs of the education industry, this clean-looking template makes the perfect foundation for any school, college, university, or other education organization.
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  14. Cozy Vacation Joomla Template by TemplateMonster

    Cozy Vacation

    Joomla template for single properties, hotels, motels, and resorts

    For those in the lodging and hospitality industry, this template will give you a design that has been built to promote and market your business as effectively as possible.
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  15. News Portal Joomla Template by TemplateMonster

    News Portal

    Responsive news Joomla Template

    Get your online newspaper or media site up and running with this modern and clean-looking template for Joomla.
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  16. Travel Agency Joomla Template by TemplateMonster

    Travel Agency

    Responsive Joomla travel template

    Designed for those in the travel and tourism industry, this template provides a beautiful backdrop with large, bold images for your travel website.
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  17. JSNReta Joomla Template by JoomlaShine


    Responsive Real Estate Joomla Template

    Crisp, clean, polished, and professional, this Joomla template makes the perfect choice for anyone in the real estate industry.

    The template comes equipped with: a responsive layout and design, styling for the OS Property extension, animation effects, special layouts for property listings, and much more.

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  18. JSNDona Politics Joomla Template by JoomlaShine


    Responsive Political Joomla Template

    Based upon the versatile Dona template, this design is perfect for anyone involved with political campaigns, organizations, or governmental sites.

    The template includes a wide variety of features, including: 6 unique designs (politics, charity, education, business, religion, and portfolio), multiple color schemes to choose from, homepage slider, sticky navigation menu, a responsive layout, and a modern design.

    Details/Download Preview

  19. JSDona Religion Joomla Template by JoomlaShine


    Responsive Church & Religion Joomla Template

    Faith-based groups like churches, youth ministries, missions trips, and other religious organizations will find this Joomla template to provide a truly striking and captivating look for their website.

    It includes (amongst other things): 6 unique designs to choose from (charity, education, politics, business, portfolio, religion), several unique color schemes to choose from, a full-width homepage slider, sticky navigation menu, a responsive layout and design, as well as a handful of other features.

    Details/Download Preview

  20. JSNDona Charity Joomla Template by JoomlaShine


    Responsive Charity & Non-Profit Joomla Template

    Nonprofits and charitable organizations will appreciate the attention to detail and design with this template for Joomla.

    Convey your message effectively with the large full-width header image that greets your visitors, while the rest of the included features allow you to customize and modify the template to meet your needs.

    Included with the template you will find: a variety of pre-made designs to use (education, religion, portfolio, business, politics, and education), multiple color schemes, a large and striking full-width homepage slider, sticky navigation menu, responsive layout and design, and several other extras and enhancements.

    Details/Download Preview

  21. JSNDona Education Joomla Temlpate by JoomlaShine


    Responsive Education Joomla Template

    Convey trust and professionalism with your educational site with this state-of-the-art Joomla Template.

    Great for schools, colleges, universities, and any other type of site in the higher learning or education field – this template will immediately catch the attention of your visitors.

    Built into the template: multiple industry-specific designs to choose from, multiple color schemes to select, a full-width slider on the homepage, a sticky navigation menu, responsive design, as well as many other extras and customization options.

    Details/Download Preview

  22. JSNDona Business Joomla Template by JoomlaShine


    Responsive Business Joomla Template

    Versatile enough to be used for nearly any type of website, this design excels particularly for businesses.

    Create a lasting impression with your visitors and convey trust and professionalism with the modern and stylish design.

    Features included in the template that you will find: 6 different industry-specific designs to choose from, a responsive layout, multiple color schemes to choose from, a homepage content/image slider, and much more.

    Details/Download Preview

  23. JSNDona Portfolio Joomla Template by JoomlaShine


    Responsive Portfolio Joomla Template

    Whether you’re a designer wanting to showcase your work, an artist wanting to share your creative talents, or a company looking to share your latest projects – the Portfolio Joomla template will give you all of the features and flexibility you need to create a truly stunning website.

    Details/Download Preview

  24. Versus Joomla Template via MOJO Marketplace


    Responsive multi-purpose Joomla template

    Flexible enough to adapt to nearly any type of content, business, or industry – the Versus template for Joomla is a highly extendable and versatile template that you and your visitors are sure to love.

    Built with Bootstrap, this template includes dozens of features like: FontAwesome and Google Fonts integration, megamenu, fluid and boxed-width layouts, stiky header, integration with Page Builder, responsive layout and Retina-ready design, as well as social media integration.

    Details/Download Preview

  25. Kallos Joomla Template via MOJO Marketplace


    Responsive Bootstrap multi-functional template for Joomla

    One of the most versatile and adaptable Joomla templates available, Kallos includes: the Gantry Framework that provides dozens of options, an advanced admin panel, support/integration with the popular K2 blog extension, testimonials via RSMonials, support for RokSprocket, suppport for RokGallery, support for RoxBox, Widgetkit support, RokPad support, 8 unique preset styles to choose from, LESS support, unlimited color schemes to choose from, FontAwesome & Google Fonts support, and more!

    Details/Download Preview

  26. Kallyas Joomla Template via ThemeForest


    Multipurpose Bootstrap Joomla Template

    As one of the most popular Joomla templates on ThemeForest, it should come as no surprise that Kallyas delivers a truly amazing design and foundation for nearly any type of website.

    Heralded as one of the most complete templates of its kind to be found anywhere, the applications and uses for it are nearly limitless.

    While the included set of features numbers in the dozens, here are just a few of the highlights that you will find inside: built on Twitter’s Bootstrap framework, integration with VirtueMart, optimized for SEO, beautiful and modern sliders, unlimited headers and color options to choose from, a completely customizable homepage, custom pages built-in, dark and light color schemes, hundreds of module combinations and positions, integration with MailChimp (for newsletters), responsive layout and design, shortcode system built-in, and literally dozens (if not hundreds) of other customization and modification options to choose from.

    Details/Download Preview

  27. Consulting Joomla Template by TemplateMonster


    Responsive Business Joomla Template

    From freelancers to creative agencies to businesses large and small, the consulting template for Joomla delivers an excellent design that is packed full of features.

    The template features a fully responsive design (ensuring your site looks great on all screen sizes), Komento comments extension included, a large full-width homepage slider, sticky navigation bar, subtle animation effects, and a modern, professional design.

    Details/Download Preview

  28. Fontaine Joomla Template via ThemeForest


    Joomla Template for Business

    Very flexible and applicable to nearly any type of business or website, Fontaine is a template for Joomla that delivers an unmatched experience in both usability, features, and design.

    Included with the template you will find: a responsive layout and design, 5 unique color schemes to choose from, unlimited color combinations, dozens of admin options, more than 50+ module positions, multiple stylings (Widgetkit, Kunena, and K2 Blog), multiple page layouts, custom variations for modules, shortcodes plugin, instant search (via AJAX), accordions and tabs built-in, popup widget for modules, and much more.

    Details/Download Preview

About this collection…

Second only to WordPress, Joomla has carved out a niche for itself in content management systems as being one of the most robust and extensible platforms for building a website.

Because of its open source and strong development community, some truly beautiful and highly functional templates have been developed to deliver extra functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Whether you’re an individual looking for a great template for your site, or a business searching for the best template for your website – this hand-picked collection of templates should help get your started (or hopefully find the template you’re looking for!).

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