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A hand-picked collection of the world’s best free themes for WordPress



    Live Magazine is a free magazine-style WordPress theme that includes features and functionality that you might typically would find in a premium theme.

    Great for nearly any type of topic or website, it is built on Bootstrap and the Underscores framework and utilizes a magazine-style layout and includes a number of premium-style features like: a “trending” content widget, tabbed widget, the ability to show “new” and “popular” posts, newsletter signup, and much more!

    It’s the perfect platform to launch your next website or blog.


    True North

    True North is a free, clean, simple, and minimalist portfolio theme for WordPress.

    Designed to showcase your work and/or projects in style and elegance, it provides a professional look with powerful features that both you and your visitors are sure to appreciate.

    While maintaining many features that you would typically only find in a premium theme, this free WordPress theme includes: a clean and minimalist design, a custom post type for portfolio items, multiple layout options to choose from, optimized for SEO, responsive and retina-ready, powerful theme options in the dashboard to choose from and customize, custom-built widgets, and many other extras that will give you a site that looks and functions exactly how you want it to.


    Parallax One

    Parallax One is a clean, professional, and simple single-page WordPress theme ideally suited for businesses or those seeking a stylish design for their site.

    This free theme offers a robust feature-set that would typically only be seen in premium themes and includes: a responsive layout and design, parallax design elements, unlimited color schemes to choose from, easily display contact information, custom theme options panel, and a highly customizable homepage that gives you the flexibility to create a truly unique-looking site.

  4. GridBlog WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop


    GridBlog is a free WordPress theme for bloggers that offers many of the features that you would typically find in a premium theme.

    The unique grid-style layout enables you to display a lot of your content at once, giving you everything you need to display and promote your content effectively.

    In addition to the unique layout, the theme is responsive and adapts to nearly any screen size, has been optimized for speed and SEO, includes a handful of useful custom-built widgets, advanced theme options panel, unlimited color schemes to choose from, coded with HTML5 and CSS3, extensive documentation, and even includes theme support!

  5. Launcher WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop


    Launcher is a responsive theme (well, technically a plugin) that delivers a clean and simple layout for announcing the launch of your upcoming website or blog.

    It includes a design that adapts to your visitor’s browser with its responsive layout, a countdown timer, subscription box, and clever design effects and animations which lend some personality and flair to your site.

  6. Coming Soon WordPress Theme by Templatic

    Coming Soon

    Coming Soon is a great (and free) WordPress theme which allows you to provide a landing page for your website.

    This theme works wonderfully, whether you’re a launching a blog, software business, app, or standard website.

    This single-page design delivers a simple, clean, and elegant look which allows you to entice visitors to return to your site or take action (sign up for the newsletter, subscribe to your blog, etc.)

  7. Point WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop


    Point is a free responsive theme for WordPress that is both versatile and flexible.

    Through the advanced theme options panel, you can choose from multiple site layouts, backgrounds and color schemes, as well as control specific features of the theme to your liking.

  8. Slipstream WordPress Theme by ThemeLab


    Slipstream is a completely free theme for bloggers that features a responsive, minimalist-style layout and design that is very fast-loading and aesthetically-pleasing.

  9. OneEngine WordPress Theme by EngineThemes


    OneEngine provides advanced features of what you might typically find in a premium WordPress theme and offers a versatile, single-page design for your website or blog.

    Packed with features that include an easy-to-use administration area (back-end), it gives you access to a layout builder, parallax effects, and a multitude of other options all of which have been built using a modern flat-style design.

  10. So Simple WordPress Theme by Press75

    So Simple

    So Simple is a departure from your typical feature-packed themes, and delivers a solution for WordPress that showcases your content and blog posts above anything else.

    With a extremely clean, simple, and minimal design – the single-column layout provides enhanced readability – making it the perfect choice for writers and bloggers.

    It comes optimized for the search engines (it’s SEO-friendly), cross-browser compatible, responsive in its layout and design (so it looks as good on a smartphone as it would a desktop), and provides the perfect launchpad for your blog. If simple is what you want, simple is what you get with this theme.

  11. Novo Genesis Child Theme for WordPress by ZigZagPress


    Novo is without a doubt, one of the most impressive free child themes for Genesis that you will find anywhere.

    It incorporates clean and beautiful styling, a sticky navigation menu, custom styling for post formats, and many other features that you would typically only find in a premium theme. Great for a personal blogger, you will find that the visual appeal of this theme is second-to-none.

  12. SmartBlog WordPress Theme by Templatic


    With a clean, modern, and minimalist design that includes a number of premium features – SmartBlog is a WordPress theme that can fit nearly any type of content.

    From the responsive design to the “popular posts” listing in the sidebar, this theme offers a complete blogging solution.

  13. Pinboard WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop


    Pinboard is a Pinterest-like theme for WordPress created by MyThemeShop that is completely free to download.

    It uses a grid-style layout with custom (built-in) features, unlimited backgrounds and color schemes, and is fully customizable. The responsive layout and design is built using HTML5/CSS3 and adheres to the latest web development techniques.

  14. Serene WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes


    Serene is the very first (and only – as of right now) free WordPress theme released by theme development and design company Elegant Themes.

    Bold and beautiful in its choice of fonts and design touches, it makes use of the native post formats within WordPress to deliver a truly stunning look that you and your visitors will love.

    With a modern and trendy look, it still has all of the qualities you need for a timeless design for your blog – whether it’s a personal or business one.

  15. DualShock WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop


    DualShock is a completely free, dual-purpose blog and magazine-style WordPress theme.

    It features some of the best features that MyThemeShop have created, including an options panel, custom widgets, translation-ready functionality and SEO-optimized throughout. With a unique layout that includes a custom meta information box, it’s definitely worth checking out.

  16. Great WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop


    Great offers up a magazine-style layout that has a more traditional or classic feel to it. The minimalist design delivers a clean and compelling look that allows your visitors to easily find exactly what they’re looking for.

    Custom widgets, expert coding, and a responsive layout ensure that you create a great first impression.

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  18. GeneralPress WordPress Theme by Magazine3


    GeneralPress is a flexible, multi-purpose, news or magazine-style WordPress theme that uses a timeless color scheme – allowing it to be used for any type of blog or website.

    Whether you’re running a news site, review site, or even as a personal blog – it delivers unmatched quality and features for a free theme.

  19. Mommy&Me WordPress Theme by Magazine3


    Mommy&Me is a blogging WordPress theme for parent and mom (mommy) blogs. Every last detail of this theme has been hand-crafted to give you a great-looking and functioning website or blog.

    Extra features and enhancements include: an image gallery, ratings/reviews, and much more.

  20. Playbook WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop


    Playbook is a traditional blog-style WordPress theme that is set up with a two-column layout, fully responsive design, and is packed with all of MyThemeShop’s best features.

    The theme includes optimization for the search engines, custom widgets, world-leading theme options panel, and much more!

  21. Hermoso WordPress Theme by cssigniter


    Hermoso is a super customizable and modifiable, colorful, free blogging theme for WordPress.

    It makes use of post formats to deliver unique styles with each different type of content you publish to give your site or blog some flair and personality.

  22. Ribbon WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop


    Ribbon is a magazine-style WordPress theme that features a wide post display and traditional blog-style layout.

    It features a dual color scheme, ample whitespace to showcase your content, and all of the other features you might want in a design.

  23. Tesla WordPress Theme by Tesla Themes


    Tesla is a free premium-style WordPress theme, meaning it includes advanced functionality and features that you would not typically find in a free WordPress Theme.

    Ideal for use as a portfolio site, it includes: a special gallery section, traditional blog section, and a home page featured content slider for displaying your most important content – as well as a dozen other features that allow you to customize the look of your site to your liking.

  24. Gadgetry WordPress Theme by ThemeFuse


    Gadgetry was designed with versatility and flexibility in mind. Able to adapt to a typical blog as well as it would a business website or online magazine, it has been built with a responsive layout and design on top of the Fuse Framework to deliver a superior browsing experience for your visitors.

    The homepage features a stacked grid layout which sits beneath a stylish and eye-catching featured content slider (which can be useful for showcasing your most popular/important content).

  25. Magnifique WordPress Theme by cssigniter


    Magnifique is a minimal responsive WordPress theme for bloggers who want to place a focus or emphasis on their content.

    Very minimalist in its design, it strips away the sidebars, widgets, and extras to leave you with a clean and beautiful design that uses your content to engage your visitors.

  26. Green Chilli WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop


    GreenChilli was designed especially for bloggers. Featuring a clean and modern layout with a traditional blog-style feel to it, the theme has been optimized for usability and functionality.

    It was built with SEO and forward-thinking trends in mind, with a responsive layout that can adapt to any visitor’s screen size.

  27. Pinstrap WordPress Theme by Brag Themes


    PinStrap is a responsive WordPress theme that uses Twitter Bootstrap to create a Pinterest-style design and layout. The homepage automatically resizes images and places them in a responsive grid by using the Wookmark jQuery plugin.

    Ajax is integrated into the theme to provide the infinity scrolling feature on the homepage and included with all the other features is the flexible Twitter Bootstrap framework which uses all the rigorously-tested HTML/CSS features and jQuery functionality throughout the design.

  28. Diary WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop


    Diary delivers one of the most intriguing and unique designs for bloggers that you will come across.

    The distinctive left-aligned layout of your posts and content gives it the ability to adapt to large image sizes and designed to captivate and lure new visitors or readers to your posts.

  29. JustBlue WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop


    JustBlue is a responsive theme for WordPress built using HTML5/CSS3 to give you the very latest in web development features.

    It offers a clean and professional-looking design that would be suitable for nearly any industry, field, or topic.

    Dual navigation menus and custom widgets allow you to have some additional functionality not found in most free themes.

  30. Bloggie WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop


    Bloggie was named for the audience it was designed to reach… bloggers.

    With a traditional blog-style layout that delivers a clean and uncluttered look – it gives you everything you need to quickly get your blog up and running.

  31. Groovy WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop


    Groovy was designed with a very clean and minimalist magazine-style design that heavily incorporates whitespace and typography to deliver stunning results.

    Both elegant and bold in its appearance, it’s one of the the cleanest and most user-friendly free themes available anywhere.

  32. AccentBox WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop


    AccentBox makes subtle use of textures and styling for a theme that is both elegant and polished-looking.

    With a cool color palette, it provides a design that is both appealing not visually overstimulating – giving your site’s visitors the ability to focus on your content.

  33. Meeta WordPress Theme by WPZoom


    Meeta is a clean and refreshing theme that will give your site or blog an ultra-modern look.

    Using a flat-style design it utilizes many features and functions that you might usually only find in premium themes including: post templates, responsive layout and design, custom widgets, and more!

    It’s a theme that’s flexible and contemporary and can be used on nearly any type of blog or website.

  34. Basic WordPress Theme by Themify


    Starter was created, built, and designed for those who want full control over the aesthetics of their site – yet still want a great foundation upon which to build their blog or website.

    It’s about as close as you can get to a bare-bones development theme as you will find anywhere.

    It incorporates many features that you might typically only find in premium themes like a responsive layout, lightbox integration (without using a plugin), HTML5/CSS3 encoding, and many other features which help make it one of the best choices when developing your own theme.

  35. Sports Blog WordPress Theme by Magazine3


    SportsBlog is a blog-style WordPress theme for sports blogs, websites, or online news publications. Every last detail of this theme has been carefully-crafted to give your site a polished and professional look that enhances your content.

    If you’re looking for a modern sports design – then this is worth checking out.

  36. WP Premium WordPress Theme by Templatic

    WP Premium

    WP Premium garnered much acclaim and recognition when it first debuted a few years ago. It provides a clean and simple layout which appeals to many bloggers and different types of topics and content.

    While it has been a few years since it was first released, it has been completely overhauled and updated to work with the latest versions of WordPress.

  37. iTheme2 WordPress Theme by Themify


    iTheme2 replicates the look and feel of an Apple website and is based upon one of the most popular free WordPress themes in the official directory.

    While not a clone in the typical sense, it shares much of the styling and features you would find if your were to visit or one of its affiliated sites.

    The responsive layout and design that is paired with the advance functionality, gives you a premium-like theme at absolutely no cost.

  38. Koi WordPress Theme by Themify


    Koi is one of the most popular and downloaded themes of all time on The use of texture and a simply layout, give it wide appeal across many different types of sites and topics.

    The traditional blog-style layout and warm design touches make this one of the most attractive designs offered.

  39. Academiac WordPress Theme by WPZoom


    Academica was designed to function as a CMS-style theme for the education or non-profit field.

    With a professional-looking design that conveys trust, it will lend credibility to your organization, school, college, or other institution – while still offering modern features and design elements.

  40. BiancaA WordPress Theme by Theme Junkie


    With an emphasis on your content, this minimalist WordPress theme gives you the perfect outlet to share content and/or photos.

    The responsive layout and design, you can ensure your site looks great on all types of screen sizes and devices.

  41. SociallyViral Free WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop


    Designed for websites and blogs wanting to create a viral website, this free theme gives you all of the features that easily enable sharing and promoting your content.

    Based upon the popular ViralNova design, it offers unmatched code quality and has been optimized for everything from load time to SEO.

  42. Integral WordPress Theme by Themely


    Integral is a clean, stylish, and modern, single page WordPress theme that was designed to suit the needs of many different types of users and industries.

    Whether you’re a freelancer that wants to show off your work, a startup that wants to promote your services and products, or simply looking for a modern and appealing design for your website – it offers plenty of customization options for you to modify to give you the look and functionality that you want.

    Included in the theme you will find built-in shortcodes, special content sections (for testimonials, work, projects, etc.), and a number of other extras that you don’t typically find in free WordPress themes.

  43. Portal WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop


    With a grid-style, magazine layout – this theme provides the perfect place to launch your blog, website, or online publication.

    The responsive design looks great on screens of all sizes while the features include custom widgets, theme options dashboard, optimization for SEO, and a handful of other extras not typically found in a free WordPress theme.

  44. Morning Time WordPress Theme by WPLook

    Morning Time

    A responsive blogging theme for WordPress, Morning time has been optimized for speed, readability, usability, and more!

    It provides the perfect format to share your content.

  45. Charitas Lite WordPress Theme by WPLook

    Charitas Lite

    With advanced theme options that allow you to make the most of the theme’s features, this powerful and free theme provides everything you need to create a great website.

  46. Delivery Lite WordPress Theme by Theme Junkie

    Delivery Lite

    Adaptable to many different types of content and styles of websites, Delivery Lite provides a clean and elegant solution for your online content.

  47. Olsen Light WordPress Theme by cssigniter

    Olsen Light

    With a clean and minimalist design, Olsen Light is the perfect choice for lifestyle blogs, fashion sites, or anyone wanting a modern and uncluttered look.

    The theme includes a responsive layout, custom-built widgets, integration with Instagram, social media accounts integrated, and a customizer that allows you to modify the look and function of many different sections of the theme.

  48. Journal WordPress Theme by ThemeFuse


    Built upon a powerful framework – Journal is a theme that delivers features you would typically only find in a premium theme.

    With a built-in contact form, optimization for SEO, multiple page layouts and templates, a responsive layout and design, and unlimited sidebars as just a few of the theme’s many highlights – it makes a perfect choice for many different styles of sites and blogs.

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