1. http://www.elegantthemes.com/preview/Anticipate/


    Anticipate allows you to work on your blog or website behind-the-scenes while your visitors see a “Coming Soon” page with a countdown to launch.

    While not technically a theme, it offers the same functionality you would want before you actually allow visitors to visit the content of your site.

  2. http://demo.mythemeshop.com/wp-launcher/


    Launcher is a free plugin/theme for WordPress that allows you to put up a splash “coming soon” page when you’re updating your site or getting ready to launch.

    The theme is responsive, comes with a built-in contact form and countdown timer, and integrates with the most popular newsletter services like MailChimp and aWeber.

  3. http://teslathemes.com/demo/wp/mycountdown/


    MyCountdown was built to the latest web design specifications.

    Utilizing HTML5/CSS3 coding, enhanced functionality via jQuery, and other numerous features – it gives you everything you could want for a parked domain, upcoming project, or website that is under construction.

    It is one of the most unique and creative themes of the bunch, yet delivers the usability that we are striving for.

  4. https://demo.templatic.com/comingsoon/

    Coming Soon

    Simple and straightforward, this theme provides a landing/splash page for visitors when you are about to launch your site or undergoing maintenance.

  5. http://demo.solostream.com/wp-parkit/


    WP-ParkIt provides a clean and refreshing design, much like many of the other themes from this popular designer.

    Those wishing to have a placeholder or way to announce their new site prior to launching (or if you have a domain that you want to park for the moment), will find that this simple and easy solution provides a great landing page for your visitors.

    Simple and straightforward, the theme includes a countdown timer, newsletter signup box, and links to your social media accounts – all of which help you make the most of any traffic that visits your site.

  6. http://themes.oxygenna.com/caeluscs/


    Caelus is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that can be used as either a landing page for your app or as a theme for a “coming soon” website or blog.

  7. http://demo.profrontend.com/ticktock-wp/


    Built with Bootstrap, this responsive premium WordPress theme enables you to easily and effortlessly set up a “coming soon” or “under construction” landing page for your website or blog.

    With a built-in contact form, customizable design elements (like colors and fonts), and a custom-built countdown timer to the launch date, this makes an ideal choice for a great look when your site is not yet fully operational.

  8. http://themes.profrontend.com/tictic/


    Unlike many of the other under construction and coming soon themes for WordPress, this particular theme offers a very feature-rich content experience for your visitors.

    Not just a splash page, it includes a long-form layout that spans multiple scrolls and allows you to provide additional information for your interested visitors.

    Built on Bootstrap, this theme comes with a theme options dashboard that allows you to customize various aspects of the site from colors and backgrounds to fonts and the content that appears in the full-width slider.

  9. http://mypartners.webfactional.com/dpot/


    One of the most customizable themes of its kind, Paragon features beautiful design and effects like full-screen images, videos, HTML5 video, and more.

    Additionally, it includes a pre-loader, social media integration, and subscription/sign-up box.

  10. http://demo.wpkube.com/launch/


    Created by one of WordPress’ pioneering theme developers, Launch is a clean, expertly-coded, responsive, and beautiful theme that can be used as a placeholder for your site until it’s ready to go live.

    The theme comes equipped with several features, including: MailChimp integration, social media account links, responsive layout and design, and the ability to customize it via the “Theme Settings” panel.

  11. http://femininethemesdemo.com/themes/emma/


    When you want a clean, artistic, and somewhat feminine-style theme for your site prior to launching, then this theme delivers everything you could want.

    Entice your visitors to follow you on your social networks or sign up to your mailing list for announcements, and customize the look and design with ease using the built-in editing dashboard.

About this collection…

Whether you’re looking for a WordPress theme for your parked domains, a landing page for your upcoming website launch, or a “coming soon” or “under construction” placeholder – you will find that this roundup delivers several different options, design styles, and layouts.

Many of the items feature enhancements like responsive designs, countdown timers, subscription boxes, social sharing, and other items which help make the most of the visitors that land on your site.

With nearly all of these themes you can be up and running in a matter of minutes. Whether you’re building a new blog or website and you want to greet visitors with a “coming soon” page or you’re looking for an “under construction” design while you update your site – there are plenty of options for you to choose from.

Here, we’ve rounded up some of the very best free and premium WordPress Themes to help you find the perfect design and layout for your next project.

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