1. HotelEngine WordPress Theme by Hermes Themes


    Details/Download Preview

    HotelEngine comes in two distinct and unique styles – “Comfy” and “Classy,” which deliver different experiences, looks, and feelings depending on which type of visitors you are catering to.

    Both of these designs will allow you to create a stunning website for your hotel, accommodations, or lodging business – with state-of-the-art features and beautiful designs.

  2. Sun Resort WordPress Theme by cssigniter

    Sun Resort

    Details/Download Preview

    Sun Resort was built for hotels, motels, and other lodging types to be able to show off their property in a modern and stylish way.

    Built into the theme are a number of extras and features, which make this a very compelling choice for almost any type of property or accommodation.

    Included with the theme you will find: an online booking form, flexible and versatile layout, drag-and-drop homepage, custom widgets (for galleries, social media accounts, and more), multiple color schemes to choose from, an advanced theme options panel, responsive and retina-ready design, and it has been optimized for SEO and speed.

  3. Hotelia WordPress Theme by Tesla Themes


    Details/Download Preview

    Hotelia is a theme for WordPress that was built for those in the hospitality, lodging, and accommodations industry.

    As one of the most modern and contemporary looking designs of its kind, it incorporates a flat-style design, parallax elements, responsive layout, and a multitude of other features which will give your site a cutting-edge look that your visitors will love.

    In addition to the aesthetic qualities, it boasts powerful and robust functionality like an integrated booking system, compatibility with WooCommerce, and stylish effects which will help you make the most of your online presence.

  4. 5 Star Hotel WordPress Theme by Templatic

    5 Star Hotel

    Details/Download Preview

    5 Star Hotel is a WordPress theme designed exclusively for hotels and lodging properties. Featuring an eye-catching full-width slider on the homepage and modern design touches throughout the theme, it will give your property everything you might want to share online.

  5. Riverside Resort WordPress Theme by Tesla Themes

    Riverside Resort

    Details/Download Preview

    Featuring the ability to book services online (as well as dozens of other features), Riverside Resort is a theme that conveys style and class for you lodging or accommodations website.

    Built into the theme you will find tons of features including: optimization for SEO and load time, built-in shortcodes, powerful theme options panel for customizing various aspects of your site, built-in booking system, responsive and Retina-ready design and layout, and other options and features too numerous to list.

  6. Paradise Cove WordPress Theme by ThemeFuse

    Paradise Cove

    Details/Download Preview

    Paradise Cove offers one of the most alluring and enticing designs of any of the hotel themes for WordPress that you might find in your searching.

    One of the most modern-looking and cutting edge looks provides you with a clean and easy-to-navigate site that incorporates a variety of features.

    From the integrated weather forecast to the elegant and beautiful styling found in the images and typography, this responsive theme gives you it all.

  7. Santorini Rseort WordPress Theme by cssigniter

    Santorini Resort

    Details/Download Preview

    Santorini is a theme that delivers an amazing responsive, full-screen experience for showcasing your hotel, resort, or accommodations business or website.

    It features bold typography and font selections along with an amazing feature set to deliver one of the most aesthetically-pleasing and intuitive themes on the market.

  8. HotelBooking WordPress Theme by Templatic


    Details/Download Preview

    HotelBooking is a theme for WordPress that incorporates all of the features and functionality of your typical blog or website, while including several additional enhancements (like online booking) that were specifically designed for hotels or other nightly rentals, resorts, or accommodations.

  9. Welcome Inn WordPress Theme by ThemeFuse

    Welcome Inn

    Details/Download Preview

    Welcome Inn is a dual-purpose WordPress theme that can function as either an accommodations site (for hotels, inns, or other lodging) or as a ski resort/spa theme.

    It features a modern design that will engage and convert your browsers into buyers.

  10. HotelMotel WordPress Theme by cssigniter


    Details/Download Preview

    HotelMotel is a WordPress theme with a somewhat retro and art deco feeling to it. Reminiscent of a Miami hotel, it would work great for metro properties, beach lodging, or anyone who wants to infuse some style and personality into their site.

    It features bold colors and typography along with a non-traditional layout, while still maintaining easy browsing and navigation for your visitors.

  11. SixtyOne WordPress Theme by cssigniter


    Details/Download Preview

    SixtyOne is a clean, modern, and minimalist hotel theme for WordPress that will give your facility a beautiful online presence.

    With a featured content slider, online booking ability, and special styling for the different sections of the site – it will give you a look that you will be proud of and your guests will love.

  12. Aegean Resort WordPress Theme by cssigniter

    Aegean Resort

    Details/Download Preview

    Aegean Resort is a responsive hotel or resort theme for WordPress that will give your website a clean and modern look.

    With multiple layout options, a beautifully-style photo gallery, and online booking capabilities – it will give you an edge over the competition.

    The full-width background image will catch your visitor’s eye and entice browsers to stay with you on their next trip.

  13. Philoxenia WordPress Theme by cssigniter


    Details/Download Preview

    Philoxenia is a WordPress theme that would be perfect for the hotel or lodging that is looking for an elegant and sophisticated look for their website.

    It includes an online reservation request form and many other features which you will want to incorporate into your own site.

  14. Hospitality WordPress Theme by Templatic


    Details/Download Preview

    Hospitality is one of the original WordPress hotel themes to become available from a premium designer. It features a layout and design that has been specially created to work in the lodging and accommodations industry with custom features that make it great for any size or style of property.

  15. Zermatt WordPress Theme by cssigniter


    Details/Download Preview

    With a beautiful, full-width layout that greets your visitors, modern parallax design and scrolling effects, built-in booking functionality, and the ability to display current weather via the custom widget – Zermatt is a modern solution for hotels, motels, resorts, and lodging properties.

  16. Royal Chateau WordPress Theme by Hermes Themes

    Royal Chateau

    Details/Download Preview

    Royal Chateau is a responsive hotel WordPress theme with a classy and sophisticated elegance in the design.

    Because of its simple look, it can work well in a variety of different uses – whether you run a hostel, hotel, bed and breakfast, or nightly rental.

  17. Leonardo WordPress Theme by Hermes Themes


    Details/Download Preview

    Leonardo is perhaps the most versatile and beautiful hotel theme by niche designers Hermes Themes.

    This hotel theme will give you everything you might want to establish your hotel, inn, or accommodation’s presence on the web. There has been no detail overlooked, and your visitors will be able to easily navigate your site and find exactly what they’re looking for.

  18. Bordeaux WordPress Theme by Hermes Themes


    Details/Download Preview

    Bordeaux is a state-of-the-art WordPress theme for those in the hotel and hospitality business.

    With a full-width layout that has been expertly-coded, this clean and modern theme will convey trust and professionalism to your guests and potential guests.

    The beautiful slider/carousel on the homepage, perfectly-chosen fonts and typography, ultra-clean design, and highly-intuitive responsive layout – all make this a great choice for anyone in the lodging industry.

    Packed into the themes set of features you will find: a mobile-friendly design and layout, WooCommerce support/ready, multiple page templates for various sections of your site, special attractions and testimonials sections/templates, and a theme customizer that allows you to modify the theme to meet your needs.

  19. Majestic WordPress Theme by Hermes Themes


    Details/Download Preview

    Majestic is a WordPress theme for hotels that want to showcase their property with a modern style and design. The full-width content slider that greets visitors to the homepage provides an eye-catching way to promote the content most important to you.

  20. Olympus Inn WordPress Theme by cssigniter

    Olympus Inn

    Details/Download Preview

    Olympus Inn provides you with a site that has all the styling of luxury and sophistication for showcasing your resort, hotel, or other lodging property.

    Integrating with your booking system (or available via a third-party plugin), this responsive and Retina-ready design allows you to put your best foot forward to your site’s visitors – leaving a lasting impression of your property.

    Additionally, the theme features a number of unique extras like: dynamic display of weather, the previously mentioned support for bookings, testimonials section, displaying local attractions, and a number of other features that will give you a world-class website.

  21. Victoria WordPress Theme by Hermes Themes


    Details/Download Preview

    Victoria is a modern WordPress theme for accommodations sites. Whether you’re operating a bed and breakfast, hotel, motel, inn, or villa – you will find that this responsive layout delivers an amazing and easy-to-use look and design for your site.

  22. Palazio WordPress Theme by Hermes Themes


    Details/Download Preview

    Palazio is a theme for WordPress that caters to the upscale or luxury hotels looking for a great design.

    The responsive layout, homepage image slider, and other special touches (like a nearby attractions section and testimonials area) make this a very appealing choice for many different properties.

  23. Castello WordPress Theme by Hermes Themes


    Details/Download Preview

    Castello provides you with a visually-stunning WordPress theme for your hotel or resort. With a full-screen image background that transitions through various photos.

    This theme allows you to show off the features and highlights of your lodging property in a beautiful way.

  24. Imperial WordPress Theme by Hermes Themes


    Details/Download Preview

    Imperial is a unique-looking premium hotel WordPress theme that exudes style and elegance.

    Show off your hotel, resort, or other accommodations with professionalism and style with this modern design.

    Built with all of the things you might want or need to include in your site, it is a complete solution for today’s innkeeper or hotelier.

    In addition to the captivating and one-of-a-kind design, this theme also includes: a responsive and mobile-ready layout, a theme options panel for customizing various aspects and components of your site, a built-in photo gallery template, a custom template for rooms and rates, a special section/function for listing nearby attractions and things to do, a custom template for room types, special testimonials section for showcasing customer reviews, and a handful of other extras that you’re sure to love.

  25. The Ambassador WordPress Theme by Hermes Themes

    The Ambassador

    Details/Download Preview

    The Ambassador is a WordPress theme for hotels and a choice that would fit in perfectly with larger metropolitan areas.

    With a clean and modern design, it will give your hotel or resort a polished look that will impress and convert your visitors.

  26. Metropolis WordPress Theme by Hermes Themes


    Details/Download Preview

    Metropolis is an elegant and classy hotel theme for WordPress that would work great for smaller and more intimate properties (like a hostel, boutique hotel, inn, or bed and breakfast).

    The responsive design ensures that mobile devices can view your site properly while the design elements in the layout give you a professional look.

  27. Fortuna WordPress Theme by Hermes Themes



    Fortuna would make a great choice for nearly any type of lodging property, but is especially suited for boutique hotels, bed and breakfasts, and properties looking to convey luxury and elegance.

    With the carefully chosen fonts, vivid visual displays, rotating featured image slider, responsive layout, custom page templates, and a number of customization options – you can create a site that is both unique and highly functional… which helps encourage them to book a stay with you.

  28. Belafonte WordPress Theme by Hermes Themes


    Details/Download Preview

    Belafonte is a responsive hotel theme for WordPress that delivers a minimalist design and one of the most unique layouts for the accommodations industry that you will come across.

    Visitors are met by a large, full-width featured content slider which provides a one-of-a-kid experience to your website’s guests.

  29. Caballero WordPress Theme by Hermes Themes


    Details/Download Preview

    Designed to adapt beautifully to smartphones and tablets (as well as desktop and laptop computers), this theme offers up a modern solution for hotels, resorts, bed and breakfasts, or any other type of lodging property.

    Optimized for conversions and SEO, it provides a state-of-the-art solution that you and your visitors are sure to love.

  30. Arcadia WordPress Theme by Hermes Themes


    Details/Download Preview

    With special content sections for photo galleries, testimonials, and a blog section – 3 unique color schemes to choose from, a built-in homepage slider, and a responsive design that ensures your site looks great on everything from desktop computers to smartphones – Arcadia delivers a complete package for anyone in the lodging industry.

    Additionally, the theme features online booking and availability functionality.

  31. Prestige WordPress Theme by Hermes Themes


    Details/Download Preview

    With an elegant and sophisticated design, this theme for lodging properties, boutique hotels, resorts, and accommodations is multi-functional – allowing it to work great for individual properties as well as hotel chains.

    The responsive design, SEO optimization, design, and administration area is unmatched.

  32. Pinotage WordPress Theme by Hermes Themes


    Details/Download Preview

    Serving dual purposes, the Pinotage theme was built to accommodate the needs of either wineries or hotels (or those that offer both).

    With a clean design and soft color palette, you can capture your visitor’s attention – while the built-in tasting/booking capabilities allow you to convert your browsers into bookers and buyers.

  33. Cortina WordPress Theme via MOJO Marketplace


    Details/Download Preview

    With built-in booking and the ability to accept reservations, a responsive design that looks great on mobile devices, and an easy-to-use administration area – Cortina is a clean and simple (yet robust) theme for hotels and lodging.

  34. Takamado WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    Takamado will give your hotel, resort, or property an online presence that will engage and captivate your visitors as well as give you an edge over the competition.

    With a built-in booking form, Retina support (so your images look crisp and crystal-clear on mobile devices), a responsive layout built with HTML5 and CSS3, and unlimited color schemes – it provides the perfect solution for a great-looking (and functioning) site.

  35. Hotel California WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

    Hotel California

    Details/Download Preview

    With WooCommerce support, a built-in cost/quote calculator, responsive and Retina-ready design, theme options dashboard, a full-width content slider, the ability to display the current weather, and more – this theme makes the perfect choice for hostels, hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, or any other type of lodging property.

  36. Hotel Leisure WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

    Hotel Leisure

    Details/Download Preview

    Few themes in the hospitality industry come as packed with features and style as what you will find with the Hotel Leisure theme.

    Included in the theme you will find: a Retina-ready and responsive layout, custom room types, powerful customization features via the theme options dashboard, image lightbox built-in, modal popup booking forms, optimized for speed, multiple template/page layouts to choose from, parallax effects, and more.

  37. Hotel Booking WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

    Hotel Booking

    Details/Download Preview

    With a design that will capture your visitors’ attention and a feature set that will be the envy of your competitors, the Hotel Booking theme for WordPress offers unmatched flexibility.

    Whether you’re a small, boutique hotel or a national franchise – you will appreciate all of the effort that has been put into the design and usability and allows you to book more nights.

    The theme is responsive and Retina-ready, comes equipped with several different styles and layout options, two premium WordPress plugins, and the ability to customize many different sections of your site.

  38. Hotel Calluna WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

    Hotel Calluna

    Details/Download Preview

    Equipped with integrated reservation and online booking capabilities, this theme will not only present your resort or hotel in style – but will help generate more revenue and bookings.

    A powerful feature-set has been included to give you everything you might want for your accommodation site: full booking and online room management, support/integration with WooCommerce and multiple payment gateways, booking management and the ability to set up special seasonal or sale rates, a full-width featured image/content slider, clean and responsive design, multiple styles to choose from, AWE Booking Engine plugin included, and a robust theme administration dashboard for customization.

  39. Hotec WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    Flexible enough to adapt to many different types of sites, Hotex is a WordPress theme that was built for the hospitality and lodging industry.

    A beautiful featured content/image slider greets your visitors, while the built-in functionality like (management of events, bookings, etc.) provides you with a powerful solution to power your online accommodations website.

  40. Hotel Master WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

    Hotel Master

    Details/Download Preview

    With 4 unique styles to choose from, the Hotel Master WordPress theme was built to serve the needs of hotels, motels, hostels, resorts, and any other type of lodging facility.

    Featuring a beautiful Ajax-powered room booking and reservation system that has been built-in, this powerful theme is even able to issue and manage coupons, promotions, and discounts.

    From seasonal pricing to the built-in shortcodes and custom widgets, this is a very adaptable theme that is sure to meet the needs of most in the accommodations and hotel industry.

  41. Monalisa WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    Built for hotels, motels, resorts, and any other type of room reservation – Monalisa is a theme that conveys a professional image and has been designed with modern features and elements.

    With built-in online booking/reservations via a custom plugin, 5 unique homepage layouts/templates, a responsive and Retina-ready design, boxed or full-width layouts, a full-width featured content/image slider on the homepage, and multiple layout views (listing or grid) for room types, this theme makes a perfect choice for any type of hotel, resort, or accommodations site.

  42. Houser Layers Child Theme for WordPress via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    Built upon the free Layers framework, this theme for resorts, hotels, and lodging offers unmatched quality in terms of speed, design, and performance.

    Optimized for everything from load time to mobile-friendliness, it provides the perfect platform to host your hotel’s website.

  43. Regal WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    One of the trendiest and modern designs that you will find in a hotel or lodging theme for WordPress, Regal will give you a state-of-the-art site that looks great on all sizes of screens and devices.

    With drag-and-drop page building functionality, a Retina-ready and responsive layout, beautiful styling, and integration with Google Maps – this theme provides a modern solution for the lodging industry.

  44. Volver WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


    Details/Download Preview

    Featuring a very clean and stylish, minimalist design – Volver not only looks great, but features the advanced functionality your hotel, resort, motel, bed & breakfast, or accommodations site needs.

    With a powerful built-in booking engine that allows you to set daily or seasonal rates, a clean and responsive layout, the ability to accept online payments, and many other features that will help you book more rooms – this is a theme perfectly suited for the lodging industry.

About this collection…

An online presence in the travel and tourism industry is something you can no longer ignore – and WordPress (equipped with a great hotel theme to go along with it) provides the perfect platform to build your lodging property website on.

The rapid pace with which the hospitality sector is growing and adapting on the internet is quite astounding. To keep up with the demands of travelers, it pays to ensure that your lodging property’s website is up-to-date and providing your website’s visitors with all of the information they might want in order to book a room with you.

If you have done some research and browsing, you will notice that there are dozens of hotel website options that aim to provide a complete solution for your property. However, for ease of use and management there are few options that give you the flexibility of what WordPress offers.

Compared to developing your own solution or hiring someone to develop a site for you, a great theme is one of the most cost effective and beneficial ways for you to contribute to your bottom line – and ultimately book more rooms.

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