1. https://www.cssigniter.com/preview/olsen/


    Olsen is a beautifully-designed WordPress theme created specifically for bloggers in the fashion and lifestyle industries.

    With a somewhat magazine-style layout that allows you to feature and share content easily in a variety of places, this theme gives you the perfect launchpad for your website or blog.

    Minimal design styling, a crisp and clean background, and carefully chosen fonts come together to create a design that is uncluttered and refreshing.

    Features include: 11 unique layouts/templates to choose from, nearly unlimited color and font combinations, support and styling for WordPress’ native post formats, more than 80+ customization options for you to adjust/modify to your liking, optimized for SEO, and custom widgets are built-in.

  2. https://demo.mythemeshop.com/howto/


    HowTo is a clean and modern WordPress theme that includes an elegant layout and clean design ensure that your visitors have a great time browsing your site, while the back-end administrative setup allows you to easily manage your content.

    Included in this robust theme you will find: 2 unique homepage layouts, 2 beautiful sliders/carousels, related articles built into the design, optimized for speed and SEO, Schema.org integration (for rich snippets), optimized for AdSense, parallax scrolling effects, responsive layout and design, clean and valid code, social media accounts and networks integrated into the theme, an advanced options panel, shortcodes built-in, unlimited color schemes to choose from, 10+ custom-build widgets included, unlimited sidebars, retina-ready icons, and dozens of other features that give you complete control over the way your site looks and functions.

  3. Leda WordPress Theme by Theme Junkie


    Details/Download Preview

    Leda is a crisp, clean, and modern blogging theme for WordPress that is stylish yet uncluttered and provides you with the perfect platform to share your content.

    Completely customizable to your needs, the theme features a number of options that make it a great choice for sites or blogs of nearly any topic.

    Amongst other things, the theme includes: a responsive layout and design, custom widgets built-in, mega menus built into the theme, optimized for SEO, custom page templates, ad management built-in, and a handful of other extras that make managing your site easier than ever.

  4. Saturation WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop


    Details/Download Preview

    Saturation is a clean and refreshing blog theme for WordPress that allows you to share your content in a contemporary and engaging manner.

    For those seeking simplicity and an inviting design, this theme will deliver the perfect solution for your website or blog. With a simple layout the enables easy sharing and browsing, it offers something both you and your visitors will love.

    The 2-column responsive layout greets your visitors with a simple menu and a featured content slider/carousel that can be used for promoting the content or items that are most important to you.

    Additionally, the theme comes with built-in banner ad spaces – allowing you to maximize your site’s earnings.

    Theme comes equipped with: a mobile-friendly design and responsive layout, a powerful theme options panel for customizing it to meet your needs, built-in widgets and shortcodes, HTML5 & CSS3 markup that has been optimized for speed and SEO, built-in lightbox, optimized for AdSense, Google Fonts integration/support, support for your social media accounts, and dozens of other enhancements and extras that will help you stand out from the other designs.

  5. Wanderer WordPress Theme by Press75


    Details/Download Preview

    Wanderer balances content and visuals to deliver one of the most compelling WordPress themes you will find.

    A great choice for journalists, writers, personal bloggers, and even photographers – this theme provides strong visual effects that enhance your written work.

    The full-screen, full-width, single column layout will give your site a unique and personal look that helps you stand apart from the crowd.

    Included with this powerful theme you will find: a responsive layout and design, built-in shortcodes, add taglines, advanced customization panel, clean and valid code, support for social media accounts, widget-ready, Photoshop file(s) included (PSD), support for custom menus, sample/demo content to get you started, and everything has been optimized for speed and SEO.

  6. Moment WordPress Theme by cssigniter


    Details/Download Preview

    Moment is a WordPress theme that makes the most of your images by delivering a visually-captivating theme that compels your readers to browse around your site or blog.

    With a masonry-style layout for your post images, multiple templates for your page layouts, support for WordPress’ Jetpack plugin, and optimized for speed and SEO – this theme offers both a beautiful and feature-rich solution that makes ideal across many different types of sites and applications.

  7. Exposition WordPress Theme by Theme Furnace


    Details/Download Preview

    Exposition was designed as a simple and clean theme for photographers, bloggers, and long-form writers.

    Featuring a remarkably simple layout and design, it is as clean of a theme as you will find anywhere. With a single-column layout, beautiful typography, and large feature images with each post – it is a stunning example of simplicity and elegance.

    Responsive with plenty of white space, it makes use of jPanelMenu to deliver a mobile experience that is as beautiful as the desktop version – and the look of the theme can be completely tailored to your liking.

  8. Clear News WordPress Theme by Press75

    Clear News

    Details/Download Preview

    Clear News marked a new direction for Press75, delivering a crisp, clean, and modern design suitable for many different types of sites.

    With a very clean and minimalist grid-based layout, this WordPress theme is ideally suited to nearly any type of blog or website.

    The large header and featured area allows you to place a call to action, show off a particular piece of content, or share important information with your visitors.

    In addition to the unique layout of the theme, it also includes: integration with the most popular social media networks, clean and valid code, responsive layout and design (mobile-friendly), support for custom menus, customization functionality via the theme options panel, widgets, and sample/demo content that can populate your site.

  9. Schema WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop


    Details/Download Preview

    Schema was designed for the blogger looking for a professionally-coded theme that adheres to modern web design and development techniques.

    With a design that is somewhat reminiscent of StudioPress and Copyblogger’s sites, you can portray a clean and professional website or blog.

    Nearly every facet of the design has been optimized and tweaked including: SEO-friendly and optimized, Schema.org integration (for rich snippets), blazing-fast load times, flat-style design, responsive layout (adapts to mobile devices), built-in ad management, custom ratings/reviews functionality, and a powerful theme options panel that allows for limitless customization.

  10. Uberto WordPress Theme by cssigniter


    Details/Download Preview

    Uberto is a striking and distinctive-looking WordPress theme for bloggers.

    With a traditional blog-style layout that showcases large, bold featured images and carefully-chosen typography – it would make the perfect choice for a personal blog.

    The design is modern and contemporary with a large, full-width header image and navigation bar that are seen as soon as a visitor lands on your site. Built with modern development techniques (including a Bootstrap foundation and responsive design), it makes use of the native WordPress post format functionality (for standard blog posts, video, and audio) – the clean and minimal design can be used across many different topics.

  11. Cards WordPress Theme by Press75


    Details/Download Preview

    Cards is a very modern and elegant WordPress theme designed with aesthetics and readability in mind to deliver a one-of-a-kind look.

    Placing your content alongside photos, them theme draws its name from the “card”-like layout of your posts – making it great for any site wanting to emphasize their content and visuals at the same time.

    Perfect for bloggers or those wanting a magazine-style theme, it includes: a responsive layout and design, an advanced theme options panel, a “customizer” that allows you to customize nearly every aspect of your theme, support and integration with rich snippets (the useful meta data and information that is often used in search results), clean and valid code that has been optimized for SEO, social media account integration (for Facebook, Twitter, etc.), and demo/sample content has been included to give you a good starting point for launching your website or blog.

  12. Botanic WordPress Theme by cssigniter


    Details/Download Preview

    Botanic is an elegant and artistic blogging theme for WordPress that incorporates a variety of textural and stylistic elements to deliver a design that will give you blog personality and charm.

    Sophisticated and classy, the theme would work for many different types of blogs. Subtle textures and a perfectly-matched color scheme breathe life into your posts – while the advanced functionality (like the theme options panel) give you a level of control you won’t find in many other designs.

    The whimsical and artistic nature of this theme would make it great across a wide variety of topics or types of blogs.

  13. Fable WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes


    Details/Download Preview

    Fable is a beautifully-designed theme for WordPress that is perfectly suited for bloggers, writers, and storytellers.

    With a full-width design that allows custom backgrounds for your posts, post formatting styles (for various types of content), built-in shortcodes, a responsive layout and design, dozens of theme options in the administration dashboard, and more!

  14. WP-Scribely WordPress Theme by Solostream


    Details/Download Preview

    WP-Scribely combines style, beauty, and simplicity to deliver a theme that is one-of-a-kind in appearance and perfect for writers and bloggers.

    The single column layout allows your content and photos to take the spotlight (and your visitor’s attention), while the pixel-perfect image layouts and typography make it one of the most aesthetically-appealing themes of its kind.

    Nearly a dozen custom page templates are included, as well as a design that is responsive to both desktop and mobile devices, and the theme includes multiple customization choices which allow you to lay out and create a site that is as unique as your content.

  15. Droplets WordPress Theme by Press75


    Details/Download Preview

    Droplets is the perfect WordPress theme for those wanting to place and emphasis and focus on their content.

    This full-screen theme displays your written content beautifully against a background image of your choosing, making it a great choice for bloggers, writers, journalists, and publications who want to showcase their stories, articles, and posts.

    This mobile and responsive theme has been expertly created with clean and valid code, optimized for performance and SEO, while featuring a handful of extras and features you will love.

    Clean, easy-to-use, and very aesthetically-pleasing – this theme delivers on all fronts.

  16. Sensational WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop


    Details/Download Preview

    With a unique style that is both creative and professional, Sensational is a theme that can easily fit any type of content or topic.

    This responsive theme features: built-in related posts functionality, unlimited design elements (colors, fonts, backgrounds, etc.), has been optimized for AdSense, includes multiple page templates to choose from, and a powerful theme options panel that includes dozens of additional customization and options for you to use.

  17. Attache WordPress Theme by Press75


    Details/Download Preview

    Attache is a grid-style WordPress theme that is highly adaptable to many different types of sites and content.

    Arranged in a grid-like fashion, the theme has a somewhat Pinterest-like style to it – allowing your visitors to easily browse your content.

    Whether you’re posting articles, sharing videos or photos, or simply offering up interesting links – everything is beautifully displayed in a simple and captivating way that is sure to have your visitors engaging with your content.

    Included in the theme’s set of features you will find: a responsive layout and design, infinite scrolling, Photoshop files (PSD) included, optimized for SEO, integration with social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), advanced theme options panel for customizing various sections and components of your theme, custom menu support, and the inclusion of sample/demo content to get you up and running.

  18. Roundabout WordPress Theme by Press75


    Details/Download Preview

    Roundabout is uniquely-styled WordPress theme that is ideal for many different types of sites and blogs.

    Set up in a 3-column layout, the homepage displays your latest posts, a widget area for displaying various content, and a “Tweets” column that can be used for displaying your latest Twitter posts.

    With clean and valid code, this theme includes: custom widgets, social media integration (Instagram, Facebook, etc.), support for custom menus, an advanced theme options panel, support for multimedia and video embedding, ad space/areas built-in, and much more.

    The unique look lends this theme to work under a variety of different circumstances.

  19. EasyNote WordPress Theme by Theme Junkie


    Details/Download Preview

    With elegant and stylish design elements, content sections for showcasing your featured content, support for multiple post formats, a responsive layout, sticky header bar/navigation menu, and social media site integration – EasyNote provides you with a professional and sophisticated WordPress theme that is sure to engage your visitors.

  20. Dolce WordPress Theme by cssigniter


    Details/Download Preview

    Dolce is a WordPress theme for blogging that has a very cultured and luxurious look to it, somewhat reminiscent of a high-end magazine or online publication.

    It utilizes stylish typography and carefully-crafted pixel placement to deliver a theme that feels rich and welcoming. While simple in its appearance and layout, the theme offers up a customizable homepage with six different looks, a responsive design, support of post formats, and custom widgets to deliver an amazing-looking solution for your blog.

  21. Textured WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop


    Details/Download Preview

    Textured (as its name implies), is a WordPress magazine-style theme that takes advantage of textural elements to deliver a unique design for your site or blog.

    With carefully-chosen typography, an easy-to-read layout, and simple but sophisticated design – the theme delivers a one-of-a-kind look that would fit the styles of many different types of sites, topics, and industries.

    Just a few of the things you will find included with the theme’s package include: unlimited color schemes to choose from, subtle textural elements found throughout the design, responsive design and layout, custom widgets, optimized for performance as well as search engines, featured posts area for showcasing your most important content, built-in related posts functionality, lightbox image feature built-in, and a variety of shortcodes have been included for your use.

  22. Metro WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop


    Details/Download Preview

    Metro is an ultra-clean WordPress theme that delivers an unmatched experience that is paired with a Metro-style design.

    The layout is clean and easy-to-read, featuring a somewhat grid-style listing of your posts while maintaining a high level of aesthetic quality and readability – allowing you to share a lot of content at once without overwhelming your visitors.

    Some of the features included in the theme are: unlimited color schemes to choose from, responsive layout and design, custom-built widgets included, optimized for SEO and speed, related posts displayed on pages, advanced theme options dashboard for customizing various aspects of the theme, lightbox integration, shortcodes included, and many other enhancements that you and your visitors are sure to love!

  23. Minimalist WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop


    Details/Download Preview

    Minimalist is a clean and clutter-free blogging theme for WordPress.

    With a simple 2-column layout that has been optimized for readability and easy browsing, the theme offers up a professional solution for bloggers in any industry.

    In addition to the elegant design, the theme also features: a responsive and fluid layout, unlimited color schemes to choose from, an advanced theme options panel, custom widgets built-in, related posts section integrated into the layout, shortcodes included, lightbox feature for images built-in, and countless other extras that have all been included in this powerful blogging theme.

  24. Top WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop


    Details/Download Preview

    Top has been optimized for speed and SEO, with a clean-style design for bloggers that can adapt to any industry or topic.

    A feature-rich set of options and settings are at your disposal with this theme, making it ideal for those who want control over their look and functionality without an overwhelming administration area.

    Included you will find: a responsive layout (so your site looks great on mobile devices), built-in shortcodes, SEO-optimized, custom widgets (10+), and unlimited styles and color combinations amongst the features you will find in the theme.

  25. BlueSky WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes


    Details/Download Preview

    BlueSky is a clean and simple WordPress theme that features a traditional blog layout, four unique color schemes to choose from, built-in shortcodes, and is compatible with all of the major browsers.

  26. Simple WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop


    Details/Download Preview

    Simple is the perfect choice for bloggers looking for a simple and elegant solution for their blog.

    Stripped of clutter and distractions, it offers a clean design and robust set of features that provides the perfect backdrop for your content.

    The theme includes multiple templates, a widget-ready sidebar (with 10 custom widgets), ad placements already built-in, shortcodes, and a number of other options and extras that will help you create the perfect blog for whatever topic(s) you are blogging about.

  27. Simpleton WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop


    Details/Download Preview

    Simpleton is a minimalist, blog-style theme for WordPress that provides you with all of the features and functionality you might need for a modern website or blog.

    The package includes: a set of shortcodes built-in, customization options (fonts, colors, backgrounds, etc.), lightbox integration, HTML5 & CSS3 markup, and has been optimized for both SEO and making money.

    Whether you’re looking to create a crisp business site, or you’re wanting a simple-looking blog design – it delivers all of that, and more!

  28. Bulan WordPress Theme by Theme Junkie


    Details/Download Preview

    With a simple, stylish, and classy design – Bulan is a WordPress theme for bloggers wanting a traditional-style blog layout that delivers a sophisticated and professional look.

    Perfect for nearly any topic or type of content, multiple homepage layouts, custom widgets, and options for customizing and modifying the look to fit your needs.

  29. BiancaA WordPress Theme by Theme Junkie


    Details/Download Preview

    BiancaA provides a clean slate to work with for your blog or website, stripping the design of clutter to provide a modern-looking theme that can adapt to many different uses.

    The large feature images associated with each post allow you to add some artistic and creative flair to your site, while keeping in line with the minimal-design style that was the aim of the designer. Additionally, it features custom widgets, templates, and features that make it easy to use and provide extended functionality.

    Created for use as a typical blog, it could work equally as well as a minimalist photoblog – providing photographers both amateur and professional a beautiful way to share their work.

  30. BlogPress WordPress Theme by Magazine3


    Details/Download Preview

    BiancaA provides a clean slate to work with for your blog or website, stripping the design of clutter to provide a modern-looking theme that can adapt to many different uses.

    The large feature images associated with each post allow you to add some artistic and creative flair to your site, while keeping in line with the minimal-design style that was the aim of the designer. Additionally, it features custom widgets, templates, and features that make it easy to use and provide extended functionality.

    Created for use as a typical blog, it could work equally as well as a minimalist photoblog – providing photographers both amateur and professional a beautiful way to share their work.

  31. Tinos WordPress Theme by cssigniter


    Details/Download Preview

    Tinos cuts through the clutter and distractions that you would typically find in a blog-style theme to deliver a beautiful and feature-rich solution for your blog or online publication.

    The styling of the design has been done primarily through the white space and typography, by providing a look that is as suited for a personal blogger as it would be a trendy magazine, news site, or online publication.

    The design and layout is responsive (adapting to any size screen or device), comes equipped with a theme options panel for further customization, and supports styling of audio and video post formats in addition to regular blog posts.

  32. Molly WordPress Theme by cssigniter


    Details/Download Preview

    Molly is a minimalist blog-style theme that makes heavy use of WordPress’ native post formats functionality to deliver a site that is both clean and aesthetically-pleasing at the same time.

    With special styling for various post types and content (blog posts, audio, video, etc.) – your blog will stand out with its unassuming demeanor and subtle personality.

    The single-column design and charming font choices make it a great choice across many different topics and types of blogs.

  33. Paperbag WordPress Theme by cssigniter


    Details/Download Preview

    Paperbag is a WordPress theme that was designed for bloggers in the lifestyle and fashion field.

    Featuring a clean and beautiful design, it adapts perfectly to your content while offering features that allow for enhanced features and uses.

  34. Blogly WordPress Theme by Theme Furnace


    Details/Download Preview

    Utilizing a flat-style design that has been popular lately, a responsive and clean layout, and features that allow you to customize various aspects of the design – Blogly makes a great choice for a personal blog.

    Laid out in two columns with your main content and sidebar, it’s the perfect way to share your posts, content, images, and writing.

  35. MoneyFlow WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop


    Details/Download Preview

    MoneyFlow is a WordPress theme that was designed for those serious about making a living online.

    With a magazine-style layout that features large, bold images, and plenty of room for your content – it provides the perfect balance of design, content, and the ability to make money with your website or blog.

  36. Blogger WordPress Theme via MOJO Marketplace


    Details/Download Preview

    Whether you’re a fashion and style blogger, run a lifestyle site, or simply looking for a clean and uncluttered design for your blog – then the Blogger WordPress theme should provide everything you’re looking for.

    Equipped with a mobile-friendly and responsive layout, a featured image/article carousel on the homepage, and a minimalist design – it conveys professionalism and modernism with its inviting and clutter-free look.

  37. Blogging WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop


    Details/Download Preview

    Designed for the modern blogger, the Blogging WordPress theme was built with all of the features you might need to create a truly impressive blog.

    Optimized for SEO, speed, and AdSense – it gives you all of the most important aspects of running a blog already integrated into the layout and design.

    Additionally, it features unique enhancements like the ability to use Facebook comments, parallax scrolling, Schema support and integration, lazy loading images, 4 default styles (default, viral, fashion, and shop), support for WooCommerce, and much more!

  38. Beginner WordPress Theme by Theme Junkie


    Details/Download Preview

    Set up with many features and functionality you might want when running a blog, the Beginner WordPress theme offers almost anything you might need or want when running your blog.

    Included in the theme you will find: a header newsletter sign-up box, a traditional blog-style design, dual navigation menus, responsive layout, unlimited color schemes to choose from, a coupon/affiliate plugin that allows you to make money promoting products and services of others easily, and the ability to set up a custom menu, logo, layouts, and more.

  39. Authority WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop


    Details/Download Preview

    Modeled after the design that Matthew Woodward uses on his affiliate marketing blog (which pulls down 6 figures a year), Authority is a WordPress theme that can be adapted to nearly any topic or type of content.

    The theme comes set up with 6 unique styles to choose from (Default/affiliate, travel, review, tech, squeeze page, and shop), Schema integration, fast load times, optimized for SEO, parallax scrolling backgrounds, optimized for AdSense, custom shortcodes, lightbox, custom widgets, and much more.

About this collection…

If you’re looking for a WordPress theme for your blog, then you have plenty (literally thousands) of options to choose from when making your selection.

Whether you’re a personal blogger, setting up a business blog, writer, or setting up any other type of site that relies on a traditional blog-style format – then hopefully one of the themes below should be of interest to you.

Here, we have rounded up some of the very best free and premium WordPress themes for blogging that will hopefully help you find the perfect design, set of features, or at least help you narrow down your options.

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