Inspired by other sites that have operated with transparency by sharing their online income from their websites and blogs – I’ve decided to take the same route to give you a glimpse at the numbers behind-the-scenes of

“When you open a door for others, you sometimes open doors for yourself.”
– Donald L. Hicks

A brief history about the site…

I’ve been blogging off and on over the course of nearly a decade on numerous blogs and websites that I have owned, picking up a new project or idea here and there – it has been a journey of learning, experimentation, trials and errors, from the mind of a very easily-distracted marketer and entrepreneur.

In an effort to combine my many sites that I have lost interest in, I have redirected much of the content to this site – giving me a place to easily manage all of my articles, pages, content, and other bits and pieces that I had floating around the internet.

Currently, I don’t have any particular goals (or even topics) in mind with this blog… it’s kind of a running experiment.

There’s not a niche or industry that I’m particularly overly-enthused writing about, and my interests are quite varied, so… this may just end up as a blog about things I find intriguing, interesting, or that I find worthwhile writing about.

Personally, I find that blogging helps keep me fresh with writing and creativity – while also giving me the ability to test out and mess around with various things that intrigue me (like split-testing, design-related content, new web technologies, etc.) that I can’t experiment with elsewhere.

Without further ado, let’s get to my first monthly income report for

My Blog Income

The vast majority of the income made on this blog comes from being an affiliate for WordPress theme companies.

Over the years I’ve published quite a few posts about WordPress themes, and since I have moved most of the content from my other sites on to this one – it makes up nearly all of the revenue on this site.

As I experiment with other things, hopefully the revenue will become a bit more diversified. Income Sources
September 2016
Creative Market$23.00
Elegant Themes$1,143.50
Tesla Themes$24.00

For me, the takeaway when you look at the income – is that there are certainly better-performing affiliate partnerships than others.

Affiliate programs like Elegant Themes, cssigniter, and Shopify all offer recurring revenue splits – so it’s not just a one-off commission, I’m still receiving monthly income from sign-ups sent 5, 6, 7, etc. years ago.

Others affiliate programs (like ThemeForest and the almost-now-defunct Mojo Themes) are terribly set up – offering no tracking of what customers buy, low conversion rates, and an affiliate program that looks good at first glance – but is terrible for affiliate marketers in the long run (a topic that is deserving of its own post).

Conversion rate of programs is another important factor when figuring out the best income sources.

Some of my affiliate earnings have conversion rates in the 3-5%, while others can be abysmally low (under 1%) – all from the same traffic.

This is definitely something to keep an eye on as you can figure out which programs convert the best for your visitors.

My Blog Expenses

The nice thing about running a blog or website, is that you can really bootstrap and keep costs to a minimum if you’d like.

As a marketer. I’m always messing around with advertising – so that is usually my biggest expense.

Testing Facebook, banner ads, and pay per click help me keep fresh and seeing what works and what doesn’t. Expense
September 2016
GoDaddy Hosting-$7.99

My Blog Net Income (Profit)

What really matters is what you can take home at the end of the day, your net profit (Income – Expenses = Net Profit).

Sometimes the advertising and testing eats into this, and sometimes it’s the expenses like testing a new theme or plugin.

Ideally, this is a number that should always keep going up as you refine the processes, sales, and various aspects of your site. Net Income (Profit)
September 2016
Net Income (Profit)$1,694.12

Good? Bad? Indifferent? …it is what it is.

Definitely nothing to scoff at, and it allows me to buy some cool WordPress themes and plugins, mess around with advertising experiments, and in the past purchase a website here and there.

My Blog Traffic Traffic for September 2016 Traffic for September 2016

Another metric that you always want to see increasing, here’s a snapshot of traffic to my blog for the month of September that was just a few thousand shy of the 30,000 mark, averaging about 898 visitors per day.

Unsurprisingly, as this number goes up and down – so does the income.

Newsletter Subscribers & Social Me

The Facebook page just got up and running, so really nothing to report on the Social Media front.

However, I have signed up with MailChimp and I’m using Elegant Themes’ Bloom email sign-up plugin for collecting email addresses.

Newsletter subscribers = 39

Just terrible given the amount of traffic, and something I will definitely be taking a closer look at in the upcoming months.

What’s Next?

Since I finally got the chance to consolidate all of my sites into this one blog, everything should be much easier to manage.

Although the topics are scattered and somewhat unrelated, that’s my personality and allows me to keep an eye on everything much better.

Things I’d like to do moving forward:

  • Start posting more regularly
  • Set up an email onboarding series
  • Implement split-testing for some ads, pages, etc.
  • Start growing a Facebook audience
  • Refine and tweak some of the design settings
  • Keep moving onward and upward!

What do you think?

Any suggestions, comments, input, or feedback is greatly appreciated!

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