1. WPGroupBuy WordPress Theme


  2. DailyDeal WordPress Theme by Templatic

    Daily Deal

  3. CouponHunt WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


  4. Kupon WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


  5. doo WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


  6. CouponXL WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


  7. CouponXXL WordPress Theme via ThemeForest


  8. DealPress WordPress Theme by Sitemile


Daily Deal & Group Buying WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins for running daily deals or group buying on your site.

  1. WooCommerce Group & Daily Deals WordPress Plugin via CodeCanyon

    WooCommerce Group & Daily Deals


Group buying & daily deal theme for WordPress

WPGroupBuy WordPress Theme

WPGroupBuy is perhaps the most robust solution of its kind if you’re looking for a group buying WordPress theme or want a daily deals site.

It includes all of the social elements that help spread your products and site virally, like a countdown timer, categorization of products, number of items bought, and much more. The advanced functionality is present with the integration of payment gateways, allowing businesses to track their sales, and user registration as just a few of the big features included.

Daily Deal

Groupon/LivingSocial clone WordPress theme

DailyDeal WordPress Theme by Templatic

Daily Deal is a complete end-to-end solution for those looking to set up a daily deals website (or section on an existing site).

While it has all of the features that prompt visitors to purchase as soon as possible like a countdown timer, number of deals bought, and savings – it also includes some very unique features like allowing merchants to submit their own deals for approval on the front-end.

It has just about everything you could want, all built into the theme itself. From managing an affiliate program to coupon and promotions management, it has been designed to help you be as successful as possible with your site


Bootstrap WordPress theme for deals & coupons

CouponHunt WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

CouponHut is a multi-faceted theme that offers you the ability to showcase both deals and coupons on the same site (or just use one or the other).

With a very eye-catching design, the theme enables you to easily promote your specials while offering a great user experience for your visitors.

Included with the theme you will find: a built-in ratings system, 10 custom widgets built-in, powerful search features, unlimited color schemes to choose from, responsive Bootstrap layout and design, Google Fonts integration, and much more!

Setting up your own deals or coupons site has never been easier.


Daily deals marketplace WordPress theme

Kupon WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

Kupon is the ultimate WordPress theme for creating a daily deals website.

Crisp, clean, and modern – this theme provides you with the perfect solution to create your very own flash sales website or daily deals marketplace just like Groupon or LivingSocial.

All of the features and functionality you could want have been built into the theme itself – everything from managing promotions and deals to customizing the look, feel, and layout of your site is at your fingertips.

This powerful and robust theme includes: WooCommerce support and integration, support multiple vendors to create your own marketplace via the supported WC Vendors plugin, the ability for users to submit deals themselves, voucher and deal management, multiple payment gateways supported, custom-built widgets included, multiple page/post templates, support for WordPress post formats, responsive layout and design, a countdown timer, beautiful fonts and typography, and unlimited features (sidebars, colors, etc.), as well as being optimized for SEO.


WordPress theme for coupons, discounts, and affiliates

doo WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

doo has been built to accommodate all of your needs when you’re looking for a WordPress theme to run a deals or discounts marketplace.

Compatible and integrated with WooCommerce, it allows you to easily set up your website and start making money as fast as possible.

Built into the theme you will find a number of features like: a daily deals marketplace, group buying functionality, the ability to support affiliate and digital products, a custom search form, the ability to accept submitted deals, a countdown timer, booking and availability calendar built-in, the ability to flag or report listings, and much more!


Deals & discounts WordPress theme

CouponXL WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

CouponXL is one of the top-selling themes of its kind on ThemeForest!

Multi-functional, the theme is able to work in a number of different ways – whether you’re wanting to set up a discount or coupon site or a daily deal or affiliate website, it can accommodate your needs with ease.

It features a wide range of functions from front-end submission by visitors to social logins, social logins, custom dashboards, ratings, and more!


Daily deal WordPress theme

CouponXXL WordPress Theme via ThemeForest

CouponXXL builds upon another popular theme (CouponXL) to deliver an even more robust and powerful solution that will fit your daily deal website needs.

Included with the theme are dozens of features and customization options, in addition to: the ability to one-click pay vendors, display deals like Groupon or LivingSocial, an affiliate program, function as a coupons website or a deals website… or as both, built-in credits system, and many other features that you’re sure to find useful.


Daily deals/group buying WordPress theme

DealPress WordPress Theme by Sitemile

DealPress emulates the look and feel of Groupon to the extent that you might almost call it a clone.

Drawing from the popular site’s design, color scheme, and layout – it’s about as close to the actual site as you will find in a theme for WordPress.

Without using any plugins, the theme transforms your site into a group buying site or one that offers daily deals – giving you all of the basic functionality you might want or expect from a theme of this type.

WooCommerce Group & Daily Deals

WooCommerce WordPress plugin for Groupon-style deals

WooCommerce Group & Daily Deals WordPress Plugin via CodeCanyon

WooCommerce Group & Daily Deals is a WordPress plugin that was built to integrate seamlessly with WooCommerce, giving your site the functionality of sites like Groupon and LivingSocial.

This plugin allows you to easily add deals to your site with a countdown timer and the ability to turn a deal “on” only if it meets the minimum number of buyers.

About this collection…

So you’re looking for a WordPress theme to power a daily deals website or section of your existing site? Look no further, as there are a handful of ready-made solutions that will give you most (if not all) of the features and functionality of sites like Groupon or LivingSocial.

If you’re trying to tap into new revenue streams and open the floodgates to let sales come pouring in, you will find that these themes have been given immaculate attention to detail, enabling you to create a state-of-the-art site that looks good (and makes money too).

Incorporating many of the things that made these flash sale sites so popular, you can use the power of social sharing, group buying, and last minute deals to help you generate more income.

Avoid the expensive development costs or starting from scratch, these solutions give you all you need to create a professional-looking and highly functional site that will drive sales and help you generate more revenue.

And there you have it, here are a few of the best WordPress themes and plugins for running a flash sales, group buying, or daily deal site!

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